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999 (2/22) Educators oppose drive to reopen schools

23 February 2021

NATO summit stresses anti-China strategy as wars in Middle East, Afghanistan continue

By Bill Van Auken, 19 February 2021

The most urgent issue confronting NATO, a May 1 deadline for withdrawing 10,000 troops from the two-decades-old war in Afghanistan, was left undecided.

Iran, Russia and China launch joint naval exercises in Indian Ocean

By Alex Lantier, 18 February 2021

Coming shortly after the massive US-led Malabar 2020 naval exercise, these drills point to war tensions at explosive levels across the region.

Third data release from Gaia spacecraft maps 1.8 billion stars in the Milky Way

By Bryan Dyne, 17 February 2021

The spacecraft has provided a trove of data that will be studied for years as well numerous jumping off points for further research.

CDC school opening guidelines ignore the critical role of ventilation and infection control in classrooms

By Benjamin Mateus, 17 February 2021

The CDC has downplayed the role of ventilation in making schools safe for reopening. Efficiently operating HVAC systems are an important part of infection control for airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

World Health Organization confirms natural origins of coronavirus

By Bryan Dyne, 10 February 2021

There is no evidence of to back up the lie peddled by ruling circles in the US and Europe, and reported largely uncritically in the media, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was made and released by Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Facebook’s “depoliticization” aimed at censorship of left-wing and socialist organizations

By Kevin Reed, 10 February 2021

The recent announcement by Facebook that it would “reduce the amount of political content” on its platform is part of the drive by the US ruling establishment to block the spread of progressive, left-wing and socialist ideas on social media.

999 Danger of new covid-19 variants

10 February 2021

“In the eye of the hurricane”: The COVID-19 pandemic and the new variants

By Benjamin Mateus, 9 February 2021

The race to vaccinate the population against COVID-19, while variants of the virus are allowed to continue to spread, does not take into account the danger posed by these mutations and is a potential recipe for disaster.

Texas schoolgirl with “mild” COVID-19 dies

Reopening schools: A medical experiment on children

By Andrea Peters, 9 February 2021

The claim that reopening schools is safe for children because they generally do not suffer from severe cases of COVID-19 ignores the growing evidence of long-term damage to the body even in those with mild or asymptomatic cases.

British Medical Journal calls pandemic response “social murder”

By Andre Damon, 7 February 2021

The editorial published in one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical periodicals is a devastating indictment of the policies of governments around the world in response to the pandemic.

999 Biden foreign policy speech

5 February 2021

999 Manaus and the danger of covid variants

5 February 2021

999 Manaus and the danger of covid variants

4 February 2021

Capitalism vs. socialism: The pandemic and the global class struggle

By David North, 31 January 2021

One year since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” the response of the ruling class to the pandemic has led to the deaths of more than 2.2 million people.

Shut down schools and businesses to stop the spread of new COVID-19 strains!

By Bryan Dyne, 30 January 2021

The more than 102 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide have provided ample opportunity for the virus to mutate and become even more dangerous.

Trade war erupts over vaccine supplies between Europe and UK

By Samuel Tissot and Will Morrow, 30 January 2021

As 100,000 die every three weeks across the continent, the EU and UK are escalating conflict over supply of the life-saving AstraZeneca vaccine.

Fiji wins presidency of UN Human Rights Council

By John Braddock, 29 January 2021

The diplomatic maneuvering around Fiji’s appointment underscores the tensions produced by the escalating US-led offensive against China, which is set to deepen under the Biden administration.

Wall Street falls amid GameStop frenzy

By Nick Beams, 28 January 2021

The GameStop phenomenon is only the most egregious expression of the speculative bubble which has been fuelled by the US government and, above all, the Fed.

999 Oxygen shortage in poor countries and Covid-19

27 January 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits to mass murder as UK official COVID-19 death toll passes 100,000

By Robert Stevens, 27 January 2021

More people have now died in the UK from COVID-19 than its civilian death toll in World War II.

Report whitewashes Ireland’s unmarried mother and baby homes scandal: 9,000 dead babies, mass graves, illegal medical experiments, trafficking

By Margot Miller and Steve James, 27 January 2021

Of the 57,000 babies born in the homes investigated, a shocking 15 percent died before their lives had hardly begun.

