Obama defends Israel as tactical shift prepared on Gaza blockade

By Patrick O’Connor, 11 June 2010

President Barack Obama’s meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington on Wednesday again demonstrated US complicity with the Israeli government and its crimes.

Israel steps up repression against its Arab citizens

By Jordan Shilton, 9 June 2010

Alongside its May 31 assault on a convoy bringing aid to Gaza, Israel has stepped up its repression of domestic political opponents.

France: Thousands protest against Israeli assault of Gaza-bound flotilla

By Antoine Lerougetel, 9 June 2010

Tens of thousands of protestors marched throughout France to demonstrate their hostility to the Israeli Navy’s murderous assault on a flotilla bringing humanitarian supplies to Gaza on May 31.

Israel steps up operations in Gaza

By Patrick O’Connor, 8 June 2010

Israeli naval commandos killed four Palestinian militants off the coast of Gaza yesterday morning in an operation designed to send a signal to the Palestinian people and the world—that its illegal blockade will continue despite mounting criticism of the May 31 massacre of nine Turkish activists.

Thousands oppose Gaza flotilla attack in London

By Zach Reed, 7 June 2010

Upwards of 10,000 people marched from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy in London on June 5 to condemn the criminal attack on the Gaza aid flotilla by Israel on May 31.

Commandos raid the Rachel Corrie as

Further evidence emerges of Israel’s criminal attack on Gaza aid flotilla

By Jean Shaoul, 7 June 2010

As Israeli naval commandos stormed the Rachel Corrie aid vessel on Saturday, further evidence was emerging about the May 31 massacre of nine people aboard another aid ship trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Israel defends murderous assault on Gaza aid flotilla

By Jean Shaoul, 4 June 2010

Israel remains belligerent in the face of worldwide outrage at its acts of piracy and murder of nine unarmed passengers aboard the international flotilla taking much needed aid to Gaza.

Israel’s massacre at sea

By Bill Van Auken, 3 June 2010

The massacre of nine civilians aboard a ship loaded with humanitarian supplies bound for Gaza—the latest chapter in a long record of Israeli state terrorism—is emblematic of the criminality that increasingly dominates world affairs.

Protests against Israel’s flotilla massacre held across US, Canada

By our reporters, 3 June 2010

Outrage over the Zionist assault on the “Freedom Flotilla” was expressed in demonstrations held across North America on Monday and Tuesday.

Washington comes to aid of Israel over Gaza convoy massacre

By Jean Shaoul, 2 June 2010

Israel is being aided by Washington in its efforts to quell criticism of its murderous act of piracy against the international aid convoy to Gaza and manage the worsening diplomatic fallout.

Israeli massacre of Gaza convoy supporters provokes outrage

By Chris Marsden and Jean Shaoul, 1 June 2010

Israel’s massacre of up to 19 supporters of an aid convoy to Gaza has provoked angry protests internationally. But the Obama administration signalled tacit US endorsement of the bloodbath.

Israel steps up its warmongering

By Chris Marsden, 1 June 2010

Israel’s action against the Gaza aid flotilla is in line with its increasingly bellicose stance on all fronts.

Book bares Israeli nuclear arms deals with apartheid regime

By Bill Van Auken, 25 May 2010

Israel agreed to sell nuclear arms to South Africa’s apartheid regime in the 1970s, according to a book published today. The revelation has surfaced at an inconvenient time for the US as it campaigns for increased sanctions against Iran.

Behind the “Proximity talks” between Israel and Palestinians

By Jean Shaoul, 20 May 2010

The “proximity talks” between Israel and the Palestinians are only the latest cynical exercise launched by the the Obama administration.

Noam Chomsky barred from entering West Bank

By David Walsh, 19 May 2010

Israeli authorities barred Noam Chomsky, professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a well-known critic of Zionist policy, from entering the occupied West Bank Sunday.

Israel expels first Palestinians under new military edict

By Jean Shaoul, 27 April 2010

Israel has deported two Palestinian men to the Gaza Strip under a new military regulation that came into effect two weeks ago restricting the right of Palestinians to live in the West Bank.

