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999 France mass strike video

17 December 2019

053 St. Louis protests video

28 September 2017

205 Grenfell Tower Video

1 July 2017

220 Flint video

25 May 2017

”We have people in office that support war. We no longer need them”

Detroit high school students speak on Trump and the danger of war

By Zac Corrigan, 18 November 2016

As youth-led protests sweep the nation, students at Cass Technical High School in downtown Detroit spoke out against the election of Trump and the escalating wars.

Video: Protesters speak at anti-Trump march in San Diego, California

By Toby Reese, 15 November 2016

This past Saturday, thousands of protesters took to the streets in California cities and throughout the United States.

210 Immigrant worker video

14 September 2016

“I don’t expect the government to do a damn thing”

Louisiana flood victims speak out

By Aaron Asa and Tom Hall, 24 August 2016

WSWS reporters traveled to Livingston Parish, Louisiana and spoke to flood victims who are stranded at an emergency shelter after historic floods destroyed more than 40,000 homes.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White on impact of “Welfare Reform”

24 August 2016

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White issued this statement on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of "Welfare Reform," signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

Facebook livestream

SEP US vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth discusses the police killing in Milwaukee

17 August 2016

SEP US vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth spoke in a live interview with WSWS reporter Andre Damon about the class issues behind police violence.

Video: SEP Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth campaigns in Pittsburgh

By Niles Niemuth, 18 July 2016

Niemuth spoke to workers and youth in Pittsburgh, a historic center of steel production that has been hard-hit by the economic crisis.

Video discussion from West Virginia: SEP candidates Jerry White and Naomi Spencer

5 July 2016

On July 4, SEP US presidential candidate Jerry White and West Virginia House of Delegates candidate Naomi Spencer broadcast a discussion live on Facebook.

Video: Flint, Michigan resident speaks on lack of services for poisoned residents

By Tim Rivers, 17 May 2016

Keri Webber, whose family still suffers serious health issues as a result of the lead contamination of Flint’s water, says those affected by the disaster have been left to fend for themselves.

Video: Workers speak about families divided by borders

By our reporters, 14 May 2016

The Obama administration has deported over two million people, more than any other in US history.

Video: Detroit teachers speak on the struggle to defend education

By our reporters, 4 May 2016

Detroit public school teachers spoke to the WSWS at a demonstration on Tuesday, the second day of their walkout.

Video: Detroit teachers denounce attacks on public education

By our reporters, 3 May 2016

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White spoke to Detroit teachers participating in a rally of Detroit teachers engaged in a sickout on Monday.

Video: Jerry White meets striking Verizon workers on the picket line in New York City

By our reporters, 26 April 2016

Nearly 40,000 workers throughout the United States are on strike against the telecommunications giant to defend their jobs, health care and pension benefits.

Video: Flint residents speak out on ongoing water crisis

By Buster Haycook, 20 April 2016

Tens of thousands of people in Flint, Michigan have been exposed to lead as a result of the city’s 2014 decision to switch its water source to the contaminated Flint River.

Video: Striking Verizon workers speak out

By Samuel Davidson and Zac Corrigan, 15 April 2016

On the picket line in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, striking Verizon workers speak out against intolerable working conditions and cuts to health care and pensions.

Video: Detroit autoworkers speak on Fiat Chrysler layoffs

By Zac Corrigan and Shannon Jones, 9 April 2016

In this video, autoworkers react to the recent layoff of over 1,400 Fiat Chrysler workers in suburban Detroit.

Video: Lead poisoning discussed at Flint water event

By James Brewer, 18 March 2016

As home water samples were being collected in Flint, city residents told the World Socialist Web Site how the lead poisoning crisis has affected them.

Second test of Flint water being performed by Virginia Tech

By James Brewer, 17 March 2016

An event was held in Flint last Saturday, billed as an “EPA Open House,” to collect water samples from Flint homes.

Photo essay: Volunteer at French refugee camp speaks to the WSWS

By Jill Lux and Toby Reese, 10 March 2016

The camp at Grand-Synthe epitomizes the squalid conditions facing people who have fled their homes amid the greatest refugee crisis since World War II.

Flint residents call out government’s failure to act on water poisoning

By Buster Haycook, 10 March 2016

Despite pledges to act by politicians at the federal, state and local levels, no serious action is being taken to address the poisoning of city residents.

