SEP (Australia) 2013 election campaign

SEP election meeting in Melbourne discusses Ford closure, imperialist war drive

By our reporters, 11 June 2013

The meeting in Footscray involved a lively discussion on the party’s socialist perspective.

SEP campaigns in Western Australia against US war drive

By our reporters, 8 June 2013

Those we spoke to were genuinely shocked at the dangers posed by a major US naval base being established in a seaside suburb south of Perth.

The Ford closures, the market and the fight for socialism

Nick Beams—SEP Senate candidate for NSW, 7 June 2013

The market is not some “natural” form of socio-economic organisation, but the means by which finance capital exercises its dictatorship over the working class

Leading Australian economist spells out post-election austerity offensive

Patrick O’Connor—SEP candidate for the Senate in Victoria, 6 June 2013

Both the Labor and Liberal parties are preparing for a major economic crisis and the imposition of mass unemployment and unprecedented wage cuts on the working class.

SEP takes election campaign to steel city of Wollongong

By our correspondents, 5 June 2013

The working class in Wollongong and the surrounding Illawarra region has suffered a major social reversal over the past 30 years.

Australian government announces bogus “assistance” for Ford workers

By Patrick O’Connor, 4 June 2013

As with the 2011 “transition” package for sacked Bluescope steel workers, the beneficiaries will be the unions, selected local businesses and private employment network providers.

A warning of the escalating danger of US-China conflict

Peter Symonds—SEP candidate for the Senate in Western Australia, 4 June 2013

The media and political establishment have surrounded US preparations for war, and Australia’s intimate involvement in them, with a wall of silence.

Espionage, blackmail and oil—Australian neo-colonialism in East Timor

Patrick O’Connor—SEP candidate for the Senate in Victoria, 3 June 2013

For decades, successive governments have engaged in sordid manoeuvres to secure the Timor Sea energy bonanza for Australian corporations.

Australian Liberal leader sheds a tear as Labor veteran departs

Mike Head—SEP Senate candidate for Queensland, 1 June 2013

Liberal leader Tony Abbott broke down as he paid tribute to Martin Ferguson, formerly one of the Labor government’s most senior ministers.

Australian ruling elite prepares further military interventions into South Pacific

Patrick O’Connor—SEP candidate for the Senate in Victoria, 30 May 2013

The SEP condemns the Labor government’s plans to step up the militarisation of the South Pacific, as revealed in its Defence White Paper this month.

US military bases in Australia: The role of Pine Gap

James Cogan—SEP candidate for the Senate in South Australia, 29 May 2013

The Pine Gap base in central Australia is an integral component of US plans for war against China.

SEP candidate speaks to workers about Ford closure

By Will Marshall, 27 May 2013

Tania Baptist campaigned in Broadmeadows and its surrounding suburbs, discussing the implications of Ford’s decision to shut down production.

An international political strategy for Ford Australia workers

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 25 May 2013

Ford’s plan to close its Australian plants by 2016 is part of a vast restructuring of the international auto industry that is devastating the jobs, wages and conditions of car workers around the world.

Australian Education Union pushes sell out through delegates’ meetings

By our reporters, 22 May 2013

The substantial “no” vote gave some indication of the growing hostility among teachers to the union’s betrayals.

Why the SEP does not endorse the WikiLeaks Party

Patrick O’Connor—SEP Senate candidate for Victoria, 20 May 2013

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has launched a new party ahead of Australia’s federal election in September.

Australia: University students and staff demonstrate against Labor’s education cuts

By our reporters, 15 May 2013

In both Sydney and Melbourne, the actions of the rally organisers were aimed at preventing the SEP candidates from advancing an alternative socialist perspective.

The political issues in the fight to defend education

Zac Hambides—SEP Senate candidate for NSW, 13 May 2013

Labor’s agenda in tertiary education is to strangle funding and complete the transformation of universities into thoroughly corporatised institutions.

Australian PM defends stripping refugees of welfare payments

By Mike Head, 11 May 2013

The Labor government is moving to impoverish hundreds of refugees seeking to exercise their basic legal right to appeal to a court.

SEP announces candidates for 2013 Australian election

11 May 2013

A total of 10 SEP candidates will stand for the Senate in five states.

SEP Election 2013 campaign meetings: A socialist program to fight the drive to war

11 May 2013

Behind the backs of the population, the Labor government has joined the preparations by US imperialism for war against China.

Socialist Equality Party to contest Australian federal election: A socialist program to fight the drive to war

the Socialist Equality Party, 26 April 2013

The central objective of our campaign is to develop a broad, international anti-war movement among workers and young people on the basis of a socialist and internationalist program.