Israel: Whistleblower faces espionage charges for exposing IDF assassinations

By Danny Richardson, 23 April 2010

Anat Kamm, a 23-year-old former soldier and journalist, is accused of passing secret documents to a fellow journalist that expose assassinations of Palestinians carried out by the Israeli army.

Rumblings of new war in the Middle East

By Keith Jones, 20 April 2010

US and Israeli threats point to the danger of a new military conflagration in the Middle East.

Britain expels Israeli diplomat over Mossad assassination of Hamas leader

By Chris Marsden, 26 March 2010

Britain has expelled an Israeli diplomat over the use of 12 forged British passports by the hit team that carried out the January assassination of Hamas military leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Dubai capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Netanyahu defies Washington on settlements

By Chris Marsden, 25 March 2010

There was no report on the meeting Tuesday between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Neither was an official handshake staged, let alone a press conference.

Trial in killing of Rachel Corrie opens in Israel

By Peter Daniels, 19 March 2010

The trial in the civil suit brought by the family of Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old American activist who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer seven years ago, began last week in the city of Haifa.

The Dubai assassination and the “war on terror”

By Patrick O’Connor, 2 March 2010

The reaction of world governments to the brutal murder of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month underscores the extent to which basic precepts of international law have been torn up under the “war on terror”.

More details emerge on assassination of Hamas leader in Dubai

By Ann Talbot, 1 March 2010

More details are emerging on the murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was killed in Dubai on January 20 in what is widely thought to be an Israeli security service operation.

Israeli human rights groups face state repression

By Jean Shaoul, 20 February 2010

Israeli human rights groups and activists have become the target of a vicious campaign by right-wing groups, security forces and politicians.

Mounting evidence Mossad behind Dubai assassination of Hamas leader

By Chris Marsden, 18 February 2010

There is mounting evidence that Mossad organised the hit squad that murdered senior Hamas official Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai last month.

Tensions worsen between Israel and Syria

By Jean Shaoul, 9 February 2010

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister from the far-right Israel Beiteinu, last week directly threatened President Bashar Assad that in the event of war Syria would be defeated and his regime would collapse.

Israel’s crisis deepens over Gaza war crimes report

By Chris Marsden, 6 February 2010

The UN general secretary threw a lifeline to Israel yesterday, stating that there was not yet enough evidence to say whether Israel or the Palestinians are complying with UN demands to investigate allegations of war crimes during the 22-day assault on Gaza.

Israel threatens Hezbollah and Lebanon

By Jean Shaoul, 23 January 2010

Israel has stepped up its warmongering against Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, worsening tensions throughout the Middle East.

Israeli government supports continued prosecution of filmmaker Mohammed Bakri

By Danny Richardson, 23 January 2010

Israel’s attorney general has announced that the government will support the efforts of reservist soldiers to appeal the decision of a lower court that rejected their claim for libel against Mohammed Bakri, whose film Jenin, Jenin depicted atrocities committed against Palestinians in a West Bank refugee camp.

Turkish foreign policy: growing conflicts with the West

By Justus Leicht, 20 January 2010

Tensions have been growing in the relations between Turkey and Israel for some time, and a major foreign policy crisis was only recently averted at the last moment.

Why is the American press silent on the Israeli role in NW Flight 253?

By Patrick Martin, 16 January 2010

While the Israeli and European press has reported that an Israeli-run security agency conducted the passenger screening that failed to detect the Christmas Day bomber, the American press has said nothing.

British government promises Israel it will end war crimes arrest warrants

By Paul Mitchell, 13 January 2010

The British government is attempting to curb arrest warrants for war crimes.

Gaza report finds major powers complicit in Israel’s collective punishment

By Jean Shaoul, 29 December 2009

One year after Israel’s military assault on Gaza, a report by 16 aid agencies has condemned the major powers for failing to end the blockade of Gaza.

Aid report details social devastation in Gaza

By Jean Shaoul, 29 December 2009

Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza exceeds in length the sieges during World War II of Leningrad, Stalingrad and the Warsaw Ghetto, and there is no end in sight to this humanitarian crime.