Flint residents protest lead poisoning and political cover-up

By Buster Haycook and Zac Corrigan, 23 February 2016

The WSWS spoke to residents about the ongoing water crisis which has revealed fundamental problems of American society, including unprecedented levels of social inequality.

Chicago teachers march to oppose budget and job cuts

By Jerry White, 5 February 2016

Thousands of teachers marched in downtown Chicago Thursday to oppose threats by school authorities to cut 1,000 jobs and slash $100 million from the school budget.

“We are all in this together. This is class warfare”

Video: Detroit teachers speak out in protests during Obama visit

By Jerry White and Buster Haycook, 21 January 2016

Hundreds of teachers shut down the school system in a “sick out” protest Wednesday against decaying buildings, overcrowded classrooms and years of pay and benefit cuts.

Video: Nexteer workers speak on the picket line

By our reporters, 10 December 2015

The WSWS spoke to strikers in Saginaw before the UAW called off the 20-hour strike, ordering them back to work without a chance to vote on a new deal.

“You have the support of a lot of other people”

Video: Ferguson, Missouri residents speak on social conditions, autoworkers struggle

By Zac Corrigan and Eric London, 7 October 2015

The WSWS spoke to residents of Ferguson, Missouri about the struggle of auto workers and life in the city more than one year after the killing of Michael Brown.

Video: Fiat Chrysler workers speak out against UAW sellout contract

By James Brewer and Jerry White, 23 September 2015

Fiat Chrysler Warren Truck workers explained why they rejected the proposed contract that the UAW is seeking to push through.

On eve of Big Three contract expiration

Louisville workers and youth support the fight of autoworkers

By Zac Corrigan, 12 September 2015

In this video, workers and youth from Louisville, Kentucky send messages of support to autoworkers as they struggle to defend their wages and benefits against the auto giants.

Eighty years after founding of UAW

Homeless American autoworker speaks out

By Zac Corrigan, 31 August 2015

Chris, a tier-two Fiat Chrysler worker, supports a family and lives in a motel across the street from his factory in Kokomo, Indiana.

Video: The battle facing US autoworkers

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan, 10 August 2015

Auto workers face a gang-up of the bosses, the government and the unions, which are determined to make further cuts in the pursuit of ever higher profits for wealthy shareholders.

Detroit residents speak on the resumption of water shutoffs

By Seraphine Collins and Zac Corrigan, 16 May 2015

WSWS reporters spoke to Detroit residents about the drive by the city to shut off water service to as many as 25,000 households.

Striking US oil workers explain issues at stake in their struggle

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan, 20 March 2015

Oil workers who remain on strike at the Tesoro Carson refinery near Los Angeles, California and the BP Husky refinery near Toledo, Ohio spoke to the World Socialist Web Site.

Video: Contract worker speaks on safety issues in US oil strike

By Jerry White and Seraphine Collins, 5 March 2015

A contractor with extensive experience in oil refineries speaks on the long hours, dangerous conditions and other issues that have led to the largest strike in the oil industry since 1980.

Video: Defend the social rights of Detroit workers!

By Lawrence Porter, 13 November 2014

In this video, SEP Assistant National Secretary Lawrence Porter explains the significance of the Detroit bankruptcy ruling and calls on workers to take up the fight in defense of their social rights.

The best of all possible worlds?

Students respond to Obama’s claim that this is the “best time in human history”

By Seraphine Collins and Jeff Lusanne, 7 November 2014

The WSWS asked Michigan college students to respond to President Barack Obama’s claim that this is the best time in human history for young people.

Video: Detroit resumes water shutoffs

By Tim Rivers, 13 September 2014

In this video, Detroit residents speak on the resumption of the city’s drive to shut off water service to its most vulnerable people.

Video: Interviews with workers at the funeral of Michael Brown in St. Louis

27 August 2014

In this on-the-spot report, the WSWS interviews some of those attending Brown’s funeral on Monday.

“Folks just can’t afford water, rent, lights, gas and food”

Detroit “water affordability fair” attendees denounce shutoffs

By Zac Corrigan and Tim Rivers, 26 August 2014

In this video, Detroit residents attending a sham “water affordability fair” denounce the city’s policy of cutting off water to those who are too poor to pay for it.

