Former top military official wins Sri Lankan presidential election

By K. Ratnayake, 18 November 2019

Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s election marks a sharp shift towards autocratic forms of rule, amid a deepening crisis of Sri Lankan capitalism and the rising resistance of the working class to austerity measures.

Chinese soldiers appear on Hong Kong streets for first time since protests began

By Ben McGrath, 18 November 2019

The use of PLA troops to clear roadblocks in Hong Kong is a thinly veiled threat that the Chinese military could be used to violently suppress the protest movement.

Former US Secretary of State Kissinger points to danger of “catastrophic” conflict between US and China

In Berlin Wall speech, Pompeo advances crusade against Russia and China

Obama joins effort to push Democratic primary campaign to the right

By Patrick Martin, 18 November 2019

Obama declared his opposition to anything “revolutionary” or “crazy” being put forward by presidential candidates whom he did not name, although he was clearly referring to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The Trump impeachment and US policy in Ukraine

Seeking to cultivate fascistic base, Trump pardons two war criminals and promotes a third

Louisiana governor wins re-election in blow to Trump

By Patrick Martin, 18 November 2019

Edwards won despite three campaign appearances by President Trump and an all-out effort by the Republican National Committee.

UN special rapporteur exposes Swedish sexual misconduct frame-up of Assange

By Oscar Grenfell, 18 November 2019

Despite never having been charged with a crime, Sweden’s investigation provided the pseudo-judicial pretext for embroiling Assange in the legal system.

Roger Stone conviction affirms he lied about having connections with WikiLeaks

Protesters at London’s Trafalgar Square speak out to demand freedom for Julian Assange

By our reporters, 18 November 2019

World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke to some of the protesters who attended Saturday’s demonstration to demand the freedom of the WikiLeaks founder.

Federal court strips citizenship from US-born woman held in Syrian detention camp

By Tom Carter, 18 November 2019

Handing a victory to the far-right campaign to undermine the Fourteenth Amendment, a federal judge found that Hoda Muthana is not a citizen despite the fact that the State Department twice issued a passport listing her nationality as “United States of America.”

Google’s Project Nightingale: The largest transfer to date of private medical data to the tech giant

By Benjamin Mateus, 18 November 2019

More than 50 million not de-identified health records spanning 21 states are being shared with Google through a secret partnership with Ascension Healthcare.

Fiat Chrysler workers face battle as FCA and UAW seek to maintain lowest labor costs

By Jerry White, 18 November 2019

After barely navigating past the opposition of GM and Ford workers, the UAW is now colluding with Fiat Chrysler executives to maintain the company’s cost advantage over its industry rivals.

United Auto Workers declares sellout Ford contract ratified amidst widespread opposition

“We’re all in the same boat all over the world, fighting these greedy billionaires”
Michigan Ford engine plant workers denounce UAW sellout, plant closure

The expanding UAW corruption scandal and the case for rank-and-file committees

Lessons of the GM autoworkers strike

More on autoworkers struggles »

Chicago Teachers Unions pushes through austerity contract, paving way for school closures

By Kristina Betinis, 18 November 2019

The five-year contract, lauded by union and city leaders, threatens more school closures and continues the starvation of the country’s third-largest school district.

School closures threatened as Chicago teachers vote on widely-hated tentative agreement

Vote “no” on the tentative teachers' contract! Form rank-and-file committees to defend public education in Chicago!

Union-backed Chicago Sun-Times attacks Chicago teachers

As contract vote approaches, DSA defends sellout by Chicago Teachers Union

German army recruits swear war oath in front of Reichstag building

By Gregor Link, 18 November 2019

Both Schäuble and Kramp-Karrenbauer have made clear in recent weeks that the time has come for the return of German imperialism to the world stage.

Germany: Left Party parliamentary group elects new leadership

Fire devastates student accommodation block covered in combustible cladding in Bolton, England

By Barry Mason, 18 November 2019

The six-storey building was covered in HPL cladding that can heat 25 times faster and burn 115 times hotter than non-combustible products, according to a recent study.

Australian bushfire crisis continues as political fallout intensifies

By Mike Head, 18 November 2019

Prime Minister Morrison and Labor Party leader Albanese have both tried to call a halt to any discussion of the crucial issues raised by the fires.

