Canada’s parties united in urging military spending hike

By Roger Jordan, 26 September 2015

Canada’s political establishment is united in supporting the expansion of Canada’s military so it can continue to serve as a major Pentagon partner.

Quebec Common Front seeks limited rotating-strike mandate

By Laurent Lafrance, 25 September 2015

Quebec’s public sector unions have responded to the Liberals’ sweeping concession demands and the threat of strikebreaking legislation with plans for limited job action.

Canadian troops begin mission to train Ukrainian Army and National Guard

By Roger Jordan, 23 September 2015

With the support of the entire political establishment, Canada is playing a leading role in the US drive to harness Ukraine to its predatory global strategic agenda.

Canada’s party leaders tout rival right-wing programs in election debate

By Roger Jordan, 22 September 2015

Even many media pundits have conceded last Thursday’s debate only served to highlight just how narrow are the differences between the big business Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP.

Socialist Project’s Panitch and Gindin defend Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 19 September 2015

Panitch and Gindin are bitterly opposed to any challenge to Syriza from the left, claiming that the defeat of the Syriza government would be a “disaster.”

Bloc Quebecois hails Canada’s role in Mideast war

By Keith Jones, 18 September 2015

The pro-Quebec independence Bloc Québécois is trumpeting its support for Canada’s role in the latest Mideast war, as it seeks to muster votes for the October 19 federal election.

Canada’s NDP attacks Liberal deficit spending plan from the right

By Dylan Lubao, 15 September 2015

The trade union-backed NDP is denouncing the Liberals’ plan to finance infrastructure projects through deficit spending as “fiscally irresponsible.”

Why is Québec Solidaire silent about the betrayal of its “cousin” Syriza?

By Richard Dufour, 11 September 2015

Québec Solidaire’s silence on Syriza’s savage austerity measures is a warning that should it ever come to power it will also implement the diktats of big business.

Harper government making pro forma complaints over jailing of Egyptian-Canadian journalist

By Dylan Lubao, 8 September 2015

A strong supporter of Egypt’s authoritarian government, Canada has only made muted appeals for the release of Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy.

Death of Syrian infant exposes Canadian complicity in refugee crisis

By Keith Jones, 5 September 2015

The Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper rebuffed efforts by a woman living in Vancouver to rescue her Syrian relatives, including three-year-old Alan Kurdi.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the pseudo-left, and the “Anybody but Harper” campaign

By Roger Jordan, 31 August 2015

CUPW President Mike Palecek is helping lead the unions’ campaign to replace the Conservatives with a government formed by the pro-austerity NDP and/or Liberals.

Disciplinary hearing finds Toronto police officer culpable in G-20 repression

By Carl Bronski, 29 August 2015

The 2010 police operation was used to violently repress an overwhelmingly peaceful protest of thousands of people opposed to the austerity program of the ruling class.

Canada’s NDP pledges balanced budget, signals support for bigger military

By Roger Jordan, 27 August 2015

NDP leader Mulcair has responded to mounting economic turbulence by reaffirming his party’s commitment to “fiscal responsibility.”

Strong support from Canadian Fiat Chrysler workers for an international struggle

By Jerry White, 24 August 2015

A campaign team distributed the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter to FCA workers in Brampton, Ontario.

WSWS campaigns for unity of US and Canadian autoworkers

By Jerry White, 22 August 2015

A World Socialist Web Site Autoworkers Newsletter reporting team spoke to workers at the General Motors plant in Ontario about the need for an international strategy for autoworkers to fight for jobs and wages.

Xavier Dolan’s Mommy: The story of a troubled youth

By Laurent Lafrance, 22 August 2015

The fifth feature film by Quebecois director Xavier Dolan, only 25 years of age, won numerous awards in 2014 and 2015.

Canada’s NDP leader applauds Thatcher’s legacy

By Roger Jordan, 21 August 2015

Mulcair’s praise for the former British Prime Minister is a damning indictment of the trade unions and pseudo-left forces who claim that the NDP offers a progressive alternative.