The international league of war criminals

By Chris Marsden, 17 December 2009

The British government’s response to the issuing by a British court of an arrest warrant for former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni demonstrates that the imperialist powers operate as a de facto international league of war criminals—dedicated to their mutual defence and self-preservation.

Reports demonstrate Israel’s efforts to alter demography of East Jerusalem

By Brian Smith, 16 December 2009

Recent reports point to the Israeli government’s determined efforts to drive Palestinians and Israeli Arabs out of their homes in East Jerusalem.

Israel, the United States and international law

By Jean Shaoul, 28 October 2009

Israel has responded to accusations of war crimes during its assault on Gaza by denouncing the United Nations and seeking to overturn existing international law.

Obama joins Netanyahu in shielding Israel from war crimes charges

By Jean Shaoul, 19 October 2009

The United Nations Human Rights Council has endorsed a report into Israel’s 22-day assault on Gaza in December and January, accusing Israel of war crimes.

Israeli cabinet minister cancels visit to Britain

By Jean Shaoul, 12 October 2009

Last week, Israel’s vice-prime minister and minister for strategic affairs, Moshe Yaalon, cancelled a visit to Britain after being warned that he could face arrest for war crimes.

Israeli Arabs to launch strike against discriminatory policies

By Jean Shaoul, 30 September 2009

Israel’s 1.4 million Arab citizens are to stage a one-day general strike on October 1 to oppose the racist and discriminatory policies of the government.

Obama comes to aid of Israel over UN war crimes charges

By Jean Shaoul, 26 September 2009

An authoritative and highly critical United Nations inquiry released last week concluded that Israel “committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity” during its three-week offensive against Gaza in December last year.

Obama gives Israel carte blanche on settlement construction

By Chris Marsden, 24 September 2009

Tuesday’s meeting between Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was widely regarded as little more than a photo opportunity before it began.

Israel: Mitchell’s diplomacy stalls over settlement freeze

By Chris Marsden, 17 September 2009

The expansionist actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expose claims that the Obama administration will be a neutral arbiter toward the Palestinians.

Protest against Toronto film festival collusion with Israeli regime continues

By David Walsh, 16 September 2009

Organizers of a protest against the Toronto film festival’s spotlight on Tel Aviv held a press conference Monday afternoon to explain their purposes and respond to attacks by pro-Israeli forces.

Israel understated civilian death toll in Gaza

By Jean Shaoul, 14 September 2009

A report by B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights group, shows that 1,387 Palestinians were killed during Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip last December and January

Israel: 200,000 families need help to survive

By Danny Richardson, 12 September 2009

Poverty affects every third child, every fourth elderly person and every fifth family in Israel.

Filmmakers, writers protest Toronto festival spotlight on Tel Aviv

By David Walsh, 10 September 2009

Dozens of filmmakers, writers and others have signed an Open Letter to the Toronto International Film Festival, criticizing the festival’s decision “to host a celebratory spotlight on Tel Aviv.”

Former Israeli premier faces corruption charges

By Jean Shaoul, 7 September 2009

Ehud Olmert has become the first person to have held the office of Israeli prime minister to be charged with a criminal offence.

Deepening crisis surrounds Middle East talks

By Jean Shaoul, 3 September 2009

Media claims that President Barack Obama is close to brokering a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) ignore the deepening political crisis in the Middle East.

Turkey: The Kurdish question takes centre stage

By Kerem Kaya, 31 August 2009

In recent weeks, the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government has taken steps—since dubbed the “democratic process”—towards addressing the Kurdish question through peaceful rather than military means.

Israel: The significance of the Bar-Noah gay shooting

By Chris Marsden, 5 August 2009

The shooting at the Bar-Noah gay youth club in Tel Aviv is testament to a society increasingly and bitterly divided, socially and politically.

Obama’s diplomatic offensive in the Middle East

By Jean Shaoul, 1 August 2009

President Obama’s diplomatic offensive in the Middle East, portrayed as a peace mission, is aimed at restoring Washington’s position and influence in pursuit of its geo-strategic interests.