Young FedEx worker killed in latest industrial death at Memphis World Hub

By Warren Duzak, 18 November 2019

Duntate Young, 23, was killed on Wednesday while working the midnight shift at the company’s World Hub in Memphis.

16 November 2019

Morales’ MAS in talks with Bolivia coup regime on how to quell unrest

By Bill Van Auken, 16 November 2019

Popular resistance mounts against Bolivian coup

Canada abets US-sponsored coup in Bolivia

The US-backed coup in Bolivia

Political and economic turmoil escalates in Lebanon

By Jean Shaoul, 16 November 2019

Strike against Asarco copper enters second month

By Samuel Davidson, 16 November 2019

Notes on police violence
No charges against US Park Police in 2017 shooting death of Bijan Ghaisar

By Harvey Simpkins, 16 November 2019

Glasgow helicopter crash inquiry scapegoats pilot

By Steve James, 16 November 2019

New Zealand police introduce new armed units

By Tom Peters, 16 November 2019

New Zealand cabinet minister echoes fascist gunman’s manifesto

New in German

Das Impeachmentverfahren gegen Trump und die US-Politik in der Ukraine

Patrick Martin, 18. November 2019

Die öffentlichen Anhörungen zum Amtsenthebungsverfahren haben eine bittere Schlammschlacht innerhalb der herrschenden Elite der USA ans Licht gebracht, die durch das Scheitern ihrer antirussischen Politik in der Ukraine ausgelöst wurden.

Ehemaliger US-Außenminister Kissinger warnt vor „katastrophalem“ Konflikt zwischen den USA und China

Nick Beams, 18. November 2019

Der ehemalige US-Außenminister Henry Kissinger warnt vor einem unausweichlichen „Konflikt“ zwischen den USA und China, der „schlimmer sein wird als die beiden Weltkriege, die die europäische Zivilisation zerstört haben“.

Massenproteste gegen Regierung in Prag

Markus Salzmann, 18. November 2019

Unmittelbar vor dem 30. Jahrestag der sogenannten „Samtenen Revolution“ haben in der tschechischen Hauptstadt Prag am Samstag erneut Hunderttausende gegen die rechte, korrupte Regierung von PremierministGs$P9me5er Andrej Babiš demonstriert.

Politische und wirtschaftliche Unruhen im Libanon eskalieren

Jean Shaoul, 18. November 2019

Laut Weltbank könnte eine weitere Entwertung des libanesischen Pfunds die Hälfte der sechs Millionen Einwohner des Landes unter die offizielle Armutsgrenze drücken.

New in Norwegian

Impeachment av Trump og amerikansk politikk i Ukraina

Patrick Martin, 18. november 2019

De offentlige høringene i riksrettgranskningen har brakt for dagen bitre gjensidige anklager innen den amerikanske styringseliten, utløst av fiaskoen for deres antiRussland bestrebelser i Ukraina.

Tidligere utenriksminister Kissinger peker på faren for «katastrofal» konflikt mellom USA og Kina

Nick Beams, 18. november 2019

USAs tidligere utenriksminister Henry Kissinger advarte mot en uunngåelig «konflikt» mellom USA og Kina, som «vil bli verre enn verdenskrigene som ruinerte europeisk sivilisasjon».

Trump benåder to krigsforbrytere og forfremmer en tredje, i bestrebelser på kultivering av en fascistisk base

Evan Blake, 18. november 2019

Trumps uhørte benådning av krigsforbrytere fremhever hans administrasjons autoritære karakter.

Morales’ parti MAS i samtaler med kuppregimet i Bolivia om å få stagget uro

Bill Van Auken, 18. november 2019

Enigheten om å gå i diskusjon kom samtidig med at masser av arbeidere og småbønder fortsetter å strømme inn i La Paz, med krav om den selvutnevnte «midlertidige presidentens» fall.

Politiske og økonomiske rystelser eskalerer i Libanon

Jean Shaoul, 18. november 2019

I følge Verdensbanken kan en ytterligere devaluering av det libanesiske pundet skyve opptil halvparten av landets seks millioner innbyggere under den offisielle fattigdomsgrensa.