Canada’s New Democrats seek to bolster right-wing economic credentials

By Roger Jordan, 19 August 2015

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair reinforced his party’s commitment to big business as he unveiled the party’s candidate to challenge the Conservatives in upcoming elections.

Canadian prime minister proposes ban on travel to areas under “terrorist” control

By Roger Jordan, 17 August 2015

Harper seeks to exploit the threat of terrorism to undermine democratic rights within Canada and step up Ottawa’s military interventions around the world.

Canada-US frictions flare over Trans Pacific Partnership

By Roger Jordan, 13 August 2015

Canada’s government and business elite are livid over a US-Japanese deal that would undermine its privileged access to the US auto market.

US, Mexican and Canadian autoworkers face common fight

By David Brown and Jerry White, 12 August 2015

As talks for a new labor contract continue, the US-based automakers are threatening to shift more production to Mexico and other lower wage countries.

Chauvinist Quebec bill targets Muslim minority

By Laurent Lafrance, 8 August 2015

Bill 62 would bar women wearing a Muslim “face-covering” from receiving or providing public services, including education and health care.

Canada’s NDP promises “change” and continued austerity

By Roger Jordan, 7 August 2015

The NDP is making vague promises of “change” to working people, while reassuring big business that it will keep taxes low and balance the budget.

Harper formally launches Canada’s federal election campaign

By Keith Jones and Roger Jordan, 3 August 2015

Harper used his first campaign speech to serve notice he will run a hard-right campaign, highlighting his government’s austerity record and its aggressive foreign policy.

Canada’s pseudo-left Fightback promotes trade unions and NDP

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 30 July 2015

By boosting illusions in the trade union bureaucracy and NDP in Canada, while covering for Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek workers, Fightback serves as a bulwark against the development of a socialist party in the working class.

Canadian terrorism trials reveal use of entrapment by police and intelligence agencies

By Roger Jordan, 25 July 2015

US and Canadian police and intelligence agencies are using entrapment to implicate vulnerable, often mentally unstable individuals in alleged terrorist plots.

Canada: Unions join Liberals, NDP in “Anybody but Conservative” campaign

By Dylan Lubao and Roger Jordan, 23 July 2015

The collaboration between high-level NDP, Liberal and trade union operatives highlights the preparations for a possible coalition government after this October’s federal election.

Canadian police fatally shoot man outside meeting on controversial dam project

By Roger Jordan, 21 July 2015

Many questions remain unanswered in the troubling death of James Daniel McIntyre at the hands of the police in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Bank of Canada announces second interest rate cut in six months

By Roger Jordan, 20 July 2015

Canada’s central bank all but acknowledged that the country has slipped into recession.

Canada boosts Kiev regime with free trade pact

By Roger Jordan, 17 July 2015

The agreement is aimed at demonstrating Canada’s staunch support for the Kiev regime, which was brought to power last year in a pro-western coup spearheaded by fascist forces.

Mass evacuations in western Canada due to forest fires

By Janet Browning and Roger Jordan, 10 July 2015

Massive forest fires have engulfed large parts of northern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Alaska.

Canada’s participation in US military-strategic offensives grows

By Roger Jordan, 7 July 2015

Ottawa is integrating Canada ever more fully into Washington’s main military-strategic offensives against Russia, China and the Middle East.

Quebec unions seek to smother opposition to austerity

By Laurent Lafrance, 3 July 2015

The Quebec Liberal government’s frontal assault on public sector workers is a key element of a broader austerity agenda that targets the entire working class.

Alberta NDP government asks ex-Bank of Canada head to draft budget plan

By Roger Jordan, 1 July 2015

The NDP is soliciting advice from a right-wing mandarin involved in formulating sweeping attacks on working people, including the draconian cuts of the Chretien-Martin government.

NDP leader Mulcair makes pitch to Canadian big business

By Roger Jordan, 26 June 2015

With opinion polls showing the trade union-backed NDP ahead, Mulcair is anxious to reassure big business that the NDP will faithfully serve its interests.