“We have the right to protest. We have the right to assemble”

Anger mounts in Ferguson, Missouri over police repression

By Andre Damon and Eric London, 20 August 2014

As the National Guard expanded its presence in Ferguson, Missouri, residents voiced outrage over another police killing in St. Louis on Wednesday.

“They invaded Ferguson like they invaded Iraq”

Video: Ferguson residents say police crackdown turns city into war zone

By Andre Damon and Eric London, 19 August 2014

As the Missouri governor deployed National Guard forces to Ferguson, residents denounced the military-police crackdown and attacks on their right to assemble peacefully.

Video: Ferguson, Missouri residents determined to fight police violence

By Andre Damon and Zac Corrigan, 18 August 2014

In this video, Ferguson residents speak to the WSWS about the implications of police violence amid the ongoing protests against the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

SEP and IYSSE speak-outs at Australian universities on danger of new world war

By our reporters, 11 August 2014

Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality members spoke at campuses in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

Video report: PSG holds antiwar rally in Berlin

By our correspondents, 16 May 2014

The Socialist Equality Party has organized rallies across Berlin under the slogan: “Vote against war—vote PSG!”

Video: Detroit tenants determined to fight eviction

3 February 2014

Low-income seniors facing eviction from the Griswold Building in downtown Detroit appeal for support.

Video: David Walsh discusses Sky Between the Leaves

23 January 2014

In this video, Andre Damon interviews World Socialist Web Site Arts Editor David Walsh about the themes, content and political background of Walsh’s new book, Sky Between the Leaves.

Video: Rally participants speak on the demonstration in defense of the DIA

10 October 2013

Workers and students spoke on their reasons for attending the “Defend the DIA” demonstration on October 4.

Video: Hundreds rally to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Andre Damon, 7 October 2013

The demonstration, called by the Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality, gave expression to popular opposition to the dictates of Detroit’s emergency manager.

Video: Press conference held for “Defend the DIA” demonstration

By James Brewer, 3 October 2013

The Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality held a press conference Tuesday to prepare for Friday’s rally to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Video: Detroit creative art students denounce DIA selloff plans

27 September 2013

Students and visitors at the College for Creative Studies, across the street from the Detroit Institute of Arts, spoke to the WSWS.

Video: The fight to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Andre Damon, 23 September 2013

In this video, members of the SEP speak about the historical significance of the museum, the political implications of the drive to sell its art, and the fight to organize workers in its defense.

Video: Wayne State University students and staff oppose selloff of DIA art

By James Brewer and Lawrence Porter, 20 September 2013

A WSWS team visited Detroit’s Wayne State University campus to campaign against the selloff of art and document the feelings of students and staff.

SEP campaign video: Voices against war with Syria

19 September 2013

The Socialist Equality Party in Germany (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, PSG) produced the following video containing interviews with Berlin residents opposing military aggression against Syria.

SEP in Germany produces TV election spot

10 September 2013

The Socialist Equality Party in Germany (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, PSG) has produced a spot for the September 22 federal election to be shown on a number of leading German television stations throughout the month of September.

Video: Detroit students speak against Syria war

By Andre Damon, 7 September 2013

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality interviewed students at Wayne State University Friday while building for a demonstration next week against the war in Syria.

Video: Gettysburg park workers, guests speak on the Civil War and the state of American democracy

By Andre Damon, 6 July 2013

In this video, workers, guests and volunteers at the Gettysburg National Military Park speak about the lasting significance of the Civil War and the ongoing attacks on American democracy.

Throw out the emergency manager!

Video: D’Artagnan Collier responds to Kevyn Orr’s plan to slash workers’ retirement benefits

19 June 2013

In this video, D’Artagnan Collier, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for Detroit mayor, replies to the proposal by Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to slash the pensions and health care benefits of city workers.

Socialist Equality Party candidate campaigns against Detroit Institute of Arts selloff

By Andre Damon, 10 June 2013

D’Artagnan Collier spoke to workers and youth about threats to sell off the DIA’s art to pay off Detroit’s bondholders.

Video: Detroit tenants denounce mass evictions

By Jerome White and James Brewer, 11 May 2013

Hundreds of low-income Detroit residents are being forced from their homes as part of a plan by Detroit officials to gentrify the downtown area.

