GM to lay off 4,250 salaried workers in North America starting Monday

By Shannon Jones, 2 February 2019

As anger mounts over the GM’s plans to cut 15,000 jobs in the US and Canada, the United Auto Workers and Unifor are ramping up their anti-Mexican campaign to split autoworkers along national lines and block united action to fight the layoffs.

Matamoros strike grows as Mexican ruling class warns of national strike wave

By Eric London and Andrea Lobo, 2 February 2019

The leading financial paper wrote: “As easy as one two three, the labor stability which we have maintained for decades, with hundreds of thousands of successful contract negotiations, is broken. And it won’t stop there.”

The economics of the North American auto industry
How global auto parts corporations profit by exploiting Mexican workers

By Shannon Jones, 2 February 2019

With 345 Tier 1 auto parts suppliers operating in Mexico, the country is an enormous source of enrichment for transnational corporations.

Worker in Mexico fired, beaten, censored, and falsely charged for protesting corporate abuses

Matamoros, Mexico maquiladora workers threatened with mass plant closures

More on the Matamoros workers rebellion »

European Parliament backs US-led coup in Venezuela

By Alex Lantier and Alejandro Lopez, 2 February 2019

The European powers’ support for a brazen US coup in Latin America underscores that they are no less ruthless in their assertion of their predatory imperialist interests.

US escalates threats against Venezuela

Venezuela’s oil and the geopolitics of the US-backed coup

Germany and EU support US-engineered coup in Venezuela

“We are just another package that can be replaced”
FedEx, UPS workers outraged after Illinois truck driver dies on the job in extreme cold weather

By George Marlowe, 2 February 2019

William L. Murphy, a 69-year-old FedEx truck driver, is one of at least 23 people in the Midwest who have been killed by record cold temperatures this week.

Extreme cold spell wreaks havoc across United States

Six dead as record-breaking Arctic air mass hits US Midwest

Lawsuit alleges Amazon caused worker’s death

By Jeff Lusanne, 2 February 2019

The wife of a worker who died at a Joliet, Illinois Amazon warehouse in 2017 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Amazon for the extreme delay of medical treatment that led to his death.

More on Amazon »

As Trump threatens national emergency
Democrats offer increased spending for border policing

By Barry Grey, 2 February 2019

Even as Trump reiterated his threat to assume emergency powers, the Democrats made clear their support for the further militarization of the border.

Immigrants in US subjected to nasal force-feeding at ICE detention center

The fraud of "oversight" by Democrats
Pentagon officials provide few answers at House committee hearing on troops at the border

No deal reached at US-China trade meeting

By Nick Beams, 2 February 2019

A statement issued by the White House at the conclusion of the discussions said Trump had reiterated that the US will increase tariffs unless an outcome is reached.

US “Worldwide Threat Assessment” takes aim at China

In broadside against China, White House levels criminal charges against Huawei

John Pilger to speak at March 3 Sydney rally to defend Julian Assange

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 2 February 2019

As well as John Pilger, the Sydney rally will be addressed by SEP National Secretary James Cogan. Cogan will also be the main speaker at the demonstration in Melbourne on March 10.

More on the campaign to free Julian Assange »

Facebook’s censor Nick Clegg outlines plans for European elections

By Robert Stevens, 2 February 2019

Facebook will play a major role in determining what voices Europe’s population are allowed to hear.

German defence report sparks hysterical campaign for increased military spending

By Johannes Stern, 2 February 2019

The ruling class and its parties are pursing massive rearmament plans and preparing Germany for war.

Portugal’s strike wave intensifies

By Paul Mitchell, 2 February 2019

As the strike movement develops, the unions have sought to dissipate united opposition into regional and sectoral strikes directed at pleading with various ministers, parliament and the president to change course.

United Steelworkers announces concessions contract agreement with Shell Oil

By Jessica Goldstein, 2 February 2019

The deal, which includes paltry wage increases that barely keep pace with inflation, was announced after months of backroom negotiations and just prior to the contract expiration deadline.

As Friday contract deadline approaches, USW keeps 30,000 oil workers in the dark

The political questions facing US oil workers in the 2019 contract negotiations

Florida education commissioner advocates widespread privatization

By Jean Bellevie and Matthew MacEgan, 2 February 2019

A longtime opponent of public education has been named to Florida’s top education position.