New in French

La résistance populaire monte contre le coup d'État bolivien

Andrea Lobo, 16 novembre 2019

Des milliers de travailleurs et paysans sont descendus dans les rues de la capitale La Paz et dans le quartier avoisinant d’El Alto et dans Cochabamba, défiant la répression de l’armée et de la police.

«Il peut toujours m’appeler»: une députée néo-démocrate propose de se joindre au gouvernement libéral du Canada

Roger Jordan, 16 novembre 2019

L’offre de la députée de l’Alberta de joindre le cabinet de Trudeau s’inscrit dans la continuité de la campagne électorale du NPD, lequel désirait former une alliance gouvernementale avec les Libéraux pro grande entreprise.

Un entretien avec l'auteure de The Free State of Jones
L'historienne Victoria Bynum sur les inexactitudes du Projet 1619 du New York Times

Eric London, 16 novembre 2019

Bynum est une experte de l'attitude des pauvres et des paysans blancs du Sud envers l'esclavage.

New in Spanish

La crisis electoral española y la traición de Podemos

Alex Lantier, 16 noviembre 2019

Con sus políticas antiobreras, el partido “populista de izquierda” Podemos permitió que los neofascistas crecieran presentándose como la única oposición a la corrupta élite política.

Aumenta la resistencia popular contra el golpe en Bolivia

Andrea Lobo, 16 noviembre 2019

Miles de trabajadores y campesinos en la capital Boliviana, La Paz, en el vecino distrito de El Alto y en Cochabamba se han volcado a las calles desafiando la represión policial y militar.

"La oposición a la esclavitud también ha sido un tema importante en la historia de Estados Unidos"
Una entrevista con el historiador James McPherson sobre el Proyecto 1619 del New York Times

Tom Mackaman, 16 noviembre 2019

El WSWS habló recientemente con James McPherson, profesor emérito de historia de la Universidad de Princeton, sobre el Proyecto 1619 del New York Times.

Los demócratas comienzan audiencias de juicio político con denuncias de Rusia

Barry Grey, 16 noviembre 2019

El primer día de audiencias públicas y televisadas demuestra que en el conflicto de impeachment dos facciones de derecha de la clase dominante están luchando sobre diferencias sobre la política exterior.

Decenas de palestinos muertos en ataques israelíes en Gaza

Bill Van Auken, 16 noviembre 2019

La escalada contra Gaza sirve las necesidades políticas de Netanyahu, que está buscando desesperadamente un “gobierno de unidad” para evitar ser echado del poder y enfrentarse a un proceso criminal.

Correos electrónicos filtrados revelan que el asesor de Trump, Stephen Miller ayuda a la política fascista

Trévon Martin, 16 noviembre 2019

Los correos electrónicos muestran que Stephen Miller, asesor principal de la Casa Blanca a cargo de la política de inmigración, patrocinando puntos de vista racistas y publicaciones supremacistas blancas y neonazis.

El New York Times incluye su obsesión racial en comentarios culinarios

Trévon Austin, 16 noviembre 2019

Las ideas reaccionarias del artículo de Eligon están vinculadas a la insistencia del Times y de los otros elementos que giran alrededor del Partido Demócrata en que las identidades raciales, sexuales y de género son las principales divisiones en la sociedad estadounidense.

Autoridades de Missouri rastrearon los períodos menstruales de las mujeres en un esfuerzo por cerrar el último proveedor de aborto del estado

Jessica Goldstein, 16 noviembre 2019

Una hoja de cálculo del estado contenía información confidencial no médica, como los nombres de los pacientes y los números de identificación médica, los cuales le permitían al estado utilizarlos para identificarlos y localizarlos, espiando así efectivamente a los pacientes.

New in Russian

Одиннадцать тысяч ученых предупреждают о чрезвычайной климатической ситуации

Даниэль де Врис, 15 ноября 2019 г.

Сорок лет переговоров по поводу изменения климата между капиталистическими правительствами не сделали ничего для того, чтобы изменить траекторию движения в сторону экологической и гуманитарной катастрофы.

New in Turkish

Bolivya’da ABD destekli darbe

Bill Van Auken, 14 Kasım 2019

Güney Amerika’nın en yoksul ülkesi Bolivya, Pazar günü Devlet Başkanı Evo Morales’in,ve hükümet yetkililerinin istifasına yol açan ABD destekli darbenin ardından bir iç savaşın eşiğinde bulunuyor.