Red Cross issues harrowing report on situation in Gaza

By Jean Shaoul, 6 July 2009

A report from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), “Gaza: 1.5 million people trapped in despair,” paints a harrowing picture of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Israel: Netanyahu rejects compromise with Palestinians

By Jean Shaoul, 16 June 2009

Israel’s premier, Benyamin Netanyahu, has made clear that his government is not interested in reaching any agreement with the Palestinians.

Israel to expand its settlements

By Jean Shaoul, 10 June 2009

Israel’s prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, has refused to submit to demands for a complete cessation to settlement expansion and building in the West Bank.

Obama offers nothing to the Palestinians

By Jean Shaoul, 25 May 2009

His three-hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu made clear that President Barack Obama has no more intention of acting as an “honest broker” to secure a settlement with the Palestinians than his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Pro-Israel forces attempt to silence University of California Santa Barbara professor

By Jack Cody, 25 May 2009

A professor at the University of California Santa Barbara is under investigation on charges of anti-Semitism for an email he sent to his students in which he compared the Israeli assault on Gaza to the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.

Israeli police target young people for refusing military service

By Jean Shaoul, 21 May 2009

Increasing numbers of young people and reservists are refusing to serve in the Israeli Defence Force. But the state is taking repressive action against the organisations that help them.

UN’s Ban Ki Moon comes to the defence of Israel

By Jean Shaoul, 9 May 2009

A United Nations inquiry concluded that Israel’s military forces carried out direct and intentional strikes on its premises during the assault on Gaza earlier this year.

Military investigations whitewash Israeli war crimes

By Jean Shaoul, 2 May 2009

Five military investigations into war crimes committed by Israeli Defence Force soldiers during Operation Cast Lead, the attack on Gaza in December-January, have ended in a whitewash.

Ahmadinejad speech provokes walkout at UN anti-racism conference

By Richard Phillips, 23 April 2009

Hysterical denunciations by the US, Israel and the European powers of the Iranian president’s speech to the UN’s anti-racism review conference were entirely predictable and part of a highly-orchestrated campaign against the event.

Israel’s military police dismiss allegations of misconduct in Gaza

By Jean Shaoul, 8 April 2009

Israel’s military advocate has closed down the military police’s criminal inquiry set up to investigate allegations by Israeli soldiers of misconduct by the Israeli Defence Forces and serious violations of the IDF’s rules of engagement during the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Israel: Netanyahu threatens war on Iran, spurns “two-state solution”

By Bill Van Auken, 2 April 2009

Sworn in Tuesday as prime minister in the most right-wing government in Israel’s history, Benyamin Netanyahu threatened a military strike against Iran and signaled a break with the so-called “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Labor joins Netanyahu coalition as evidence of war crimes in Gaza mounts

By Chris Marsden, 26 March 2009

The decision of the Labor Party to join the coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu allows Likud to form the most right wing government in Israel’s history.

Israeli troops detail Gaza atrocities as demand grows for war crimes probe

By Bill Van Auken, 21 March 2009

Testimony by Israeli soldiers detailing atrocities in which they participated or that they witnessed has fueled demands for an international war crimes tribunal to investigate the Israeli siege of Gaza last December and January.

Israeli crisis deepens

By Jean Shaoul, 18 March 2009

There is an unmistakable echo in Lieberman’s politics of the ideology utilized by Hitler in his rise to power in Germany. That such a figure could be selected as Israel’s face to the world is the most damning indictment of the entire Zionist project.

Gaza donor conference: conspiracy wrapped up as compassion

By Jean Shaoul, 5 March 2009

The donor conference for Palestine at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt had nothing to do with alleviating the appalling humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but served as a cover for furthering Washington’s geopolitical interests in the Middle East.

Israel: Netanyahu tapped as prime minister

By Bill Van Auken, 21 February 2009

Israel’s President Shimon Peres Friday called upon Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party to form a new government after a group of right-wing parties representing 65 seats in the Knesset backed his designation as prime minister.