West Virginia teachers angered over renewed attack on public education

Sacramento school district threatens bankruptcy to extort concessions from teachers

Oklahoma legislators seek to strip teachers of democratic rights

After sellout of Los Angeles teachers strike, new attacks on public schools coming

Biloela resident: “It is really important that we stand up”
Australian rural town continues to fight deportation of Tamil refugee family

By Max Newman, 2 February 2019

Biloela residents have been conducting a nearly year-long campaign to free a Tamil family seized by the government from their community.

Footage shows police pointing assault rifles at child detainees in Australia

New in Norwegian

Demonstrasjonen den 9. februar i Detroit mot nedleggelser av fabrikkanlegg
Programmet og strategien for å forsvare arbeidsplasser

Joseph Kishore, 2. februar 2019

Demonstrasjonen, kalt av WSWS og Styringskomitéen for Koalisjonen av grunnplankomitéer, er det første organiserte uttrykket for grunnplanopposisjon mot GMs arbeidsplassmassakre.

India: Fagforbundene forråder streiken til Tamil-Nadu-lærerne og offentlig ansatte

Arun Kumar, 2. februar 2019

Fagforeningene hevdet kynisk at opphevingen av alle streikehandlinger bare er «midlertidig».

Klasse, ikke Brexit, er Storbritannias store skille

Chris Marsden, 2. februar 2019

En ny rapport viser at tiår med nedskjæringer av sosialprogrammer har rammet alle arbeidere, uavhengig av om de stemte for å forlate eller forbli i EU.

New in French

Des immigrés aux États-Unis nourris de force dans un centre de détention de l'ICE

Patrick Martin, 2 février 2019

L'administration Trump a importé les tortures sauvages perpétrées à Guantanamo Bay et dans d'autres prisons de la CIA, pour les utiliser contre les immigrants et les réfugiés.

Manifestation du 9 février contre les fermetures d’usines automobiles à Detroit
Le programme et la stratégie pour défendre les emplois

Joseph Kishore, 2 février 2019

L’appel à manifester du WSWS et le comité directeur de la coalition des comités de base est la première expression organisée de l’opposition de la base au massacre des emplois par GM

L’Évaluation américaine des menaces mondiales vise la Chine

André Damon, 2 février 2019

Ce rapport annuel reflète une escalade bipartite des efforts américains visant à bloquer le développement économique, militaire et technologique de la Chine.

La Révolution russe et le XXᵉ siècle inachevé, publié en tamoul

2 février 2019

La traduction du livre de David North est vitale pour les travailleurs, les jeunes et les intellectuels du sous-continent indien, du Sri Lanka et des communautés d’exilés du monde entier qui parlent tamoul. Union soviétique par la bureaucratie stalinienne,

New in German

9. Februar: Demonstration gegen die Schließung von Autowerken in Detroit
Das Programm und die Strategie zur Verteidigung von Arbeitsplätzen

Joseph Kishore, 2. Februar 2019

Die Demonstration, zu der die WSWS und die Leitung des Bündnisses für Aktionskomitees aufrufen, ist der erste organisierte Widerstand gegen das Arbeitsmassaker von GM.

Audi-Ungarn: Gewerkschaft beendet Streik, um weiteren Produktionsstopp in anderen Werken zu verhindern

Markus Salzmann, 2. Februar 2019

Der einwöchige Streik im ungarischen Audi-Werk in Györ hatte massive Auswirkungen auf andere Werke. Auf dem Höhepunkt seines Einflusses wurde er abgebrochen.

Halil Celik, ein Kämpfer für den Sozialismus (1961–2018)

Peter Schwarz, 2. Februar 2019

Am 31. Dezember 2018 starb Halil Celik, der Gründer und Leiter der Gruppe Sosyalist Eşitlik, die in der Türkei das Internationale Komitee der Vierten Internationale unterstützt, im Alter von 57 Jahren an einem Krebsleiden. Dieser Nachruf gibt einen Überblick über sein Leben.

„Globale Bedrohungsanalyse“ der USA richtet sich gegen China

Andre Damon, 2. Februar 2019

Die Bedrohungsanalyse ist Ausdruck der parteiübergreifenden Bestrebungen der USA, Chinas wirtschaftliche, militärische und technologische Entwicklung zu blockieren.

Amazon sucht ehemalige Bundeswehrangehörige als Führungspersonal

Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 2. Februar 2019

Die brutalen Arbeitsbedingungen und niedrigen Löhne in den Amazon-Lagerzentren sind nur durch ein ebenso brutales Regime durchzusetzen. Der Konzern sucht „Teamleiter mit militärischem Hintergrund“.