Video: Parents and students speak out against school closures in Chicago

16 March 2013

Chicago parents and students speak on the need for a struggle to defend public education.

Video: Striking New York City bus workers speak on their struggle

6 February 2013

In this video, New York City bus workers speak about their fight against billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg and make an appeal for support from the working class as a whole.

A special message from SEP presidential candidate Jerry White

3 October 2012

In this video, Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party's candidate for president in the 2012 election, reviews the campaign so far and asks for your support.

Video: Chicago teachers speak on their strike and the defense of public education

26 September 2012

On September 10, Chicago teachers struck against changes to public education demanded by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and backed by the Obama administration. In these interview, Chicago teachers discuss their strike and the broader issues at stake.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White reports on visit to Sri Lanka

By Jerry White, 8 September 2012

Jerry White reviews his discussions with workers in Kegalle during his recent trip to Sri Lanka.

London Olympics 2012: A city under lockdown

By A photo essay by Paul Stuart, 11 August 2012

This photo essay on the London Olympic Games includes a number of images showing the unprecedented security clampdown in the capital during the Games, their rampant commercialism and the hosting, in London’s financial district, of many super yachts owned by the global elite.

Video: Which way forward for the Quebec student strike?

By Andre Damon, 28 July 2012

Five months after students in Montreal, Quebec launched a strike against tuition increases, the movement stands at a political crossroads.

Pontiac, Michigan: The destruction of an American city

By Andre Damon, 6 July 2012

In this video, residents of Pontiac, Michigan speak about the economic devastation left in the wake of the auto restructuring of 2009.

Video: SEP candidate defends WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange at Melbourne rally

By our reporters, 4 July 2012

Patrick O’Connor outlined the policies required to defend Assange and defeat the broader attacks on democratic rights.

Video: SEP candidate discusses experiences of election campaign

6 June 2012

In this interview with the World Socialist Web Site, Jerry White reviews some of the experiences of his presidential election campaign.

Video: SEP candidate speaks to striking Caterpillar workers in Joliet, Illinois

2 June 2012

On Wednesday, 800 striking machinists in Joliet, Illinois overwhelmingly rejected a new contract offer by Caterpillar. Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White traveled to Joliet to speak to workers.

Video: SEP candidate Jerry White speaks at site of Memorial Day massacre

1 June 2012

On May 30, 1937, 10 striking steal workers were gunned down by police in what became know as the Memorial Day massacre.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White demands release of jailed Quebec students

25 May 2012

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White denounces Wednesday's mass arrests of students in Quebec and calls for the building of a socialist movement to defend the social and democratic rights of all working people.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White speaks on Obama’s attack on auto workers

19 May 2012

In this video, Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White visits the site of the General Motors Pontiac East Assembly Plant, which was closed in September 2009.

Video: Florida workers and students speak on killing of Trayvon Martin

By Andre Damon and C. W. Rogers, 31 March 2012

In this video, the WSWS speaks to workers and young people at the March 26 rally in Sanford, Florida, against the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Parents of Trayvon Martin speak to the WSWS

By Andre Damon and C.W. Rogers, 29 March 2012

In this video, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin, speak about their son's death and legacy.

Video: SEP candidate Jerry White visits Chrysler plant in Warren, Michigan

24 February 2012

Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president, visited the Chrysler Warren Truck assembly plant Wednesday, urging workers to support his campaign

Video: ‪Cooper Tire workers speak with SEP candidate‬

17 February 2012

Jerry White spoke with locked-out Cooper Tire workers in Findlay, Ohio February 15 about class, internationalism, and the growth of social conflict in the United States.

Video: Jerry White visits Cooper Tire picket line

16 February 2012

Jerry White delivered a statement on February 15 in Findlay, Ohio. More than 1,000 workers at Cooper Tire have been locked out since November for opposing a concessions contract.

On the picket lines at Cooper Tire

By Andre Damon, 20 December 2011

As the lockout of 1,050 workers at Cooper Tire in Findlay, Ohio ended its third week, the World Socialist Web Site spoke to workers on the picket lines and at a support rally Saturday.