Almanya’daki Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi, Berlin Duvarı’nın yıkılmasının yıldönümü üzerine toplantı düzenledi

Muhabirlerimizden, 14 Kasım 2019

Gerçekte Demokratik Alman Cumhuriyeti’nin kurulması, sosyalizmin gerçekleştirilmesi ile ilgili değil, Batı’da kapitalizmin istikrara kavuşturulması ile ilgiliydi

New in Arabic

يتنافس خمسة مرشحين على الانتخابات الجزائرية في 12 كانون الأول / ديسمبر وسط معارضة جماهيرية

قمران آيرة, ٦ تشرين الثاني نوفمبر ٢٠١٩

وسط احتجاجات جماهيرية مستمرة ضد المؤسسة الحاكمة الجزائرية والانتخابات الرئاسية في 12 كانون الأول / ديسمبر ، أعلنت الهيئة الانتخابية الجزائرية أن خمسة مرشحين يخوضون الانتخابات.

New in Bengali

ভারতে মাদারসন মোটরগাড়ি শ্রমিকদের ধর্মঘটকে মাওবাদী ইউনিয়ন নেতৃত্ব ক্রমাগত বিচ্ছিন্ন করে রাখছে

মোসেস রাজকুমার ও শশী কুমার, ২৫ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

মাসারসন অটোমোটিভ টেকনোলজিস অ্যান্ড ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং (এম-এ-টি-ই বা মেট)-এর শ্রমিকদের দ্বারা সংগঠিত অনির্দিষ্টকালের ধর্মঘট এখন তৃতীয় মাসে পড়ল।

মার্কিন ফ্যাসিবাদকে এক বলিষ্ট না! ট্রাম্পকে গদিচ্যূত করতে গণআন্দোলন গড়ে তুলুন!

সোশ্যালিস্ট ইকুয়ালিটি পার্টি-র রাজনৈতিক কমিটি, ১৪ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

সন্দেহের ওপর ভিত্তি করে যে তদন্ত কংগ্রেস শুরু করেছিল তার পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে রাষ্ট্রপতি ডোনাল্ড ট্রাম্পের প্রতিক্রিয়া প্রকাশ্যেই সম্পূর্ণ ফ্যাসিবাদী চরিত্রের। গত সপ্তাহে মিনিয়াপোলিস, মিনেসোটা ও লেক চার্লসে ট্রাম্প প্রকাশ্যে বিদেশীদের প্রতি আতঙ্ক, জাতিগত বিদ্বেষ এবং ইহুদি-বিদ্বষের স্বপক্ষে কথা বলেছে।

New in Portuguese

O golpe na Bolívia apoiado pelos EUA

Por Bill Van Auken, 14 Novembro 2019

Apoiado por Washington, o violento golpe na Bolívia foi facilitado pela covardia política e traição do governo de Morales e seu partido MAS.

Other Languages


Wall Street Journal investigation confirms Google operates censorship blacklist

18 November 2019

A report published Friday confirms many of the central allegations made by the World Socialist Web Site in 2017 regarding Google’s censorship of the internet.

Earlier Perspectives »

Socialist Equality Party (UK)

Socialist Equality Party announces candidates in UK general election

By our reporter, 18 November 2019

The SEP is waging a political struggle against austerity, authoritarian rule, militarism and war.

Socialist Equality Party to stand in UK general election: No to austerity, militarism and war! Free Julian Assange! For class struggle and socialist internationalism!

Socialist Equality Party (UK), 6 November 2019

The Socialist Equality Party will stand candidates in the December 12 UK general election to wage a political struggle against austerity, authoritarian rule, militarism and war.

The New York Times' 1619 Project

An interview with historian James Oakes on the New York Times’ 1619 Project

By Tom Mackaman, 18 November 2019

The World Socialist Web Site recently spoke to James Oakes, Distinguished Professor of History and Graduate School Humanities Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, on the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

“Opposition to slavery has also been an important theme in American history”
An interview with historian James McPherson on the New York Times’ 1619 Project

By Tom Mackaman, 14 November 2019

The New York Times’s 1619 Project: A racialist falsification of American and world history

By Niles Niemuth, Tom Mackaman and David North, 6 September 2019

SEP and IYSSE meeting series in the United States
Race, Class and the Fight for Socialism: Perspectives for the Coming Revolution in America

This meeting series will refute the historical falsifications advanced in the New York Times “1619 Project,” explain their underlying political motivations and present the strategy for socialist revolution in America today.