USA: Immigranten in Haftzentrum zwangsernährt

Patrick Martin, 2. Februar 2019

Die Trump-Regierung foltert Immigranten und Geflüchtete mit denselben brutalen Methoden, die in Guantanamo Bay und anderen CIA- Gefängnissen praktiziert werden.

New in Russian

Госдума ужесточает цензуру в Интернете на фоне забастовки 12 тысяч дальнобойщиков

Клара Вайс, 1 февраля 2019 г.

Законодательство является частью глобальных нападок на свободу слова в Интернете и кампании по ужесточению цензуры в отношении независимых новостных агентств.

Эта неделя в истории
100 лет назад: На Украине создан Совет Народных Комиссаров

1 февраля 2019 г.

28 января 1919 года в Харькове большевиками был учрежден Совет Народных Комиссаров в качестве правительства Советской Украины.

New in Urdu

جرمنی میں انقلابِ نومبر کے سوسال

اولرچ ریپرٹ اور پیٹر سکورز

جرمنی کے مزدور طبقے کی جنگ اور بادشاہت کے خلاف بغاوت اپنے عروج کو پہنچی اور اُس نے سرمایہ دارانہ نظام کو جنجھوڑ کررکھ دیاتھا۔

New in Spanish

La manifestación del 9 de febrero en Detroit contra los cierres de planta
El programa y la estrategia para defender empleos

Joseph Kishore, 2 febrero 2019

La manifestación convocada por el WSWS y el Comité Directivo de la Coalición de Comités de Base es la primera expresión organizada de la oposición de las bases obreras a la masacre de empleos perpetrada por GM.

Trabajador en México despedido, vapuleado, censurado y sujeto a cargos falsos por protestar abusos corporativos

Andrea Lobo y Alex González, 2 febrero 2019

Inspirado por la valiente lucha obrera en Matamoros, Luis Daniel decidió compartir su historia con el WSWS para motivar a los trabajadores internacionalmente.

Cómo el WRP traicionó al trotskismo:1973-1985
22. Después del Congreso

Declaración del Comité Internacional de la Cuarta Internacional, 2 febrero

Este es el texto del análisis realizado en el verano de 1986 por el Comité Internacional de la Cuarta Internacional sobre el colapso de su sección británica, el Workers Revolutionary Party.

La serie ‘Trotsky’ de la televisión rusa: un espectáculo degradado de falsificación histórica y antisemitismo

Fred Williams y David North, 2 febrero 2019

La miniserie rusa de ocho episodios, ahora disponible en Netflix, es una muestra de la depravación política, intelectual y cultural de parte de todos los que participaron en su producción. Este comentario fue publicado originalmente en noviembre de 2017.

“La evaluación mundial de amenazas” de Estados Unidos apunta a China

Andre Damon, 2 febrero

El reporte anual refleja una escalada bipartidista de los esfuerzos estadounidenses para bloquear el desarrollo económico, militar y tecnológico de China.

India: los sindicatos traicionan la huelga de maestros y trabajadores de Tamil Nadu

Arun Kumar, 2 febrero 2019

Los sindicatos han afirmado cínicamente que el cierre de toda acción industrial es "temporal".

La gran división de Gran Bretaña es de clase, no es el Brexit

Chris Marsden, 2 febrero 2019

Un nuevo informe muestra que décadas de recortes en programas sociales han caído sobre todos los trabajadores, hayan votado por la permanencia o por la salida de la UE.

New in Turkish

Brezilya’daki maden faciasında 58 ölü ve yüzlerce kayıp

Gabriel Lemos, 30 Ocak 2019

13 milyon metreküp demir cevheri atığının çiftliklere, köylere ve çevreye yayılmasının ardından, 300'den fazla insan kayboldu; doğrulanan rakamlara göre 58 kişi öldü.

Other Languages


The US scraps the INF treaty: Another step toward nuclear war

2 February 2019

The US withdrawal from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty marks a major escalation of US efforts to prop up its hegemony through military means.

Earlier Perspectives »

February 9 demonstration against GM plant closings

February 9 demonstration against auto plant closures in Detroit
The program and strategy to defend jobs

By Joseph Kishore, 1 February 2019

The demonstration, called by the WSWS and the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Rank-and-File Committees, is the first organized expression of rank-and-file opposition to GM’s jobs massacre.

Students and youth must join the fight to oppose GM job cuts!

