American Revolution

Interview with Gordon Wood on the American Revolution: Part two

“History has to engage the whole public”

By Tom Mackaman, 4 March 2015

This is the second part of a two-part interview with Gordon Wood, a leading historian of the American Revolution. Part one was posted March 3.

James P. Cannon on Independence Day

From Karl Marx to the Fourth of July

By James P. Cannon, 3 July 2010

We are posting today for the benefit of our readers an article authored by James P. Cannon, published in The Militanton July 16, 1951. Cannon (1890-1974) was a founding member of the Trotskyist movement in the US and a longtime leader of American Trotskyism.

Howard Zinn, 1922-2010

An assessment of A People’s History of the United States

By Tom Eley, 15 February 2010

Howard Zinn died on January 28 at the age of 87. Any serious evaluation of Zinn requires consideration be given his book, A People’s History of the United States.

Citizen of the world: a brief survey of the life and times of Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

By Ann Talbot, 8 June 2009

June 8 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of 18th century revolutionary Thomas Paine.

John Adams: A serious rendering of the American Revolution

By Charles Bogle, 8 January 2009

John Adams, first aired on HBO in early 2008 and now released on DVD, is the latest and in some ways most satisfying rendering of the American Revolution on film. The television series covers the last 56 years of Adams’ 90-year life.