Israel: European Union and Washington want national unity government

By Jean Shaoul and Chris Marsden, 16 February 2009

Kadima and Likud are under pressure from the European Union and the United States to form a national unity government in Israel.

Israeli election exposes social and political crisis

By Chris Marsden, 12 February 2009

Israel’s general election has inaugurated a round of political horse-trading after the ruling Kadima party unexpectedly defeated Likud.

Israel bombs Gaza-Egypt border

By Julie Hyland, 29 January 2009

Israeli warplanes bombed Gaza’s border with Egypt early Wednesday morning.

Israel withdraws from Gaza as evidence of war crimes emerges

By Jerry White, 22 January 2009

The Israeli military reportedly withdrew its last soldiers from the Gaza Strip Wednesday as new evidence of the war crimes committed during its three-week assault on the Palestinian territory emerged.

The economic, social and political disaster produced by the Zionist project

Part two

By Jean Shaoul, 22 January 2009

The conclusion of a two-part report on Israel and Palestine given to an expanded meeting of the World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board in Sydney, Australia in January 2006.

Israeli military says complete withdrawal from Gaza “out of the question”

By Julie Hyland, 21 January 2009

The Israeli army has stated that a “complete withdrawal” from the Gaza Strip “is out of the question” at this time.

The economic, social and political disaster produced by the Zionist project

Part One

By Jean Shaoul, 21 January 2009

The first of a two-part report on Israel and Palestine given to an expanded meeting of the World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board in Sydney, Australia in January 2006.

Reports reveal devastation wreaked by Israeli military in Gaza

By Patrick O’Connor, 20 January 2009

At least 5,000 homes have been destroyed and more than 20,000 damaged, with many urban centers reduced to nothing more than rubble. Gaza’s limited social infrastructure has been largely obliterated, as have numerous factories and agricultural centers.

Amid talk of cease-fire, eyewitness accounts describe Israel’s destruction of Gaza

By Julie Hyland, 17 January 2009

“Armageddon” was the word used by Times of London correspondent Martin Fletcher, the first eyewitness from the British news media to see the devastation wrought by Israel in Gaza.

Israeli military lays siege to Gaza City

By Jerry White, 16 January 2009

Israeli military forces carried out a ferocious assault on densely populated neighborhoods in Gaza City Thursday, forcing thousands of civilians to flee as ground forces, backed by heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and tanks entered the city.

Israeli forces have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza

By David Walsh, 15 January 2009

The Palestinian death toll in the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip reached more than 1,000 Wednesday, according to medical officials. Nine Israeli human rights groups raised the “heavy suspicion” of war crimes.

Israeli military escalates assault on Gaza City

By Bill Van Auken, 14 January 2009

The Israel military stepped up its air and ground assault on Gaza City Tuesday, driving the death toll to nearly 1,000. As the carnage escalates, what Israel will achieve from it is being called into increasing question.

Israel’s war on Gaza and the role of the Middle East bourgeoisie

By Jean Shaoul, 14 January 2009

Israel’s genocidal offensive against defenceless Palestinians in Gaza points to the crucial role of the Arab bourgeoisie in demobilising the widespread opposition within their own countries on behalf of imperialism.

The New York Times and the Gaza crisis: Israeli war propaganda in the guise of news

By Tom Eley, 13 January 2009

In recent days, the New York Times has planted a series of propaganda pieces disguised as news articles, which aim to justify Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

Protests denounce Israeli assault on Gaza and Canadian government complicity

By Éric Marquis, 13 January 2009

Demonstrations were held in cities across Canada last Saturday to denounce the Israeli state’s onslaught against the subjugated Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip and the complicity of Washington and Canada’s Conservative government.

Israel prepares to escalate its war on Gaza

By Peter Symonds, 12 January 2009

As the Palestinian death toll climbed to 869 on Sunday, the Israeli military was poised to launch a major escalation of its one-sided war against Gaza.

Mass demonstrations in France against the Israeli assault on Gaza

By Senthooran Ravee, Stephane Hugues and Antoine Lerougetel, 12 January 2009

Mass demonstrations took place in 90 cities and towns in France on Saturday against the Israeli war on Gaza.