Canada: Alleged ISIS supporter released on bail after lengthy, illegal detention without charge

By Roger Jordan, 20 June 2015

Twenty-three-year-old Aaron Driver was quietly released on bail late last week by a Manitoba court, after being detained since his arrest by police on June 4.

Canada’s media attacks Truth and Reconciliation report

By Carl Bronski, 20 June 2015

Right-wing and liberal commentators alike have accused the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of rhetorical overkill and impugning Canada’s “good name.”

Québec Solidaire renews offer to work with Péladeau-led PQ

By Laurent Lafrance, 19 June 2015

Following the PQ’s election of the right-wing media mogul Péladeau as its leader, Québec Solidaire feigned astonishment—as it does whenever the PQ shows its true class character.

Manitoba’s NDP presides over child care crisis

By Ashley Tseng, 18 June 2015

Due to budget cuts and privatization, children in the care of Manitoba’s youth protection agency are largely unsupervised and provided little physical, educational or emotional support.

Canada: Alleged ISIS supporter detained without charge for over a week

By Roger Jordan and Felix Gauthier, 13 June 2015

The RCMP have provided Aaron Driver with no legal justification for his detention without charge well beyond the 48-hour limit stipulated by Canadian law.

Canada’s aboriginal Truth and Reconciliation Report—the class issues

By Carl Bronski and Keith Jones, 13 June 2015

The report issued by the Truth Commission on Indian residential schools documents a horrific crime perpetrated by Canadian capitalism—a crime whose impacts reverberate to this day.

Canada’s police-state bill passes final parliamentary hurdle

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 10 June 2015

Bill C-51 dramatically expands the power of the national security apparatus to spy on and suppress opposition to the elite and its agenda of austerity and war.

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Report and the crimes against the native people

By Carl Bronski, 6 June 2015

For well over a century, the Canadian capitalist state forcibly removed aboriginal children from their families and herded them into church-run residential schools where they were abused.

Oil price drop triggers sharp decline in Canadian economy

By Roger Jordan, 2 June 2015

Canada’s economic output fell 0.6 percent in the first quarter of 2015—its largest contraction since the height of the 2008-09 global financial meltdown.

Canada’s NDP pledges to “partner” with business as its poll numbers jump

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 29 May 2015

Should the NDP form Canada’s next government, it will uphold the interests of the Canadian bourgeoisie no less ruthlessly than the Conservatives or Liberals.

Canada: Ontario Liberals orchestrate outlawing of teacher strikes

By Carl Bronski, 28 May 2015

While the government claims it is acting to save students’ school year, its real aim is to push through social spending cuts and impose concessionary contracts on teachers.

Philippine state visit to Canada escalates anti-China “pivot”

By Dylan Lubao, 28 May 2015

Loyal allies of the US in its anti-China “pivot,” Canada and the Philippines are increasing bilateral military-security ties.

Union collaborates with Liberals in Ontario Hydro privatization

By Carl Bronski, 27 May 2015

The privatization of Hydro One is a crucial part of the Ontario Liberals’ restructuring of government operations and public service cuts to attract more investment.

Quebec criminalizing working-class struggle

By Keith Jones, 25 May 2015

Quebec’s Liberal government is intensifying the assault on workers’ rights and its drive to criminalize popular resistance to its austerity program.

Ontario Liberals move to criminalize teachers’ strikes

By Dylan Lubao and Carl Bronski, 19 May 2015

Ontario’s trade union-backed Liberal government has moved to outlaw secondary school teachers’ strikes that have affected three of the province’s largest local school boards.

Alberta’s NDP pledges to “partner” with big business

By Keith Jones, 16 May 2015

Alberta’s incoming New Democratic Party government has been anxiously seeking to reassure big business that it will loyally serve their interests.

Unions reaffirm ties to Parti Québécois as it prepares to anoint arch-right winger

By Laurent Lafrance, 14 May 2015

The installation of Pierre-Karl Péladeau as leader of the Parti Québécois will represent a further rightward lurch on the part of the big business, pro-Quebec independence party.

Unifor bows to latest GM Canada layoffs

By Carl Bronski, 9 May 2015

Seeking to extort further massive concessions, GM has said it will determine the fate of its Oshawa plants only after the 2016 contract negotiations.

