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999 St. Louis jail uprising

8 February 2021

State and local government, mass media mount all-out blitz to reopen Los Angeles schools

By Dan Conway, 8 February 2021

The Los Angeles school reopening drive is part of a full-court press by Governor Gavin Newsom and the Biden administration to reopen schools regardless of any exponential increase in community deaths and suffering.

Chicago Teachers Union endorses a bargain with death, agrees to in-person classes

By Evan Blake, 8 February 2021

City officials and the leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) came to an agreement Sunday on a deadly plan to reopen schools in the third largest district in the US at the height of the pandemic.

Michigan educators call for unity with Chicago educators in fight to close schools

Michigan Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 8 February 2021

The Michigan Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee expresses its full support for the Chicago teachers’ struggle against the dangerous and indeed criminal drive to resume in-person instruction in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

999 (2/5) Racial politics and Chicago

8 February 2021

As schools are forced open, Iowa removes all COVID-19 regulations

By Will Lowery, 8 February 2021

A new public health declaration went into effect Sunday, lifting all state-wide mask mandates and restrictions on gatherings, including at bars and restaurants.

WSWS online meeting

Capitalism versus socialism: The pandemic and the global class struggle

7 February 2021

The speakers were SEP (US) National Secretary Joseph Kishore, SEP (US) National Chairman and WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North, WSWS writers and leading SEP (US) members Patrick Martin and Andre Damon, Johannes Stern, a leading member of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei in Germany, and Tomas Castanheira, a member of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil.

Ford Louisville Assembly Plant UAW building chairman lashes out at workers for being “ungrateful”

By Jessica Goldstein, 7 February 2021

The UAW Local 862 building chairman’s letter spells out in plain English the UAW’s own class hatred of workers at the Louisville Assembly Plant and the entire working class worldwide.

Young worker and student discusses life during the pandemic in Nashville, Tennessee

By Clement Daly, 7 February 2021

El, a former barista, endorses the call to close all schools and nonessential workplaces and supports the formation of rank-and-file safety committees to advance the independent interests of the working class in the struggle against the pandemic and the murderous “herd immunity” policies of the ruling class.

Unite with Chicago teachers to save lives and prepare a general strike!

Zac Corrigan, 6 February 2021

Chicago educators are in a fight for their lives, and they need the support of educators and workers everywhere.

Virginia surpasses 500,000 COVID-19 cases: A product of the “herd immunity” policies of the state’s Democratic Party government

By Noah Ryan, 6 February 2021

After lifting restrictions in early summer, the state has accumulated hundreds of thousands of positive cases and thousands of deaths.

Chicago teachers poised to strike as mayor threatens another lockout

By Kristina Betinis, 6 February 2021

A strike in Chicago would provoke similar opposition across the US and join a global upsurge of educators striking against school reopenings in over a dozen countries.

Experts warn Hawaii on the brink of major COVID-19 outbreak and hospital overcrowding catastrophe

By Angelo Perera, 6 February 2021

With hospitalization rates rising, health officials have warned that zero percent ICU capacity could be reached in the next two weeks.

Nevada’s Clark County School District presses ahead with deadly school reopenings

By Hong Jian, 6 February 2021

The fifth largest school district in the US is scheduled to begin sending teachers and support staff back to schools on February 22, with Pre-K through 3rd grade students returning on March 1.

The Super Bowl super-spreader

By David Walsh, 6 February 2021

By any rational standard that takes public health into account, Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs should not be held at all.

999 (2/5) GM to convert to full EV

6 February 2021

January jobs report shows ongoing economic disaster as US Senate strips minimum wage increase from the relief bill

By Shannon Jones, 6 February 2021

Senate Democrats agreed to remove an immediate increase in the federal minimum wage from the Biden administration’s economic relief package as economic figures from January show almost no jobs growth.

Behind Biden’s invocations of “democracy,” US military prepares for nuclear war

By Andre Damon, 6 February 2021

As Biden devoted his first foreign policy speech to invocations of “democracy” and “human rights,” the head of US nuclear forces declared nuclear war “a very real possibility.”

Union election in Alabama: Which way forward for Amazon workers?

By International Amazon Workers Voice, 6 February 2021

Workers can best conduct their struggle through a rank-and-file committee, not through a union that will enforce the company’s directives.

Omaha Public Schools pushes for fully in-person learning despite widespread opposition

By Erin Miller, 6 February 2021

As the positivity rate of COVID-19 cases in Omaha reaches 25 percent, the Omaha Public Schools district is pushing to reopen schools in the face of massive opposition.