999 Fiji wins presidency of UN Human Rights Council

27 January 2021

Forty-three refugees drown off Libya’s coast: victims of the European Union’s refugee policy

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 27 January 2021

Chief responsibility lies with the governments in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Vienna and The Hague, which have blocked all legal avenues to Europe.

Cold War Exiles and the CIA: Plotting to Free Russia

The American state, the fascists and the Soviet Union’s ex-revolutionaries

By Andrea Peters, 27 January 2021

Author Benjamin Tromly explores the relationship between America’s post-war spy agencies and anti-communist Russian and Soviet émigrés dedicated to regime change in the USSR.

Inequality expected to rise in every country “simultaneously”

Oxfam: Global billionaires' wealth up $3.9 trillion during the pandemic

By Jacob Crosse, 26 January 2021

The annual report on inequality exposes the effect the pandemic and the response of governments around the world has had in exacerbating social inequality.

Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals

By Andre Damon, 23 January 2021

On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive Facebook pages and accounts, including members of the Socialist Equality Party.

Australian Labor leader hails US alliance as Biden is inaugurated

By Oscar Grenfell, 22 January 2021

Albanese’s line was that a Labor government would be best placed to deepen the US-Australia alliance under the new Democratic Party administration, as it prepares for war with China.

Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness exposes stark global inequalities in COVID-19 response

By Benjamin Mateus, 22 January 2021

The second report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response is a thorough indictment of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

999 WHO report on governments' disastrous response to the pandemic

21 January 2021

US State Department designates Cuba state sponsor of terrorism

By Alexander Fangmann, 16 January 2021

The announcement is a continuation of the rollback of Obama’s normalization of relations as the island has been hit hard by COVID-19 and a deepening economic crisis.

The pandemic and Trump’s coup attempt

By Andre Damon, 15 January 2021

To implement its homicidal policy of herd immunity, the ruling class is resorting to ever more violent and dictatorial forms of rule.

Canada’s political leaders nervously downplay Trump’s coup attempt, claim US democracy strong

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 9 January 2021

Canada’s political leaders all blurred over the most salient fact: that the coup attempt was organized by Trump with the complicity of the Republican Party leadership and sections of the security apparatus.

European politicians and media downplay coup in the United States

By Peter Schwarz, 8 January 2021

The central concern within ruling circles is that the advanced decomposition of American democracy could strengthen opposition to similar developments in Europe.

The political lessons of the pandemic and the fight for socialism in 2021

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 4 January 2021

The pandemic is a “trigger event” that manifests in a highly concentrated form the contradictions of the global capitalist system and is unleashing long-suppressed forces of social transformation.

COVID-19: Global vaccination stymied by nationalism and profit gouging

By Jean Shaoul, 4 January 2021

The race to procure vaccines against a fast-spreading virus that travels unimpeded by border controls has set in motion a ferocious national competition that threatens to prolong and intensify the pandemic.

The Bezos Earth Fund and the charity of the oligarchs

By Shuvu Batta and Tom Carter, 30 December 2020

Without extreme levels of social inequality, it would not be necessary to rely on the largesse of the billionaires to “donate” the funds necessary to meet critical social needs.

Australia: Victoria’s “Big Housing Build” a windfall for developers

By Paul Bartizan, 23 December 2020

The project continues the decades-long rundown of public housing and further privatises what is left.

Half a million dead in Europe from COVID-19 pandemic

By Will Morrow, 23 December 2020

No European government is proposing a serious policy to urgently address the growing death toll and advance a scientific response.

Defaults raise concerns on financial markets over Chinese debt

By Nick Beams, 20 December 2020

The economic slowdown due to the coronavirus has intensified the debt problems of major Chinese enterprises, which have been building since the global financial crisis of 2008.

The global surge in COVID cases and deaths requires an immediate international response

By Benjamin Mateus, 19 December 2020

The present surge across the globe is a byproduct of lifting restrictions on commerce by every major nation whose economy faces stagnation. According to the World Bank, “the pandemic and global recession may cause over 1.4 percent of the world’s population to fall into extreme poverty.”

The World Socialist Web Site and the crises of 2020

By David North, 19 December 2020

The Pandemic of 2020 has revealed before the entire world the irreconcilable economic, social and moral chasm that divides the capitalist drive for profit from the most essential needs of the overwhelming majority of mankind.