40,000 demonstrate in Germany against Israeli invasion of Gaza

By our reporter, 12 January 2009

Demonstrators took the streets Saturday in Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich and Duisburg, demanding, “Stop the massacre in Gaza!” and asking, “Who are the terrorists?”

Britain: Tens of thousands protest Gaza assault

By Paul Mitchell, 12 January 2009

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in London against the Israeli offensive against Gaza.

Thousands march in Washington and New York against Gaza assault

By a reporting team, 12 January 2009

An estimated 10,000 people gathered Saturday, January 10 in Washington DC to march against the US-backed Israeli attack on Gaza while thousands more assembled in New York City’s Times Square on Sunday to protest the escalating war against the Palestinian people.

A socialist answer to the Gaza crisis

By The WSWS Editorial Board, 10 January 2009

The genocidal offensive launched by the Israeli government is inseparably connected to the crisis of the capitalist world economy. After decades of unrestrained enrichment, the ruling classes all over the world have nothing to offer the working masses except poverty, unemployment, exploitation, repression and war.

Israel rejects UN cease-fire, continues Gaza assault

By Tom Eley, 10 January 2009

On Friday, Israel rejected a UN cease-fire and made preparations for an invasion of Gaza City, home to 410,000.

Gaza: The massacre in Zeitoun

By Tom Eley, 10 January 2009

On Friday, Israel rejected a UN cease-fire and made preparations for an invasion of Gaza City. More Israeli war crimes came to light in the town of Zeitoun, where 30 more bodies were discovered in the rubble of a bombed house.

Senate Democrats endorse Israeli war crimes

By Bill Van Auken, 9 January 2009

As evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza mounted, the Democratic leadership of the US Senate led the passage of a bipartisan resolution endorsing Israel’s actions.

The brutal face of Israel’s “total war” on Gaza

By Bill Van Auken, 9 January 2009

While Israel has sought to conceal the atrocities that it is carrying out against Gaza’s civilian population, reports of aid workers and testimony of survivors have provided a searing picture of the carnage unleashed by its military assault.

Detroit: Hundreds rally against Israel atrocities

By Tom Eley, 9 January 2009

On Thursday, hundreds of workers and youth demonstrated in downtown Detroit against Israel’s ongoing attack on Gaza.

Australia: Labor government backs Israeli assault on Gaza

By Patrick O’Connor, 9 January 2009

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his deputy leader Julia Gillard have given their full support to Israel’s criminal attack on Gaza, echoing the Zionist state’s lying pretext that it is conducting a defensive response to alleged ceasefire violations by Hamas.

Gaza death toll tops 700 as Israel prepares new escalation

By Bill Van Auken, 8 January 2009

The death toll inflicted by Israel’s 12-day onslaught against Gaza has risen to at least 700 amid reports that Israel is using the cover of international ceasefire initiatives to prepare a redoubled offensive.

Ground assault sparks worldwide protests

Civilian casualties mount as Israeli army slices through Gaza

By Chris Marsden, 5 January 2009

Israel’s bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza has unleashed a global wave of protest.

Video: London demonstrators protest Israeli assault on Gaza

5 January 2009

Tens of thousands protested in London on Saturday against the Israeli attack on Gaza which has claimed the lives of hundreds, including many children. The World Socialist Web Site spoke to participants on the demonstration.

US blocks cease-fire, gives Israel carte blanche to continue killing in Gaza

By Barry Grey, 3 January 2009

As the Israeli devastation of Gaza enters its second week and signs point to an imminent ground invasion of the Palestinian territory, the US government is working to block diplomatic initiatives for a cease-fire in order to give Israel a free hand to intensify its assault on the defenseless population.

Israel rejects ceasefire calls and escalates attacks in Gaza

By Peter Symonds, 2 January 2009

The murderous Israeli air assault on Gaza continued unabated for a sixth day yesterday. According to Palestinian emergency services, at least 420 people have been killed and more than 2,100 injured. The UN estimates that at least a quarter of those killed have been civilians.