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999 DSA & the PRO Act

6 March 2021

SEP (Australia) online public meeting

The Coles Smeaton Grange struggle: The next stage for the working class

5 March 2021

As workers are propelled into struggle against a corporate onslaught targeting their jobs, conditions and social rights, it is essential that they draw the lessons of past experiences, including what has taken place at Smeaton Grange.

UK: Go North West launches strike busting operation to enforce fire and rehire contracts against bus drivers

By John Newham and Robert Stevens, 5 March 2021

In the face of the strike busting operation, the Unite union is not appealing to other Go-Ahead workers and drivers from other companies to support the Go North West strikers, but has made a series of futile appeals to management, shareholders, potential investors, and local politicians.

999 DSA & the PRO Act

4 March 2021

Amazon workers speak on the Alabama union vote

By Kayla Costa and Nick Barrickman, 4 March 2021

Amazon workers expressed a wide range of views about the ongoing union recertification vote at the company’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama.

Strikes in Istanbul expose CHP, Turkish unions and pseudo-left parties

By Hasan Yıldırım, 3 March 2021

Strikes in CHP-controlled municipalities of Istanbul have strikingly exposed the reactionary role of the trade unions and pseudo-left groups supporting the CHP.

Union-sponsored deal announced in Philadelphia to reopen elementary schools on Monday

By Samuel Davidson, 3 March 2021

With the collaboration of the teachers unions, Philadelphia schools will begin in-person classes for about 3,000 kindergarten through second grade students Monday, despite the spread of new and more infectious coronavirus strains that are making their way into the population.

999 Amazon interviews on unionization

3 March 2021

Why Biden supports the unionization of the Amazon workforce

By Jerry White and Joseph Kishore, 2 March 2021

Biden’s unprecedented intervention at Amazon brings to a new stage the corporatist strategy of the ruling class to integrate the unions into the state and corporate management.

UK teachers denounce National Education Union’s refusal to oppose schools reopening

By Tania Kent, 2 March 2021

The response by the teaching unions to Johnson’s announcement that this will the “last lockdown,” despite resulting in “more infections, more hospitalisations and… more deaths” is to enforce it!

Australian union rams through sell-out at Coles Smeaton Grange

By Oscar Grenfell, 28 February 2021

The dispute, one of the longest of the past two decades, has again proven that the trade unions are police forces of company management.

10 years since the mass protests in Wisconsin

By Shannon Jones, 28 February 2021

Important lessons can be drawn from the experience of the mass struggles that erupted in 2011 against austerity in Wisconsin.

Australia: Vote “no” in ballot on Coles Smeaton Grange sell-out!

Oscar Grenfell, 26 February 2021

A continued rejection of the sell-out must be linked to the fight for a broader movement of the working class, outside the straitjacket of the unions.

US universities have cut 650,000 jobs, a 13 percent workforce reduction, since the onset of the pandemic

By Alex Findijis, 26 February 2021

Thousands of adjunct faculty members have seen their courses canceled and their paychecks eliminated as programs are consolidated and courses move online.

999 (2/22) Educators oppose drive to reopen schools

24 February 2021

Philadelphia teachers union endorses bogus claims of school renovations as cover for reopening schools

By Douglas Lyons, 24 February 2021

The PFT, while posing as “concerned” about certain elements of the reopening plans, claims falsely that schools can be made safe through updates to decrepit school buildings, in particular, improved ventilation systems.

Teachers in US resist demand to accept “reasonable risk” of dying

By Jerry White, 21 February 2021

The Biden administration, the corporate media and the teachers unions have ganged up against educators who are refusing to risk their lives.

Australian union holds another “indicative” vote pushing sell-out at Coles Smeaton Grange

By Oscar Grenfell, 20 February 2021

The union insists that workers have no choice but to accept the sell-out, while Coles signals it will end the protracted lockout only if there is complete capitulation to its demands.

Trade unions call off strike at Alcoa aluminium giant in Spain

By Santiago Guillen and Alejandro López, 19 February 2021

Having isolated the strike, the unions moved to shut it down precisely as it coincided with a broader upsurge of struggles in Spain and across Europe against job cuts and “herd immunity” policies.

John Sweeney, AFL-CIO president between 1995 and 2009, dies at 86

By Jerry White, 17 February 2021

Sweeney’s “insurgent” campaign in 1995 was aimed at heading off the collapse of the AFL-CIO after more than a decade during which the US labor federation betrayed strikes and colluded in the destruction of millions of jobs.