Pennsylvania rank-and-file committee stands with Chicago teachers

Pennsylvania Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 6 February 2021

Chicago teachers confront the Democratic Party at the local, state and national level—just as many Pennsylvania teachers do.

Federal indictments allege coordinated planning by Proud Boys in January 6 coup attempt

By Jacob Crosse, 6 February 2021

At least eight Proud Boys have been charged for their role in the fascist assault on Congress.

Columbus, Ohio police officer charged in the December killing of Andre Hill

By Matthew Taylor, 5 February 2021

Body camera footage showed the officer firing upon Hill, who was unarmed, and then failing to perform first aid while he lay dying.

Location of fascist shooter Kyle Rittenhouse concealed from the courts with support of Kenosha Police Department

By Kevin Reed, 5 February 2021

According to documents filed by lawyers for Rittenhouse, a Kenosha Police captain advised attorneys that the shooter’s real address “absolutely should not” be provided upon his release, a violation of his bail terms.

Kroger grocery chain closes Southern California stores due to new “hero pay” laws leading to worker protests

By Rafael Azul, 5 February 2021

The grocery chain made $2.6 billion in profits between February 2 and November 7 last year, out of which it used $989 million for stock buybacks.

Fascist Republican representative stripped of committee assignments

By Jacob Crosse, 5 February 2021

Most Republicans in the House of Representatives continued to back Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene despite her public support for the assassination of prominent Democrats.

Chicago educators organize independent opposition to teacher union’s plans to reopen schools

By Evan Blake, 5 February 2021

As the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and city and school officials continue secret negotiations to try to reach a deadly compromise to reopen schools, there is a powerful movement of opposition developing among rank-and-file educators.

Pentagon orders “stand-down” over fascist threat in US military

By Bill Van Auken, 5 February 2021

One month after retired and active-duty personnel joined the January 6 Capitol coup attempt, Pentagon brass are acknowledging the growth of fascistic forces in their ranks.

999 Amazon Alabama unionization drive

5 February 2021

999 Biden foreign policy speech

5 February 2021

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg vents his spleen at Chicago teachers: “Suck it up and go to work”

By Tom Hall, 5 February 2021

The world’s 14th richest human used the interview to denounce teachers for resisting unsafe reopenings and demand that President Biden crack down on Chicago teachers.

European workers issue statements of support for Chicago teachers

By our reporters, 5 February 2021

Educators, students and parents in Britain, Belgium and Germany have sent messages of solidarity to teachers in Chicago in the United States, who are refusing to return to work in unsafe conditions.

Police arrest twelve activists demanding housing for the homeless in Olympia, Washington

By Claude Delphian, 5 February 2021

The housing crisis is more critical than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite their negative impact on public health, evictions across the country continue to add to the growing numbers of homeless people in the population.

Amazon workers call for united struggle to oppose the reopening of schools during the pandemic!

Amazon BWI2 Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 5 February 2021

In the struggle against unsafe reopenings, workers must remind themselves of the traditional militant rank-and-file slogan: “An injury to one is an injury to all.”

COVID tester at Amazon facility in Virginia dies suddenly of unexplained causes

By Patrick Smith, 4 February 2021

While Amazon is one of the richest companies in the world, her family has been unable to afford an autopsy to determine the cause of her death, which was quoted at $7,600.

999 Dozens of homeless protesters evicted from hotel in Olympia

4 February 2021

New York City educators call for unity with Chicago educators in fight to close schools

New York City Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 4 February 2021

We urge Chicago teachers to build rank-and-file committees as the center of opposition to whatever miserable deal the CTU attempts to sell to reopen schools.

“They are placing human safety and survival above capitalist interests”

Students speak out in support of Chicago teachers struggle against in-person learning

By Our reporters, 4 February 2021

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality spoke to students throughout the United States on the struggle of the Chicago teachers and found widespread support.

European educators support the struggle of Chicago teachers against the unsafe opening of schools

European rank-and-file education safety committees, 4 February 2021

The rank-and-file education safety committees in Germany and the UK have adopted the following statement of solidarity with the protesting teachers in Chicago.

As educators continue to resist, Chicago Teachers Union and district move closer to deal to reopen schools

By Evan Blake, 4 February 2021

Among rank-and-file Chicago educators, there is enormous opposition to the campaign to reopen schools and a wide recognition that this is solely in the interests of the financial elite.