Canada’s parliament adopts bill to greatly expand intelligence agencies’ powers

By Roger Jordan, 8 May 2015

The Conservative government’s Bill C-51, in the name of combating terrorism, overturns core democratic rights and legal principles.

Alberta: NDP election sweep ends 44 years of Tory rule

By Keith Jones, 7 May 2015

Within hours of the NDP sweeping the polls, Premier-elect Rachel Notley was pledging to work with Prime Minister Harper and offering obsequious reassurances to big business.

Harper visits Iraq to laud Canada’s role in Mideast war

By Roger Jordan, 6 May 2015

Harper used the trip to promote Canada’s expanding role in the war and his government’s push to increase the powers of the national-security apparatus at home.

Canada hikes military spending

By Keith Jones, 2 May 2015

Canada is deeply implicated in all three of Washington’s major military-strategic offensives since 2001.

Canadian high schoolers paid $2,000 to take military training course

By Ashley Tseng, 25 April 2015

Under a new Saskatchewan government program, the Canadian military is partnering with Regina schools to provide military training to high school students.

Canada’s Conservatives pledge more austerity and war

By Keith Jones, 24 April 2015

Tuesday’s federal budget is a blueprint for dismantling public services, redistributing wealth to the most privileged, and expanding the military and national-security apparatus.

Unifor Canada preparing to collaborate in slashing auto workers’ pensions

By Carl Bronski, 21 April 2015

Unifor is willing to surrender the last remnants of a defined-benefit pension plan for newly hired workers at the Big Three automakers in Canada.

Canada sending troops to Ukraine on two-year training mission

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 18 April 2015

The deployment marks a further escalation of the aggressive drive the US, Canada and its other imperialist allies are mounting against Russia—a drive that threatens to spark all-out war between nuclear-armed states.

Quebec government criminalizes student strike

By Laurent Lafrance, 17 April 2015

The government is determined to break the student protest movement against its austerity program and to put an end to Quebec’s tradition of political protest through student strikes.

Media lends support to Toronto Symphony’s barring of pianist

By Roger Jordan, 16 April 2015

Instead of denouncing the TSO’s barring of Valentina Lisitsa as a blatant act of political censorship, the media has widely portrayed it as nothing more than a public relations blunder.

Canada: Conservatives fast-tracking Bill C-51 into law

By Roger Jordan, 11 April 2015

Canada’s Conservative government is determined to adopt legislation that attacks core democratic rights.

NDP opposes Canada’s role in Mideast war on tactical grounds

By Roger Jordan, 10 April 2015

The debate over Canada’s participation in the US-led war in the Middle East has once again demonstrated that the New Democrats are a pro-imperialist party.

Toronto Symphony bans pianist critical of Kiev regime

By Roger Jordan, 9 April 2015

The cancellation of Valentina Lisitsa’s Toronto performances is a brazen act of political censorship.

Quebec education minister urges mass expulsions of striking students

By Keith Jones, 4 April 2015

Education Minister Blais has told university rectors to use their disciplinary powers to break a student strike against the Quebec Liberal government’s sweeping austerity measures.

Toronto university strikes end

By Carl Bronski and Dylan Lubao, 2 April 2015

CUPE worked to ensure that strikes did not become the catalyst for a working class challenge to the provincial Liberal government’s austerity agenda.

Canada’s parliament approves major expansion of Mideast war

By Roger Jordan, 1 April 2015

The Conservative government has indicated that Canadian war planes could begin bombing Syrian targets within days.

Canada plans dramatic expansion of its role in Mideast war

By Roger Jordan, 26 March 2015

The expansion of Canadian bombing raids to Syria is a new act of aggression and a major step towards Canada’s participation in a war for regime change in Damascus.

Quebec Liberals respond to student anti-austerity strike with repression and threats

By Keith Jones, 26 March 2015

The greatest fear and concern of the Canadian ruling class is that the student protests could trigger an eruption of mass working-class struggle.

