999 Australian workers and youth speak out for Julian Assange

15 January 2021

“They just see us as numbers.”

Ohio Amazon worker speaks out against unsafe workplace conditions in pandemic

By Isaac Finn, 9 January 2021

An Amazon worker in Ohio describes the bureaucratic nightmare of returning to work in the midst of a deadly pandemic following a planned leave of absence.

Record numbers of COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations across the US as pandemic surge continues

By Kevin Martinez, 8 January 2021

The situation in southern California remains especially dire, with Los Angeles County emerging as a global epicenter of the virus.

Ontario care worker denounces political establishment over disastrous conditions in care homes

8 January 2021

Five workers at Canada’s long-term–care facilities have died from COVID-19 within little more than a week.

“It’s going to take the working class to stop them”

Workers denounce Trump’s coup

By our reporters, 8 January 2021

Autoworkers, teachers, retirees and other sections of the working class reacted with outrage as fascist supporters of President Trump stormed the US Capitol Wednesday afternoon, forcibly disrupting the certification of Biden’s presidential victory.

“You tell someone you have COVID, you are in trouble”

UAW-FCA cover-up of outbreaks continues at Toledo Jeep complex

By Shannon Jones, 6 January 2021

Production at the Jeep complex went forward full throttle over the holidays while the cover-up of COVID-19 cases and intimidation of workers at the plant continued.

Australian youth speak on their experiences during COVID-19

By Our reporters, 31 December 2020

One health agency reported a 72 percent increase in serious self-harm and suicidal-ideation cases in youth under 18 years during last weeks of Melbourne’s lockdown.

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