Pentagon purges advisory boards packed by Trump

By Bill Van Auken, 4 February 2021

The forced resignations of members of all 42 Pentagon advisory boards is aimed at blocking last-minute appointments made by Trump as he prepared a coup to overturn the election.

Keeping Chicago schools closed during the pandemic is not negotiable!

Chicago Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 4 February 2021

We are fighting to mobilize opposition to any agreement reached by CPS and the CTU to reopen schools, and to prepare for general strike action with the broader working class.

Reopening schools during the pandemic is not negotiable! Lives and health are not negotiable!

Chicago Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 4 February 2021

We call on Chicago educators to mobilize opposition to any agreement reached by CPS and the CTU to reopen schools, and to prepare for general strike action with the broader working class to close all schools and nonessential businesses.

Trump and January 6: The evidence of a planned political coup

By Patrick Martin, 4 February 2021

The impeachment brief from the House of Representatives lays out a devastating case against Trump, but the Democrats deliberately conceal the role of leading Republicans as Trump’s accomplices.

Hundreds already deported from the US under Biden despite executive orders

By Kevin Martinez, 4 February 2021

Deportations of immigrants and refugees have continued under the new Democratic administration despite cosmetic changes to Trump era policies.

New York’s COVID-19 nursing home deaths severely undercounted while Cuomo forced out public health officials

By Josh Varlin, 4 February 2021

Nursing home deaths in the state due to the pandemic have been drastically undercounted by nearly 50 percent.

999 Republican House Caucus meeting on Greene and Cheney

4 February 2021

Wall Street Journal demands Biden crack down on Chicago teachers

By Jerry White, 3 February 2021

In a statement by its editorial board Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal angrily criticized President Biden for being too soft on Chicago teachers, who are defying Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s order to resume in-person classes as the pandemic continues to spread in the city.

Behind Donald Trump’s grant of clemency for corrupt former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

By Brady Leonard and Kevin Reed, 3 February 2021

The alignment of the interests of the felon Kilpatrick with the fascistic Trump says much about the decay of American capitalism and the descent of both the Democrats and Republicans into political reaction and open criminality.

New Mexico educators: Form rank-and-file safety committees to close schools and save lives!

By Texas Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 3 February 2021

We call on teachers, school workers, parents and their families in New Mexico to build committees in their districts and unite with us to defend the lives, livelihoods, and rights of educators, students and communities.

999 Chicago teachers struggle against reopening

3 February 2021

Union shuts down strike at Borgers auto parts plant in Norwalk, Ohio

By Zac Thorton, 3 February 2021

Despite the determined efforts by workers, who maintained pickets in temperatures which rarely rose above freezing, the strike was shut down by the union before it achieved any of the workers’ demands.

What the science really says: Closing schools is vital to containing COVID-19

By Andre Damon, 3 February 2021

As over 10,000 Chicago teachers and staff are engaged in a struggle to oppose the city’s effort to reopen public schools, the entire US media is waging a campaign to pressure educators to resume in-person schooling.

999 Hundreds deported under Biden

3 February 2021

999 Dozens of homeless protesters evicted from hotel in Olympia

3 February 2021

Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee meets as Democrats push to restart in-person classes in Chicago and other cities

Sandy English, 3 February 2021

The Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee in the US met on Saturday during an aggressive push by the Biden administration and local Democratic governors and mayors to open schools in Chicago and other cities as the pandemic enters a new and more deadly stage.

Ocasio-Cortez reveals harrowing details of fascist assault on January 6: “I thought I was going to die”

By Jacob Crosse, 3 February 2021

While Ocasio-Cortez spoke for an hour and half on the extreme danger she and others faced during January 6 assault, the Democratic leadership remains silent on ongoing threats against their members.

999 Kwame Kilpatrick pardon

3 February 2021

Nine-year-old schoolboy dies from COVID-19 in Texas

Andy Winter and Chase Lawrence, 3 February 2021

His parents fear that he acquired the virus while at school, which he had attended the previous Friday, just four days prior to his death.

Washington D.C. files restraining order to prevent teachers’ strike and reopen schools

By Harvey Simpkins, 3 February 2021

The legal move to forestall strike action arises in the midst of growing resistance by educators nationwide, most notably in Chicago, involving a direct confrontation with the Democratic Party and the state.

In apparent cost-cutting move, Stellantis introduces lower-quality face masks at Sterling Stamping Plant

By James Brewer and Tom Hall, 3 February 2021

The new masks, produced by a Stellantis subsidiary, have a texture that is highly absorbent and transparent, and that workers have compared to tissue paper.