By International Youth and Students for Social Equality US, 31 January 2019

No layoffs! No concessions!
Autoworkers call for demonstration February 9 to fight GM plant closings

By Jerry White, 12 January 2019

“We are being called to action by our brothers and sisters around the world to join this fight”
Autoworkers call for support for February 9 march against GM plant closings

By Jerry White, 30 January 2019

The demonstration is taking place as opposition to job cuts by GM, Ford and other global automakers is growing throughout the Americas and Europe.

Detroit autoworkers support striking Mexican workers

"The best thing to do would be to unify with the American workers." Share this video to promote the March to Fight GM Plant Closures on February 9.

Defend the Matamoros workers! For a united fight by US, Canadian and Mexican workers to defend jobs and decent living standards!
March on February 9 to oppose GM job cuts!

the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Rank-and-File Committees, 29 January 2019

Fight the Ford layoffs! Build rank-and-file committees to unite autoworkers across Europe!


Halil Celik, a fighter for socialism (1961-2018)

By Peter Schwarz, 1 February 2019

On December 31, 2018, Halil Celik, founder and leader of the group Sosyalist Eşitlik, which supports the International Committee of the Fourth International in Turkey, died of cancer at the age of 57. This obituary presents an overview of his life.

In memory of Halil Celik (1961–2018)

Featured Commentary

The Fed’s interest rate U-turn: Some economic and political conclusions

By Nick Beams, 2 February 2019

The financial elites on Wall Street, addicted to the supply of ultra-cheap money as they appropriate the wealth produced by the labour of billions of workers, dictate economic policy.

In the wake of December’s market turbulence
US Fed does about-turn on interest rates

Fascists march in Auschwitz

By Clara Weiss, 31 January 2019

The sight of a rabble of Nazi trash desecrating the memory of those who perished in Auschwitz is sickening and must be answered. But the response must be informed by an understanding of the inextricable link between capitalism, the crisis of bourgeois democracy and fascist reaction.

The political role of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By Genevieve Leigh, 31 January 2019

Mehring Books

The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century published in Tamil

1 February 2019

The translation of David North’s book is vital for Tamil-speaking workers, youth and intellectuals on the Indian sub-continent, in Sri Lanka, and exile communities around the world.

Arts Review

Leyla McCalla’s Capitalist Blues: Keeping one’s eyes open

By Matthew Brennan, 2 February 2019

Trained as a classical cellist, McCalla’s eventual decision to pursue folk-based music and song-writing led her to the rich New Orleans music environment where she has been a fixture for much of the past decade.

Vanity Fair: A new television adaptation of the great 19th century novel

By David Walsh, 1 February 2019

Beautiful Boy: Part of the truth about drug addiction

By Joanne Laurier, 30 January 2019

Critic-at-large Wesley Morris on the Academy Awards
Why does the New York Times keep pushing pernicious racialism?

By David Walsh, 28 January 2019

Defend Julian Assange!

Rally to demand the Australian government acts to free Julian Assange!
Sydney Martin Place Amphitheatre, 2pm, March 3! Melbourne State Library, 1pm, March 10!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 25 January 2019

Julian Assange issues “urgent” legal challenge against US extradition plans

More on the campaign to free Julian Assange »


Class, not Brexit, is Britain’s great divide

By Chris Marsden, 1 February 2019

The Strategy of International Class Struggle and the Political Fight Against Capitalist Reaction in 2019

By James Cogan, Joseph Kishore and David North, 3 January 2019

One hundred years since the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

By Peter Schwarz, 15 January 2019

Workers Struggles

Bangladesh garment workers demonstrate for unpaid wages; New Caledonia nickel miners’ strike enters second month
Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

2 February 2019

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

India: Unions betray Tamil Nadu teachers’ and government workers’ strike

By Arun Kumar, 1 February 2019

Indian state government fires hundreds of teachers as Tamil Nadu strike faces a crossroads

The political significance of India’s two-day general strike

Berlin teachers and social workers strike for better working conditions

By our reporters, 31 January 2019

Sri Lankan plantation workers protest unions’ sellout wage deal

By M. Thevarajah and W.A. Sunil, 29 January 2019

Oppose the Sri Lankan plantation unions’ sellout agreement!

An appeal from a UK rail worker for a joint fight of rail, bus and tram workers across Europe

Second nationwide strike by New Zealand doctors


Oppose political censorship and fascist threats against the ISO and DSA in Portland!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality at PSU, 31 January 2019

Two political meetings on college campuses in Portland were shut down by campus police after provocations from the far-right group Patriot Prayer.