999 Sweeney obit

16 February 2021

Australian students call for support for locked-out Coles warehouse workers

By our correspondents, 14 February 2021

The company’s video last week “exposed that the union is working hand-in-glove with Coles management against the interests of the workers.”

Australian Labor Party leader proposes new union-employer Accord

By Mike Head, 13 February 2021

In essence, the presentation was a bid for the return of another Labor government to police the intensified corporate refashioning of workplace relations.

Australia: Union escalates sell-out campaign after Coles Smeaton Grange lockout extended

By Oscar Grenfell, 13 February 2021

The UWU is using a playbook employed by the unions to shut down workers’ opposition and enforce a defeat in one dispute after another over decades.

Australian pseudo-left group Solidarity running cover for union sell-out at Coles Smeaton Grange

By Oscar Grenfell, 12 February 2021

Solidarity bemoans the union’s attacks on workers as a “tragedy,” as though a misunderstanding is involved, but insists that they remain trapped within the framework of the UWU as it seeks to enforce a sell-out.

Germany: Commerzbank employees confront phalanx of government, company and unions

By Gustav Kemper, 11 February 2021

Commerzbank’s “Strategy 2024,” which will sacrifice 10,000 jobs, is supported by the Verdi trade union and the works council.

999 CTU rams through school reopening

11 February 2021

999 Unions' role in deadly reopening plans

10 February 2021

Defying riot police, Moroccan autoworkers at Kénitra launch wildcat strike

By Alex Lantier, 9 February 2021

Strikers want to resolve their very low salary, poor sanitary conditions, non-payment of bonuses and overtime, including a performance bonus that has not been paid for six months, and equipment failures.

Why has Australia’s United Workers Union refused strike pay to locked-out Coles workers?

By Mike Head, 8 February 2021

Falsely touted as a radical new “super” union, the UWU is another wealthy and ruthless apparatus for suppressing mounting workers’ struggles.

Ford Louisville Assembly Plant UAW building chairman lashes out at workers for being “ungrateful”

By Jessica Goldstein, 7 February 2021

The UAW Local 862 building chairman’s letter spells out in plain English the UAW’s own class hatred of workers at the Louisville Assembly Plant and the entire working class worldwide.

Union election in Alabama: Which way forward for Amazon workers?

By International Amazon Workers Voice, 6 February 2021

Workers can best conduct their struggle through a rank-and-file committee, not through a union that will enforce the company’s directives.

UK National Education Union bolsters homicidal plans to reopen schools and the economy

By Margot Miller, 5 February 2021

The National Education Union’s recovery plan is predicated on the dangerous fiction that it is possible to reopen schools safely while the pandemic is raging.

999 Amazon Alabama unionization drive

5 February 2021

UK universities step up jobs cull in collaboration with the trade unions

By Henry Lee, 5 February 2021

The response of the University and College Union to the attack on jobs and the reopening of campuses during the pandemic has been to isolate each dispute and refuse to call unified national strike action.

Australian Labor Party and unions pretend to oppose corporate offensive on workers’ jobs, pay and conditions

By Mike Head, 5 February 2021

After propping up the Morrison government for more than a year, the Labor and union leaders are attempting to distance themselves from it.

Quebec teachers’ union rules “out of order” motion condemning government’s reopening of schools amid pandemic

By Our reporters, 4 February 2021

After refusing to call a single membership meeting on the COVID-19 crisis since schools reopened in August, one of Quebec’s largest local teacher unions ruled “out of order” a motion calling for an emergency meeting to discuss what actions teachers should take to fight the pandemic.

Washington D.C. files restraining order to prevent teachers’ strike and reopen schools

By Harvey Simpkins, 3 February 2021

The legal move to forestall strike action arises in the midst of growing resistance by educators nationwide, most notably in Chicago, involving a direct confrontation with the Democratic Party and the state.

“Independent” union betrays strike in Matamoros, México as it joins ruling party

By Andrea Lobo, 30 January 2021

While it seeks to make an example out of the Matamoros workers through mass firings, the ruling class is promoting the “independent” unions and lawyer Susana Prieto as the public face of the these struggles to channel opposition behind Morena.