Democrats’ impeachment brief documents Trump’s role in spearheading the January 6 coup attempt

By Barry Grey, 3 February 2021

The Democrats’ brief makes an ironclad case for Trump’s conviction by the Senate. More than that, it implies that the ex-president is a gangster and accomplice to murder. This makes all the more stark the bankruptcy of the calls by the Democrats and Biden for “unity” with the Republicans.

“We need to band together and say, ‘No’ to brick-and-mortar schooling”

Educators and other workers across US express support for Chicago teachers

Our reporters, 2 February 2021

Educators across the US, as well as autoworkers in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan expressed their support for the courageous stand taken by Chicago educators.

Chicago educators call for strike as district continues threats

By Evan Blake, 2 February 2021

There is growing support for strike action as Mayor Lori Lightfoot, with the backing of the Biden administration, prepares to retaliate against educators if the Chicago Teachers Union fails to get them back in schools.

999 Dozens of homeless protesters evicted from hotel in Olympia

2 February 2021

US workplace safety agency issues toothless COVID “guidance,” while Biden continues Trump's designation of meatpacking as “critical infrastructure”

By Shannon Jones, 2 February 2021

Signaling that the Biden administration will take no serious measures to protect workers from the spread of COVID, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued unenforceable “guidance.”

New York Times weaponizes youth suicides to push for school reopenings

By Dominic Gustavo, 2 February 2021

The corporate press in the US is cynically utilizing the mental health catastrophe among youth to promote the ruling class policy of school reopenings.

Washington D.C. public schools begin in-person instruction as Virginia teachers resist return

By Nick Barrickman, 2 February 2021

The decision to force teachers back into unsafe classrooms comes after an arbitration panel ruled against a union effort to delay reopening.

The media falsely claims schools are safe: What the science actually says (Part two)

By Benjamin Mateus, 2 February 2021

The Democratic Party, the bourgeois press and the CDC are peddling pseudoscience as part of the campaign to force teachers back into the classrooms.

999 Va. Amazon worker death

2 February 2021

Chicago teachers take a stand to save lives over profits

By Evan Blake, 2 February 2021

The struggle unfolding in Chicago is of monumental significance and must become the spearhead of a broader movement of the entire working class in a nationwide political general strike, which would send shock waves throughout the world and provoke similar struggles globally.

999 Norwalk, OH parts strike ends

2 February 2021

Aide to Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz cheered on fascist mob on January 6

By Jacob Crosse, 2 February 2021

New reporting links a Parler post to an aide to Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, one of Trump’s most rabid congressional defenders.

Biden discusses Republican demands to drastically cut stimulus spending

By Patrick Martin, 2 February 2021

In what might be described as a demand for preemptive surrender, not negotiation, ten Republican senators are proposing a 70 percent cut in the Biden administration’s COVID-19 relief package.

Dr. Michael Osterholm warns of massive spring surge of coronavirus in the US

By Benjamin Mateus, 2 February 2021

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Dr. Michael Osterholm, former adviser to the Biden administration, warned that the new mutation from the UK would cause a massive surge of infections this spring worse than the winter deluge.

Rochester, New York police pepper sprayed handcuffed nine-year-old girl

By Steve Filips, 2 February 2021

The unending wave of police brutality in the US, directed toward the working class and most vulnerable, was exemplified by the assault by Rochester police officers last week.

Chicago educators call for a strike as district threatens lockout

By Evan Blake, 1 February 2021

In defying the dictates of the Chicago Democratic Party political machine, educators are giving voice to the strivings of millions of workers across the US and globally to implement measures to contain the pandemic and save lives.

Educators call for a strike as Chicago mayor threatens to “take action” against teachers who refuse to return to schools

By Evan Blake, 1 February 2021

In defying the dictates of the Chicago Democratic Party political machine, educators are giving voice to the strivings of millions of workers across the US and globally to implement measures to contain the pandemic and save lives.

999 Effort to force Chicago schools to reopen

1 February 2021

999 Death of VA. Amazon worker

1 February 2021

Trump fires team of defense lawyers in run-up to Senate trial

By Patrick Martin, 31 January 2021

The ex-president reportedly wanted his lawyers to defend his conduct before the January 6 mob attack on Congress by raising his claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democrats.