Video: Australian steel and maritime workers denounce BlueScope job cuts

By our reporters, 10 September 2011

Workers in Port Kembla on the New South Wales south coast spoke with World Socialist Web Site reporters about the planned BlueScope retrenchments.

Video: Hastings residents condemn Australian steel job cuts

By our reporters, 5 September 2011

Workers in Hastings spoke with World Socialist Web Site reporters about the planned destruction of BlueScope jobs.

Video: On the Verizon picket lines in Pittsburgh

By Andre Damon, 18 August 2011

On August 7, 45,000 Verizon workers went on strike against $1 billion a year in wage and benefit concessions demanded by the company.

Video: Detroit area workers, retired people speak out on social spending cuts

By Andre Damon, 10 August 2011

In this video, workers and retired people respond to the $2.4 trillion in spending cuts passed by Congress and the Obama administration earlier this month, in context of rising social inequality and widespread unemployment.

Young and Jobless in Chicago

Part 3: Budget cuts

By Andre Damon, 6 July 2011

In this video, the third in a series on youth unemployment in Chicago, youth services workers speak about the disastrous effects of budget cuts on summer employment programs and activities.

Young and jobless in Chicago

By Andre Damon, 4 July 2011

In this video, the second in a series on youth unemployment in Chicago, young people in the city speak about the lack of jobs, even for those with college degrees, and the effect of long-term unemployment on their lives.

Video: Canada Post strikers in Windsor speak on their struggle

15 June 2011

After seven months of negotiations ended on June 3rd, Canadian postal workers have been engaging in selected one-day walkouts, as directed by the CUPW leadership. This Monday was Windsor workers turn. WSWS reporters visited picket lines in that city.

Video: No recovery for Toledo workers

By Andre Damon and Jerome White, 11 June 2011

Last week, Barack Obama came to Toledo, Ohio to proclaim the recovery of US auto industry. But more than two years since the wall street crash, living conditions for the working people of this city are getting worse every day.

Video: Dearborn, Michigan residents protest pool closings

3 June 2011

Residents assembled at Ten Eyck pool to protest the closure of six community pools in the city of Dearborn.

Video: Hundreds of Michigan families seek assistance in Southfield

27 May 2011

DTE Energy held a customer assistance event this week. Thousands of Detroit-area families face utility shutoffs every year after falling behind on bills.

Video: Catherine Ferguson Academy students and teachers speak on school closures and social inequality

By Andre Damon and Jerry White, 14 May 2011

In this video, the second part of a series, Detroit students and teachers speak about the attack on public education and the impact of the closure of their school on the community.

Video: Students and staff denounce the threat to close Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy

By Andre Damon and Jerry White, 13 May 2011

Catherine Ferguson Academy, located on the near westside of Detroit, is one of over 50 schools slated to be closed or sold off to charter school operators within the next month by Robert Bobb, the school district’s emergency financial manager.

Video: Protesters denounce Cuomo’s attack on seniors

17 March 2011

Hundreds demonstrated March 11 against the planned shutdown of more than 100 New York City senior centers.

Video: The Committee Against Utility Shutoffs holds demonstration in Detroit

17 March 2011

The CAUS held a demonstration on March 12 to demand an end to utility shutoffs and insist that heat and lights are social rights.

Teachers and students speak on Wisconsin education cuts

By Andre Damon, 15 March 2011

In this video, Wisconsin teachers and students speak on Governor Scott Walker’s cuts to public schools, the effect of social inequality on education, and the role of education in a democracy.

Video: Wisconsin workers speak on the general strike and social inequality

14 March 2011

The WSWS interviewed several of the protesters who converged on the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday.

Video: CAUS holds press conference to announce March 12 demonstration

10 March 2011

On March 4, the Committee Against Utility Shutoffs held a press conference to announce its upcoming demonstration against utility shutoffs in Detroit. The march will be held on Saturday March 12 at 2 PM, assembling at the house where three people were killed in a house fire last year.

Video: Wisconsin demonstrations continue

By Andre Damon, 7 March 2011

Up to 50,000 people participated in a demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin, Saturday, as protests against Governor Scott Walker’s budget cuts entered their third week.

Sri Lanka: Alongside the A9 highway to war-torn Jaffna

22 February 2011

This photo essay records the devastation caused by a quarter century of civil war in Sri Lanka and the plight facing hundreds of thousands of refugees.