Chicago teachers struggle at a crossroads

By Alexander Fangmann, 29 January 2021

The fight by Chicago educators to prevent the reopening of schools has become the focal point of the class struggle in the United States, with every other major district in the country looking to the city to set a precedent.

St. Paul oil refinery workers’ strike enters sixth day

By Anthony Bertolt, 27 January 2021

Workers are vehemently opposed to the company demands for a reduction in full time safety firefighting staff and a push for contract safety worker positions, dramatically raising the danger of fatal accidents and environmental disaster.

Global and domestic tensions fuel moves to oust Australian Labor Party leader

By Mike Head, 27 January 2021

Plans to dump Albanese are intensifying as the worldwide COVID-19 catastrophe worsens, fuelling working class unrest internationally, and the incoming Biden administration steps up the US confrontation with China.

Biden administration enlists unions in anti-China drive, reopening policy

By Shannon Jones, 26 January 2021

The Biden administration has made it clear the unions will play a key role in promoting the anti-China drive and enforcing the deadly reopening of schools and workplaces.

The political and social lessons of the Hunts Point strike in New York City

By Tom Hall, 26 January 2021

The Hunts Point point strike collided against two principal obstacles: the trade unions and the Democratic Party.

999 Comment on end of Hunts Point strike

25 January 2021

Teamsters union shuts down Hunts Point strike in New York City

By Daniel de Vries, 23 January 2021

Fearing the strike was becoming a catalyst for a broader movement of the working class against social inequality and the criminal response to the pandemic, the unions and the Democrats rushed to shut down the struggle.

Australia: Reject union sell-out of Smeaton Grange Coles workers!

By Oscar Grenfell, 23 January 2021

There is substantial opposition to the betrayal, but it can be defeated only through a rebellion against the UWU and the establishment of new organisations of genuine struggle.

Vote “no” on the sellout agreement at Hunts Point! Form rank-and-file committees to expand the strike!

By Statement of the Socialist Equality Party, 23 January 2021

The Socialist Equality Party urges workers at Hunts Point Produce market in the Bronx to reject any deal between the Teamsters and the employers to shut down the strike.

Ford Motors to cut another 800 jobs in Germany

By Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 23 January 2021

IG Metall and its works councils have been implementing cutbacks for years.

Chicago Public Schools brands collective action to stop in-person learning “illegal”

By Michael Walters, 22 January 2021

The district’s top human resources official issued a highly provocative letter threatening Chicago educators that any “collective failure” to return for in-person instruction “constitutes an illegal strike.”

UK strikes challenge company cost-cutting and trade union collusion

By Thomas Scripps, 22 January 2021

A growing number of strikes in Britain point to the growing demands in the working class for living standards and working conditions to be defended.

Canadian autoworkers’ union rams through concessions-laden deal at CAMI plant after secret talks with GM

By Carl Bronski, 21 January 2021

In what can only be described as an ambush, Unifor reopened the CAMI contract behind the backs of the workers, then rammed through a rotten deal, many of whose basic details are either being concealed or are yet to be determined.

999 Boston schools reopening facilitated by union

20 January 2021

999 Tennessee Educators R&F statement

19 January 2021

What workers need to know about the Fiat Chrysler-PSA merger

By Marcus Day, 19 January 2021

The formation of the new transnational giant marks new milestones in both the global integration of production and the protracted decline of America’s industrial dominance, while heralding intensified attacks on workers’ jobs internationally.

CAMI autoworkers should reject Unifor’s attempt to reopen contract with GM Canada!

By Carl Bronski, 16 January 2021

Unifor may try as early as this Sunday to force through a new contract, replacing that scheduled to expire this fall.

The unionization vote at Alabama Amazon facility

Build rank-and-file committees to defend worker rights

By International Amazon Workers Voice, 16 January 2021

Workers need organization and a leadership to fight, but bitter experience has shown that the unions do not represent workers.

999 Amazon unionization drive in Alabama

15 January 2021

999 Exposure of NEU, teachers unions' "Day of Resistance"

14 January 2021

999 Amazon unionization drive in Alabama

14 January 2021

999 Exposure of NEU, teachers unions' "Day of Resistance"

13 January 2021

Google engineers form Communications Workers of America-affiliated union

By Kevin Reed, 11 January 2021

A group of 200 employees have formed a union called the Alphabet Workers Union that is open to all employees and contractors at the parent company of the tech giant Google and is affiliated with the Communications Workers of America of the AFL-CIO.