Far-right protesters temporarily shut down COVID-19 vaccinations at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

By Shawn Velia, 31 January 2021

The Los Angeles Police Department allowed a few dozen right-wing anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown demonstrators to block traffic into Dodger Stadium, forcing a shutdown of the vaccination site for nearly an hour Saturday afternoon.

Amazon offers to aid US government’s botched vaccination effort

By Nick Barrickman, 31 January 2021

Despite Amazon’s efforts to present itself as a caring corporation, driven solely by concerns for public safety, its owners have raked in enormous profits during the last year, primarily at the expense of working people.

The media falsely claims schools are safe: What the science actually says (Part one)

By Benjamin Mateus, 31 January 2021

The Democratic Party, the bourgeois press and the CDC are peddling pseudo-science as part of the campaign to force teachers back into the classrooms.

Milwaukee school board approves plan to reopen schools

By Michael Walters, 31 January 2021

Under the dangerous proposal, 23,000 Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will return on April 12, 32,000 3rd through 8th graders on April 19, and 19,000 high school students will return on April 26.

Trump’s acting secretary of defense disarmed D.C. National Guard 48 hours before the fascist assault

By Jacob Crosse, 31 January 2021

Despite ample intelligence and public postings warning of far-right armed violence, Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller forbade the use of weapons or riot control measures to safeguard the Capitol.

Opposition mounts to San Francisco school board approval of racialist renaming of schools

By Renae Cassimeda, 31 January 2021

As educators across the US enter into struggle against the ruling class drive to reopen the schools, the renaming of schools based on the racialist falsification of history and attack on revolutionary figures such as Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln serves to divide the working class.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says company will “depoliticize” its News Feed

By Kevin Reed, 30 January 2021

Facebook is working on plans to permanently reduce “the amount of political content in News Feed” as part of an ongoing effort to purge socialist and left-wing organizations from its platform.

Two dead after 26-year-old mother jumps off Tennessee overpass holding infant

By Ray Coleman, 30 January 2021

Tonisha Lashay Barker, who leapt to her death from a Tennessee overpass holding her infant son on January 4, had recently been laid off from her job at a state-run COVID-19 testing site.

Unite with educators in Chicago and across the US! Close all schools and nonessential workplaces!

Pennsylvania educators oppose statewide reopening of K-8 schools

Pennsylvania Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, 30 January 2021

Toothless state recommendations over school reopenings are being swept away under Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, as districts are told to return K-8 students to face-to-face learning in line with the Biden plan.

New revelations on role of Republican lawmakers in fascist assault on US Capitol

By Jacob Crosse, 30 January 2021

New reporting documents the close connections between fascist militias and the Republican party.

The Trump Administration’s 1776 Report: The far-right attempts to seize opening from the 1619 Project

By Tom Carter, 30 January 2021

Attacking the New York Times’ 1619 Project where it is weakest, the Trump Administration’s “1776 Report” responds to the controversy with its own brand of flag-waving “America First” demagoguery.

How Jacobin and the Democratic Socialists of America aided the Teamsters’ betrayal of the Hunts Point market strike

By Clara Weiss, 30 January 2021

As millions of workers have been radicalized by the pandemic, the DSA assumes the critical role of providing the efforts of the Democrats and the trade unions to suppress the class struggle—if necessary by brute force—with a “left” cover.

Illinois house fire kills mother and her four children

By George Gallanis, 30 January 2021

Investigators have said the likely cause of the fire was a space heater, a common source of many home fires and deaths, primarily used by poor working families.

999 SF school renaming

30 January 2021

Osceola County, Florida sheriff’s deputy brutally assaults high school student

By Cordell Gascoigne, 30 January 2021

An eleven-second video posted to Twitter showing a sheriff’s deputy picking up and slamming 16-year-old Taylor Bracey to the ground went viral this week, sparking widespread outrage.

999 Rebuttal of latest CDC reports justifying reopening of schools

30 January 2021

Negotiations stall in Chicago amid nationwide campaign to open schools

By Kristina Betinis, 30 January 2021

Every effort is being made by the political and media establishment to vilify Chicago educators and wear down their opposition, to pave the way for profit-driven school reopenings at the most dangerous stage of the pandemic.

Montgomery, Alabama school district reneges on pledge to switch to remote learning

By Shelley Connor, 29 January 2021

Quickly wiping away their crocodile tears for deceased educators, the Montgomery Public Schools administration has quickly backpedaled on their pledge to allow teachers to work from home.

999 DSA and Hunts Point strike

29 January 2021