The “Irrepressible Conflict:” Slavery, the Civil War and America’s Second Revolution

By Eric London, 9 November 2019

Arts Review

Michael Winterbottom’s Greed: A searing indictment of the super-rich

By Thomas Scripps, 18 November 2019

Greed offers a sharp and often funny critique of the impact on society of rule by a criminal financial oligarchy and deserves a wide audience.

Parasite: An unusual director with his antenna attuned to social class
The Lighthouse: A gothic horror film

By Joanne Laurier, 16 November 2019

Parasite is a dark comedy from South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho that concerns itself with income inequality and its implications. The Lighthouse is a pointless horror film set in the late 1800s in New England.

Harbor (Jeter l’ancre un seul jour): A young refugee in need finds allies

By David Walsh, 15 November 2019

“Vietnam was the first and last war with no censorship”
Veteran photojournalist Tim Page discusses his “21” exhibition

By Richard Phillips, 14 November 2019

New manuscript discovered of The Tale of Genji, the 11th century Japanese novel

Filmmaker Errol Morris provides the extreme-right’s Stephen Bannon a platform in American Dharma

25 years ago: Hurricane Gordon dissipates after two weeks of destruction

On November 21, 1994, Hurricane Gordon dissipated over South Carolina after nearly two weeks of destruction throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean. The hurricane hit parts of Central America, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, the Turks and Caicos islands, the Bahamas, and the southeastern US coast for nearly two weeks.

More »

50 years ago: Native American group begins occupation of Alcatraz island

On November 20, 1969, a group of about 90 Native Americans led by Richard Oakes sailed small boats across San Francisco Bay and began an occupation of Alcatraz Island, site of the notorious Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which had closed in 1963.

More »

75 years ago: Allied forces capture German town

On November 19, 1944, the British Second Army secured control of Geilenkirchen, a German town in North Rhine-Westphalia, near the border with the Netherlands. The successful offensive, aimed at establishing a base of operations for further incursions into Germany, underscored the military crisis of the Nazi regime and heightened the anticipation of a full-scale Allied invasion.

More »

100 years ago: US Senate fails to ratify Treaty of Versailles

On November 19, 1919, The United States Senate failed to secure the two-thirds majority needed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, which had been negotiated by the Allied imperialist victors of World War I at the Paris Peace Conference that June.

More »

The Socialist Equality Party Election Campaign in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan presidential election: Workers must prepare to fight moves towards police-state rule

By K. Ratnayake, 16 November 2019

Calls by the major candidates for “strong government”—code-words for the development of dictatorial methods—are a response to the growing opposition of workers and the poor to government austerity.

Sri Lankan SEP holds final presidential election meeting

By our correspondents, 15 November 2019

Sri Lanka: SEP presidential candidate exposes pseudo-lefts’ pro-capitalist program at university debate

By our correspondents, 13 November 2019

Vote for Pani Wijesiriwardena in the Sri Lankan presidential election! Rally to fight for international socialism!

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 12 November 2019

More on the 2019 Sri Lankan SEP election campaign »


David North introduces Turkish-language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky at Istanbul Book Fair

By our reporter, 11 November 2019

Mehring Yayıncılık announced the publication of five major works by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) at its Istanbul Book Fair stall, including two authored by David North.

Free Assange and Manning

Petition calling for Julian Assange’s freedom tabled in Australian parliament

By James Cogan, 15 November 2019

Public meetings in Australia and New Zealand
Meeting defending Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning in Melbourne this Sunday

Australian workers and youth speak-out in support of Julian Assange

By our reporters, 13 November 2019

More on the campaign to Free Assange and Manning »

Workers Struggles

Indian Honda contract workers still on strike; West Bengal teachers demand pay rise; maintenance workers take industrial action at Australian paper mill
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

16 November 2019

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

UK High Court bans strike by 110,000 Royal Mail postal workers

By Robert Stevens, 14 November 2019

Record low numbers participate in 24-hour stunt strike at University of California schools and health system