As UK death toll mounts, Corbyn and teaching unions suppress opposition to Johnson government’s murderous policies

By Julie Hyland, 9 January 2021

National Education Union joint leader Courtney pleaded that his union had done everything to keep schools open. “My union supported the opening of schools in September”, he said.

999 Google workers announce unionization effort

9 January 2021

German teachers’ union backs in-person learning as COVID-19 deaths soar

By Martin Nowak and Christoph Vandreier, 7 January 2021

In enforcing their inhumane pandemic policies, the federal and state governments, consisting of a broad range of political coalitions, can rely on the close cooperation of Germany’s trade unions.

999 Ford ad

7 January 2021

999 CTU official travels to Puerto Rico as schools open

6 January 2021

Chicago Teachers Union leader partied in Puerto Rico as teachers were herded back into schools

By Kristina Betinis and Jerry White, 6 January 2021

The incident exposed the class gulf between the union and rank-and-file educators, who are fighting to protect their lives as the Democratic Lightfoot administration forces a return to dangerous schools.

Quebec nurses need independent organizations of rank-and-file workers’ power, not another pro-capitalist trade union

By Laurent Lafrance and Richard Dufour, 6 January 2021

Outraged by their union’s latest sellout agreement, some nurses have voiced support for building a new, more “militant” union.

Chicago schools press ahead with reopening despite wide opposition among teachers and parents

By Alexander Fangmann, 5 January 2021

Even though only 23 percent of families opted to return their students to in-person schooling, the district has maintained its aggressive push to bring educators and children back into classrooms.

Australia: Hundreds of train drivers in Melbourne quit union to protest sell out

By Steve Streitberg, 29 December 2020

Drivers should form rank-and-file committees on every line and in every depot, with trusted workers elected to lead the fight against the new industrial agreement.

Jacobin publishes whitewash of union sell-out bid at Australian warehouse

By Jack Turner and Peter Symonds, 24 December 2020

Kelly’s article makes no mention of the role of the UWU, or indeed of any trade union, let alone their decades of betrayals.

At Daimler, German trade union leader calls for job cuts and increased profits

By Ludwig Weller, 23 December 2020

The big corporations and unions in the auto, supply, steel, engineering, chemical and other industries are using the Corona crisis to shed workers, intensify exploitation and prepare for trade war and all-out war.

Unions try to cover up their role at Australia Post

By Jim Franklin, 23 December 2020

No less than four union officials fronted about 40 workers at Sydney’s Alexandria delivery facility to attempt to stifle their anger over the Alternative Delivery Model, which has created intolerable working conditions.

As support grows among London bus drivers: Unite sabotages fight for Judith Katera’s reinstatement

By Laura Tiernan, 23 December 2020

The groundswell of support for Judith Katera across the garages must now be organised in direct opposition to Unite and the transport companies. She must not be left to fight alone!

UK: Poole Hospital and Royal Bournemouth Hospital staff respond to frontline nurse’s exposure of dangerous working conditions

By Ben Trent and Rory Woods, 23 December 2020

Posted on the NHS FightBack Facebook group page, the letter was read by hundreds of people and widely shared. It was also shared to various NHS based campaign groups across Facebook.

Chilean health unions conclude sellout deal with right-wing government

By Mauricio Saavedra, 23 December 2020

The unions’ grip is increasingly tenuous after a long list of betrayals.

Top union bureaucrat in Australia lashes out at WSWS article

By Max Boddy, 22 December 2020

When challenged over her claims that the article was full of untruths, ACTU secretary Sally McManus provided no evidence and told the WSWS to “Google” it.

Trade union, works council and CEO impose cost-cutting programme on Volkswagen workforce in Germany

By Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 21 December 2020

Representatives of the owners and trade unions at Volkswagen unanimously agreed last week to launch an initiative to take on US manufacturer Tesla. The burden of this is to be borne by the workforce—at VW itself and in the parts supplier chain.

Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Teachers Union advance deadly school reopening plans

By Kristina Betinis and Michael Walters, 21 December 2020

Amid record COVID-19 deaths, the Chicago Teachers Union is working with city leaders to begin bringing teachers back to school buildings January 4.

As it keeps them in unsafe plants

UAW lectures workers on “practicing gratitude” and keeping up “healthy habits” this Christmas

By Kathleen Martin and Tom Hall, 19 December 2020

The UAW at FCA had the audacity to post advice for its members on coping with stress during the pandemic.