Fed commitment to financial stimulus measures becomes open-ended

By Nick Beams, 18 December 2020

During his press conference on the decision, Fed chairman Jerome Powell said the new guidance on asset purchases sent a “powerful message” about the central bank’s intentions.

Corporate media, Democrats escalate claims of Russian hacking of US government agencies

By Kevin Reed, 18 December 2020

The CISA issued a warning on Thursday that the hacking of US agencies posed “a grave risk” to the federal government, but no evidence has been presented to support assertions that the breach was the work of Russian intelligence.

For emergency action to save lives! Close schools and shut down nonessential production! Full compensation for workers!

By Statement of the Socialist Equality Party, 16 December 2020

Every day that emergency action is not taken to stop the pandemic means thousands of more deaths.

Baltimore Amazon workers form rank-and-file safety committee to defend workers and save lives

Amazon BWI2 Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 14 December 2020

We, the Amazonians of Baltimore, hereby announce the formation of an independent rank-and-file safety committee at the Amazon BWI2 Fulfillment Center. In launching the committee, our goal is to expose the conditions at our facility and the lies of management meant to cover them up. We are an organization of, for, and led by Amazon workers which will defend the rights and safety of our fellow employees.

999 Google spying on employees

12 December 2020

999 UN reports 80 million refugees in 2020

12 December 2020

US Federal Trade Commission sues Facebook over monopolistic acquisitions and anticompetitive practices

By By Kevin Reed, 11 December 2020

The FTC, along with 48 US attorneys general, filed an antitrust lawsuit against the social media giant Facebook on Wednesday, seeking to split off its popular Instagram and WhatsApp properties and regulate the firm’s business practices.

999 UN reports 80 million refugees in 2020

11 December 2020


11 December 2020

Fraught talks between Britain and European Union agree Sunday deadline for Brexit deal

By Robert Stevens, 11 December 2020

The main areas of disagreement are over trade issues and ensuring a level playing field (LPF).

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global resurgence of class struggle

By Keith Jones, 5 December 2020

Just in the past eleven days, tens of millions have joined strikes or mass protests.

1.5 million dead from the coronavirus pandemic worldwide

By Bryan Dyne, 5 December 2020

More than 10,000 people are killed by this deadly disease every day, 50 percent more than the height of the first wave of the pandemic in April and more than double the daily death rate at the start of October.

Capitalism’s winter of death

Immediate action is necessary to save hundreds of thousands of lives!

By Statement of the Socialist Equality Party, 4 December 2020

Unless urgent measures are taken to shut down nonessential production, a quarter-million lives could be lost to the COVID-19 pandemic within the next three months.

999 1.5 million pandemic deaths globally

4 December 2020

Police department in Mississippi pilots program linked to home security cameras

By Scott Burris, 3 December 2020

Software developed by the security company Fūsus allows police departments to access home security cameras like Amazon Ring and create a real-time cloud network of public and private video streams across entire cities. The implementation of this program is an attack on privacy and other democratic rights.

999 Covid vaccine developments

30 November 2020

28 November 2020

Censored Planet: University of Michigan research finds worldwide increase in internet censorship

By Kevin Reed, 27 November 2020

Data collected by a group of UM researchers has revealed that online interference is growing internationally and that “the world’s freest countries are not safe from internet censorship.”

Solomon Islands government to ban Facebook

By John Braddock, 23 November 2020

The ban follows moves by governments across the Pacific to attack freedom of speech and basic democratic rights amid escalating social crises and political instability.

Tens of thousands made homeless in UK as winter looms and temperatures plummet

By Simon Whelan, 23 November 2020

Research conducted by the Guardian among both UK-born and migrant rough sleepers found that many had been made homeless in recent months after losing their jobs in the service sector—especially restaurants, clubs and event security.

World economy engulfed by “debt tsunami”

By Nick Beams, 21 November 2020

While the pandemic has played a major role, even before it struck the entire financial system and the global economy were becoming increasingly dependent on debt accumulation.

Former UAW VP Joe Ashton gets wrist-slap prison term as workers confront rampant COVID-19 in auto plants

By Shannon Jones, 21 November 2020

Ashton, who pocketed $250,000 in kickbacks, is being sent to a country club prison with a seven-month delay for COVID-19 while workers are forced to confront the exploding pandemic every day in the factories.

