SEP (Australia) Melbourne by-election campaign

Melbourne voters speak to WSWS

By our reporters, 23 July 2012

Workers and young people at polling booths on Saturday spoke to SEP supporters about the Melbourne by-election.

Labor Party narrowly wins Melbourne election

By Patrick O’Connor, 23 July 2012

The crisis of Julia Gillard’s federal government overshadowed every aspect of the official campaign.

Vote 1 for Patrick O’Connor and the SEP in Melbourne

Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 20 July 2012

A vote for the SEP is support for a socialist alternative to the pro-business agenda of the Labor Party, Greens and other parties of the political establishment.

The Australian pseudo-left and Greece’s SYRIZA

By Patrick O’Connor, 20 July 2012

The enthusiasm of the ex-lefts in Australia for the rise of Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left points to the reactionary political role that they will play here as social struggles develop.

End the blight of homelessness and housing stress

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 18 July 2012

The roots of this social disaster lie in the pro-market agenda imposed by successive state and federal governments, Labor and Liberal alike.

Australian Greens manoeuvre for coalition government in Victoria

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 17 July 2012

The Greens’ campaign has underscored their role as crucial props for the existing political setup.

SEP holds final election campaign meeting

By our reporters, 16 July 2012

Patrick O’Connor and SEP assistant national secretary James Cogan outlined the socialist and internationalist perspective underlying the party’s election campaign.

SEP candidate outlines socialist perspective at residents’ forum

By our reporters, 13 July 2012

O’Connor exposed the posturing of both the Labor and Greens’ candidates as opponents of Premier Ted Baillieu’s spending cuts.

Melbourne election triggers federal Labor government infighting

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 12 July 2012

The rifts that have emerged in the Melbourne by-election campaign over the Greens reflect the enormous crisis wracking the Labor Party and the entire political establishment.

Coles warehouse strikers speak with Patrick O’Connor

By our reporters, 11 July 2012

At a Coles national distribution centre in Melbourne, 600 striking workers are enforcing a 24-hour picket, blocking trucks entering the facility.

Video: SEP candidate opposes Ford Australia stand-downs

By our reporters, 10 July 2012

Patrick O’Connor discussed the devastating impact of the current stand-downs with Ford workers and local residents in Broadmeadows.

Socialist Equality Party wins support in Melbourne election campaign

By our reporters, 9 July 2012

Hostility among ordinary people toward the political establishment was palpable, and disillusionment in the Labor Party was especially pronounced.

Final SEP Melbourne election meeting on July 15

9 July 2012

The Socialist Equality Party will hold its final public meeting for the Melbourne state by-election on Sunday, July 15 at 2:30 p.m.

The Labor-Greens carbon tax hoax

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 6 July 2012

What has been billed as a major environmental and social reform is in fact a regressive pro-business measure that does nothing to address the climate change crisis.

Construction workers protest in Melbourne

By Zac Hambides, 5 July 2012

Socialist Equality Party candidate Patrick O’Connor spoke with workers about the need for a political struggle against both the state Liberal and the federal Labor governments.

Video: SEP candidate defends WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange at Melbourne rally

By our reporters, 4 July 2012

Patrick O’Connor outlined the policies required to defend Assange and defeat the broader attacks on democratic rights.

SEP holds election campaign meeting

By our reporters, 2 July 2012

SEP candidate Patrick O’Connor explained the party’s socialist policies to an audience of workers and young people, including a number of international students.

SEP candidate speaks with high school teachers

By Zac Hambides, 30 June 2012

“In education, there is a concerted drive by all governments to smash up the public school system and promote a privatised, user-pays model.”

The reactionary politics of Australian “border protection”

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 28 June 2012

Refugee deaths at sea will end only when asylum seekers are assured of safe passage to Australia.

Public housing residents speak with Patrick O’Connor

By our reporters, 26 June 2012

The Socialist Equality Party’s candidate in the Melbourne by-election, Patrick O’Connor, spoke with tenants in the suburb of Flemington.

The Liberal-Labor-Greens austerity consensus

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 25 June 2012

The Labor Party and the Greens fraudulently posture as opponents of the state government’s budget cuts, but would impose similar measures if they took office.

Oppose the exploitation of international students

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 22 June 2012

The conditions of international students in Melbourne and throughout Australia testify to the contempt of the major parties for the conditions of youth.

The Australian Labor government—a key accomplice in the vendetta against Julian Assange

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 21 June 2012

From the beginning of the US drive to silence Assange and WikiLeaks, the Australian government has provided unstinting support to the conspiracy against its own citizen.

“Capitalism has failed. The only viable alternative is socialism”

Patrick O’Connor speaks with WSWS about key issues in by-election

By Richard Phillips, 19 June 2012

SEP candidate explains essential elements in the party’s election campaign.

SEP campaigns at Melbourne’s Victoria Markets

By our reporters, 18 June 2012

The SEP team spoke with many workers, students, and young people over the weekend about the issues they confront.

Oppose the Ford Australia shutdown

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Melbourne, 16 June 2012

The company is attempting to make workers bear the brunt of its sweeping restructuring as part of the ongoing reorganisation of the international auto industry.

Socialist Equality Party (Australia) launches Melbourne by-election campaign

Socialist Equality Party, 15 June 2012

Our campaign provides workers and young people with a revolutionary alternative to the political program and parties of big business and finance capital