Successful election result for IYSSE at Humboldt University in Berlin

By the IYSSE chapter at Humboldt University, 26 January 2019

Final IYSSE election meeting at Humboldt University in Berlin
How can the rise of the far-right be stopped?

Right-wing Humboldt University Professor Jorg Baberowski threatens students

Matamoros Auto Strike

70,000 strike at US-Mexico border

Help break the media blackout of the Matamoros strike by sharing this video.

Watch: A Texas Amazon worker's message to Matamoros workers

"Attention striking workers in Matamoros: I want you to know we have heard your here in the United states. We are with you and we support you." Help break the media blackout of the Matamoros strike by sharing this video.

Mexican government prepares “legal” pretext for end of Matamoros strike

By Alex González, 29 January 2019

Strikes by Hungarian Audi workers, Mexican auto parts workers
The global struggle of autoworkers

Matamoros strike at a crossroads as Mexican government orders crackdown

Unifor launches anti-Mexican boycott as diversion from fight over Oshawa closure

As strike expands in the maquiladoras
Mexican auto parts workers explain how they formed strike committees

More on the Matamoros workers rebellion »

25 years ago: Tonya Harding’s ex-husband pleads guilty in attack on Nancy Kerrigan

On February 1, 1994, figure skater Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly negotiated a plea bargain for his role in the attack on rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

More »

50 years ago: Yasser Arafat elected to head the PLO

The Palestine Liberation Organization chose Yasser Arafat as its new chairman on February 3, 1969, at the Palestine National Congress held in Cairo.

More »

75 years ago: Nazi crackdown in Poland

On February 1, 1944, Franz Kutschera, the Nazi SS and police chief of the Warsaw district was assassinated by agents of the Polish Home Army.

More »


100 years ago: Soviet Council of People’s Commissars created in Ukraine

On January 28, 1919, the Bolsheviks in Ukraine established a Council of People’s Commissars in Kharkov as the government of Soviet Ukraine.

More »

The fight to defend public education

The timeline of a sellout
How the UTLA orchestrated the betrayal of Los Angeles teachers

By Alan Gilman, 25 January 2019

“It was rushed. It was a farce”
Los Angeles teachers livid over union’s betrayal of strike

More on teachers' struggles »

ICFI meeting announcement

Indian Trotskyists campaign for Kolkata meeting to mark the 80th anniversary of the Fourth International

By Arun Kumar and Ritwik Mitter, 26 January 2019

Indian university students discuss the rising danger of war and the betrayal by the Stalinist parties of the working class.

Indian Trotskyists in Kolkata to celebrate 80 years of the Fourth International

7 January 2019

The Kolkata meeting will review the essential political lessons of the protracted struggle of the Fourth International and their relevance to the fight for socialist internationalism today.

Security and the Fourth International

New book now available
Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement

By Mehring Books, 21 January 2019

The WSWS announces the release of a new book, Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement, by Eric London.

The origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation

By Eric London, 14 November 2018

Seventy-eight years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By Eric London and David North, 21 August 2018

The Fight Against Postmodernism

Widespread student support for beleaguered professor Peter Boghossian

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality at Portland State University, 17 January 2019

Portland State University threatens to fire Peter Boghossian for authoring “Grievance Studies” hoax

The “Grievance Studies” hoax exposes postmodernist charlatans

Socialist Equality Party (Germany)

Socialist Equality Party takes legal action against surveillance by German secret service

By the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, 10 January 2019

Dr. Peer Stolle, the lawyer for the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, has submitted formal notice in writing to the German Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution. The text of the letter is published here.

International Committee of the Fourth International

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the SEP (Sri Lanka)
Victory of the Trotskyists in the 1985–1986 split in the ICFI

By Saman Gunadasa and K. Ratnayake, 29 December 2018

David North addresses New Zealand meeting celebrating 80 years of the Fourth International

By our reporters, 11 December 2018

80th anniversary of the Fourth International celebrated in Melbourne with public lecture

Eighty Years of the Fourth International: The Lessons of History and the Struggle for Socialism Today

By David North, 9 October 2018

On the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International

Book Review

Rohini Hensman’s Indefensible: The ISO discovers its muse—the CIA

By Alex Lantier, 14 December 2018

Rohini Hensman’s book, issued by the International Socialist Organization’s (ISO) Haymarket Books publishing house, is an endorsement of imperialist war.

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four