Mexican General Cienfuegos walks free after US drops drug charges

By Andrea Lobo and Don Knowland, 21 November 2020

The ex-defense secretary was airlifted to Mexico by the US government and allowed to walk out of the Toluca Airport as a free citizen, under no travel restraints.

999 Covid vaccine developments

20 November 2020

Faurecia auto parts workers join calls for national shutdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives

By Tim Rivers, 18 November 2020

Workers at the Faurecia plant in Saline, Michigan, southwest of Detroit, contacted the World Socialist Web Site over the weekend to expose the way in which their company suppresses information about the spread of disease.

Situation critical as COVID-19 spreads through US auto plants

By Shannon Jones, 18 November 2020

Workers are daily reporting the spread of COVID-19 cases in auto plants, with an apparent major outbreak now reported at the Ford Avon Lake, Ohio facility.

US health care workers demand strike action to address understaffing, low pay as pandemic crisis deepens

By Alex Johnson, 14 November 2020

Mass resistance among nurses and other health care workers against the criminal policies of hospital conglomerates and governments is erupting across the United States.

Record breaking surge of the pandemic pushing US health care workers to the edge

By Benjamin Mateus, 14 November 2020

The mounting surge in new infections is placing immense strain on health care workers and the health systems as they scramble to manage a rapidly growing number of new admissions to hospitals across the nation.

Close all nonessential workplaces! Full compensation for workers and small businesses!

By Andre Damon, 14 November 2020

All sections of the ruling class are opposed to taking measures necessary to contain the pandemic. That is why workers must take emergency action.

Is Trump plotting a war against Iran?

By Bill Van Auken, 14 November 2020

Refusing to accept electoral defeat, and having purged the top ranks of the Pentagon, there is a growing danger that the US president will launch a “December surprise” in the form of a war against Iran.

State attorney general reports:

Michigan conspirators planned to storm capitol, conduct livestream executions, lock legislators inside and burn building down

By Eric London, 13 November 2020

A Michigan attorney general filing states the plotters planned “to take hostages, execute tyrants and have it televised.”

World coronavirus cases to soar past 50 million

By Bryan Dyne, 7 November 2020

Amid such calamitous numbers, President Trump’s fascistic former adviser Steve Bannon called for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s beheading.

Israel demolishes Palestinian village in occupied West Bank

By Bill Van Auken, 6 November 2020

The demolition, the largest in in a decade, was timed to coincide with the US presidential election.

Global coronavirus death toll reaches daily record of over 9,000

By Benjamin Mateus, 6 November 2020

The global death toll is surging as the pandemic has accelerated across Europe and North America, a prelude to grim developments if nations do not take decisive measures to stem the surge of infections.

Trump falsely claims “fraud” as vote counting erases his leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania

By Patrick Martin, 6 November 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to win an Electoral College majority Friday, while Trump is making clear that he will refuse to concede.

Post-election protests in US cities met with mass arrests

By Jacob Crosse, 6 November 2020

The National Guard was deployed in Portland, Oregon, while Trump-aligned “poll watchers” harassed election officials in Phoenix and Detroit

New documents show Mueller investigation unable to concoct charges against Assange and WikiLeaks

By Oscar Grenfell, 6 November 2020

The revelations demonstrate that the US state has been seeking to manufacture a criminal prosecution of Assange for years, in response to his exposure of its war crimes and corruption.

2020 election results explode the identity politics narrative

By Eric London, 6 November 2020

An examination of the voting results does not support the racial narrative that dominates the politics of the Democratic Party and its political appendages.

Jeremy Corbyn suspended by Labour leadership in latest outrage during Blairite anti-Semitism witch-hunt

By Chris Marsden, 30 October 2020

The political pretext on which Corbyn’s suspension was carried out, claiming the existence of widespread “left anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party under his leadership, is a slander not only against Corbyn, but of countless party members.

Trump and Democratic governors, mayors ready National Guard and police for election night protests

By Jacob Crosse, 30 October 2020

Several governors have already called up National Guard troops, while Homeland Security agents are being deployed to Washington DC.

As election approaches, Trump conspires to repudiate popular vote

By Socialist Equality Party Political Committee, 28 October 2020

As Trump conspires to remain in power and overturn the results of an electoral defeat, the Democrats are doing everything they can to disarm and block popular opposition in the working class.