Quebec unions plotting with government to impose concessions on health care workers

By Richard Dufour and Laurent Lafrance, 18 December 2020

The union that represents most Quebec nurses recently signed an agreement with the government little different from one that union delegates rejected two weeks earlier out of fear of a rank-and-file rebellion.

999 (12/17) Response to UAW holiday statement

18 December 2020

Attacks on Australian university jobs deepen but union boasts it is “stronger”

By Mike Head, 18 December 2020

Judging by the NTEU’s annual report, the union leadership is proud of its achievement in presiding over unprecedented job losses.

Unions voice hypocritical alarm over Australian industrial relations bill

By Max Boddy, 17 December 2020

The bill is the product of months of secretive talks between employers, the government and the unions.

IG Metall responds to planned closure of Daimler plant in Berlin: “The main thing is that we’re sitting at the table”

By Peter Schwarz, 15 December 2020

Production came to a standstill last week when several hundred of the 2,500 employees protested against the threatened plant shutdown.

US Justice Department shuts down UAW corruption investigation, praises union “reforms”

By Shannon Jones, 15 December 2020

The US attorney heading the five-year investigation into corruption in the United Auto Workers union joined UAW President Rory Gamble to announce the end of the federal probe while absurdly claiming the union is now free of corruption and suspicion.

Ventra Sandusky: Vote “No” on 2020 contract! Form rank-and-file committees to oppose UAW sellout!

By The World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter, 11 December 2020

To prevent a strike and maintain the flow of profits, the United Auto Workers is attempting to impose a sellout agreement on 2,200 Ohio parts workers.

999 Pseudo-left teachers unions letter to Biden

11 December 2020

UK National Education Union calls off strike over Covid safety at primary school in Merseyside

By Margot Miller, 10 December 2020

The strike called off by the NEU would have been the first official Covid-related strike in the UK since the spring, as pressure from educators and parents mounts to close unsafe schools.

Contract pushed through after GE Appliance workers in Kentucky reject union-backed proposals

By Steve Filips, 10 December 2020

After workers twice rejected the sellout agreement, officials from the International Union of Electrical Local 83761 (IUE-CWA) pushed through a four-year deal that includes paltry raises and increased health care costs.

Airline unions try to impose wage freeze deal with Virgin Australia

By Terry Cook, 9 December 2020

The unions are trying to ram through their agreements via online ballots, while providing their members with scant and misleading outlines of their contents.

Sellout union deal in New York City creates only 4 positions to accommodate pregnant transit workers

By Daniel de Vries, 8 December 2020

The deal comes in response to mass outrage after a train conductor lost her newborn daughter after going into labor at an East New York rail yard over the summer.

What UAW President Rory Gamble is really thankful for this Thanksgiving

By Jerry White and Tom Hall, 26 November 2020

Few, if any, workers will read the trite and clichéd Thanksgiving message from United Auto Workers President Rory Gamble, published Wednesday on the UAW's web site. But it is worth mentioning for its sheer hypocrisy.

999 SHAP statement on UAW and WSWS

24 November 2020

Australian university union blocks opposition as cuts to jobs and conditions intensify

By Mike Head, 24 November 2020

Every week brings new announcements of retrenchments as the managements exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate pro-business restructuring.

Backed by the union, Mercedes plans to close its oldest factory in Berlin

By Ludwig Weller, 23 November 2020

For many decades, every corporate decision affecting the workforce made at Marienfelde and all other Mercedes factories has been discussed beforehand with the works councils, which then develop strategies for their implementation.

Former UAW VP Joe Ashton gets wrist-slap prison term as workers confront rampant COVID-19 in auto plants

By Shannon Jones, 21 November 2020

Ashton, who pocketed $250,000 in kickbacks, is being sent to a country club prison with a seven-month delay for COVID-19 while workers are forced to confront the exploding pandemic every day in the factories.

German steelmaker Thyssenkrupp destroys another 5,000 jobs

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 20 November 2020

The IG Metall union has already agreed to a cut of 6,000 jobs, meaning that some 11,000 workers now face the scrap heap.

Swallowing camels and straining on gnats—Canada’s pseudo-left Fightback group “discovers” top union leader practices “class collaboration”

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 20 November 2020

Echoing the complaints of a section of the trade union bureaucracy, Fightback has denounced Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff for nominating former Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to head the OECD.