By Evelyn Rios, 15 November 2019

University of California union attempts to wear down workers with a sixth 24-hour strike

Little Rock, Arkansas teachers stage one-day strike

By Nancy Hanover, 15 November 2019

India: 48,000 striking Telangana transport workers defy back to work order

By Kranti Kumara, 7 November 2019


Leaked emails reveal Trump aide Stephen Miller’s fascist politics

By Trévon Austin, 15 November 2019

The Spanish election crisis and the treachery of Podemos

By Alex Lantier, 15 November 2019

The Spanish elections and the rise of the fascistic Vox party

Democrats begin impeachment hearings with denunciations of Russia

By Patrick Martin, 14 November 2019

Bloomberg and his fellow oligarchs lay down the law: Not a penny more in taxes

By Barry Grey, 14 November 2019

Remembrance Day and Rearmament:
Why Canada’s elite finally turned on notorious right-wing hockey commentator Don Cherry

By Carl Bronski, 14 November 2019

The Democrats’ campaign for internet censorship: Who is to determine what are “lies”?

By Andre Damon, 9 November 2019

One year since the Northern California Camp Fire
An accounting of a crime

By Toby Reese, 11 November 2019

Autoworkers Struggles

Acting UAW chief unveils bogus “anti-corruption” reforms

Ford workers complain of extreme temperatures in Chicago plants amid record-setting freeze

Ford workers describe UAW’s intimidation tactics to pass Ford contract

Ford Kentucky Truck workers speak out against contract: “The people on the floor don’t trust the UAW”

From the archive of the WSWS
What is the UAW?

By Shannon Jones, 12 November 2019

Former UAW-GM VP Joe Ashton charged in corruption scheme

How Ford and the UAW plan to cut autoworkers’ health care

Feds may have secretly recorded UAW President Gary Jones ordering cover-up of embezzlement of union funds


Social inequality in Early Bronze Age Europe

By Philip Guelpa, 12 November 2019

Socialist Equality Party

Video: 70 years after the Chinese Revolution—How the struggle for socialism was betrayed

31 October 2019

Introduction to the 1955 SWP resolution “The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath”

From the archives
SWP resolution: The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath

Introduction to the 1951 report to the Fourth International by Chinese Trotskyist Peng Shuzhi

From the archives
The Causes of the Victory of the Chinese Communist Party over Chiang Kai-Shek, and the CCP’s Perspectives

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE meetings in Germany: Stop the shift to the right at the universities!

By our correspondents, 6 November 2019

Stop the censorship of socialist views by the University of Leipzig student council

Germany: Humboldt University student parliament supports lawsuit against far-right Professor Baberowski

Mehring Books

Mehring Yayıncılık publishes new ICFI books for İstanbul Book Fair

By Ulas Atesci, 29 October 2019

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

By David North, 2 September 2019

Preview the new publication from Mehring Books
Author’s introduction to Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition

By Vadim Rogovin, 30 August 2019

Now available from Mehring Books
Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition by Vadim Z. Rogovin


Detroit Democrat John Conyers, long-standing fixture in Congress, dies at 90

By Patrick Martin, 30 October 2019

Featured Commentary

Drawing the lessons of the ICFI split—International Strategy and National Tactics: The change in the ICFI’s approach to national liberation movements

By Deepal Jayasekera, 30 September 2019

This lecture was delivered to the Socialist Equality Party (US) Summer School on July 25, 2019 by Deepal Jayasekera, Assistant Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party in Sri Lanka

Introduction to the Turkish language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky’s four fateful years in Prinkipo: 1929-1933

By David North, 23 September 2019

The ICFI and the Crisis of Stalinism

The World Capitalist Crisis and the Tasks of the Fourth International: An analysis of the ICFI Perspectives resolution of 1988

The International Committee’s response to the “End of History”: The March 1992 Plenum of the ICFI

The Dissolution of the USSR and the Unipolar Moment of US Imperialism

China: Thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre

The Political Origins and Consequences of the 1982–86 Split in the International Committee of the Fourth International

The 2020 US Elections

Joe Biden: A familiar face, a deeply reactionary record

By Patrick Martin, 23 September 2019

Amy Klobuchar: The favorite Democrat of Senate Republicans

By George Gallanis, 19 August 2019