Second worker at Nashville’s AT&T office building dies from COVID-19

By Zac Thorton, 28 October 2020

Workers at the landmark office building, who have been confronted with the inhuman choice between their lives and their livelihoods, speak out following the death of another coworker.

Hunger and social misery soar in Washington D.C. during the pandemic

By Nick Barrickman and Dominic Gustavo, 28 October 2020

Local charities reported a nearly 300 percent increase in demand in the months following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten years since WikiLeaks and Julian Assange published the Iraq War Logs

By Oscar Grenfell, 23 October 2020

The publication was an imperishable contribution to the fight against imperialist militarism, for which the war criminals and their political representatives have never forgiven Assange.

Statements from Canada, India and Sri Lanka in support of Dr. Scalice

By our reporters, 22 October 2020

“Dr. Scalice has thoroughly exposed the politically criminal role played by the Stalinist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in paving the way for the anti-working class dictatorial regimes of Marcos and Duterte.”

Washtenaw County issues stay-at-home order at University of Michigan campus in the wake of campus COVID outbreak

By Jesse Thomas, 21 October 2020

The rise in cases at the University of Michigan follows the shutdown of the graduate student strike last month, which was waged in opposition to the university’s unsafe reopening policy.

Missouri coronavirus infection rates spike, creating havoc in schools, economy

By Cole Michaels, 21 October 2020

As in the Midwest more generally, Missouri hit another record level number of COVID-19 infections over the last week, driven by the White House’s “herd immunity” policy.

Breonna Taylor grand jury was never given option to indict killer cops

By Jacob Crosse, 21 October 2020

Jurors have begun to come forward to dispute Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s characterization of the grand jury deliberations.

Statements from China and Sri Lanka in defence of Dr. Scalice against the attacks by the Stalinist CPP

By our reporters, 21 October 2020

“The working class from all over the world must take seriously the threats and slanders unleashed by Sison against Dr. Scalice and come forward to defend him.”

Australian pseudo-left denies fascist danger in US presidential election crisis

By Oscar Grenfell, 19 October 2020

Socialist Alternative is attempting to chloroform the working class, insisting that the American ruling class would never resort to dictatorial rule.

British Columbia Teachers’ Federation facilitates reckless reopening of schools that puts teachers and students’ lives at risk

By Matthew Richter, 19 October 2020

While the teachers union has connived with the NDP provincial government to reopen schools, popular opposition is mounting. As of tomorrow, more than 800 parents across British Columbia plan to keep their kids at home to protest the unsafe conditions in the classrooms.

Who are the New York Watchmen?

By Alex Findijs, 19 October 2020

The New York Watchmen are a newly formed right-wing militia with close ties to Michael Caputo, the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Trump Administration.

Florida school bus driver dies from COVID-19 weeks before her planned retirement

By Alex Johnson, 19 October 2020

The tragic October 9 death of 66-year old school bus driver Gail Brusseau in Florida has again exposed the homicidal campaign being waged against the working class.

As safety protocols vanish, Fiat Chrysler advises workers “protect your pets from COVID”

By Shannon Jones, 19 October 2020

Management advises workers to protect their pets from COVID-19 as it junks safety measures.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen dead at age 65

By Kevin Reed, 19 October 2020

Eddie Van Halen, the renowned electric guitarist with the popular rock band Van Halen, died in Santa Monica, California, at age 65 on Oct. 6.

Tennessee educator dies of COVID-19 after governor touts “strong safety measures” in schools

By Our reporters, 19 October 2020

Fifty-three-year old Susan Keener, an educational assistant at Walter Hill Elementary School in Rutherford County, Tennessee, died after being placed on a ventilator due to the contraction of COVID-19 in August.

In interview with Radio Free Asia, Sison announces

Communist Party of the Philippines targets Chinese firms blacklisted by Washington

By John Malvar, 19 October 2020

The leadership of the CPP explained it would be targeting Chinese firms in interviews with Radio Free Asia, an official organ of US government propaganda directed against China.

The Detroit triple murder: What the media doesn’t say

By Jerry White, 19 October 2020

The brutal murders of six-year-old Tai’raz Moore and two other victims in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan shocked residents throughout the metropolitan area.