The Quebec student strike and the fight against austerity: A socialist perspective is necessary

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Canada), 26 March 2015

To prevent a defeat like in 2012, students must reject the nationalist-protest politics of ASSE and the Spring 2015 committee.

Toronto university strikes: Workers reject another sell-out contract

By Dylan Lubao, 24 March 2015

Six thousand education workers at the University of Toronto and a further three thousand teaching and graduate assistants at York, Toronto’s other principal university, have been on strike for three weeks.

Canadian military intelligence seeks greater integration with domestic security agencies

By Dylan Lubao, 21 March 2015

Canada’s military has formulated plans to become a “main player” in the intelligence apparatus of the Canadian government and its international allies.

Senior Toronto Police officer calls 2010 G-20 demonstrators “terrorists”

By Carl Bronski, 20 March 2015

The fear-mongering comes as the Canadian government is pushing for legislation that gives sweeping new powers to the state in the name of fighting “terrorism.”

Canadian oil workers laid off without warning

By Roger Jordan, 19 March 2015

One thousand oil construction workers were fired from their jobs at a remote site in Alberta last week.

Quebec student union ASSE promotes trade unions as students vote for anti-austerity strike

By Richard Dufour, 17 March 2015

ASSE is using its reputation for militancy to provide a “left” cover to the unions even as they promote the big business PQ and enforce anti-strike laws.

Toronto university strikes:

A socialist strategy to defeat austerity and defend education

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Canada), 16 March 2015

While the strikers have shown great determination and militancy, their struggle is in grave danger of being strangled by the pro-capitalist trade unions.

Quebec workers on a collision course with Liberal government

By Laurent Lafrance, 14 March 2015

The Quebec government’s social spending cuts and concession demands are being met with growing rank-and-file calls for defiance of the anti-strike laws.

Canadian government seizes on first Iraq casualty to press for war

By Roger Jordan, 13 March 2015

The death last week of Canadian Special Forces Sgt. Andrew Doiron provides further proof of Ottawa’s growing involvement in ground combat operations in Iraq.

Toronto: University strikers denounce union officials

By Carl Bronski, 12 March 2015

Striking education workers at Toronto’s York University have roundly rejected tentative contracts the union had hailed as “historic.”

Canada helping arm Kiev regime to fight Ukrainian civil war

By Roger Jordan, 11 March 2015

The Canadian-Ukrainian network Ottawa has been used to promote pro-western “civil society” groups in Ukraine is now supplying arms to the Ukrainian Army.

Toronto university strikes: OFL head conceals unions’ support for Liberals

By Carl Bronski, 9 March 2015

Ontario Federation of Labour head Sid Ryan masqueraded as an opponent of Ontario’s Liberal government at rallies to support 10,000 workers at Toronto’s two main universities.

Canada’s Bill C-51: A sweeping assault on democratic rights and legal principles—Part 2

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 7 March 2015

The WSWS continues its exposure of how Canada’s ostensible new anti-terror legislation attacks key democratic and constitutionally protected rights.

Canada’s Bill C-51: A sweeping assault on democratic rights and legal principles—Part 1

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 6 March 2015

Canada’s ostensible new anti-terror legislation contains provisions that attack a vast array of key democratic and constitutionally protected rights.

Saskatchewan Fire Department refuses to answer call; two children die

By Ashley Tseng, 5 March 2015

Two aboriginal children died in a house fire on a Saskatchewan reservation after the fire department in the neighbouring, off-reserve village refused to respond due to an outstanding bill.

Ten thousand education workers strike at two Toronto universities

By Carl Bronski, 4 March 2015

Teaching assistants and contract instructors have gone on strike at Toronto’s principal universities, York and University of Toronto.

Canada invokes “jihadi threat” to pursue agenda of war and reaction

By Keith Jones, 28 February 2015

Canada’s Conservative government is steamrolling through parliament legislation that tramples on core democratic rights and dramatically augments the power of the state.

Unions demobilize Canadian railway workers

By Carl Bronski, 26 February 2015

Unifor reached a pact with CN Rail late Monday evening under threat of a management lockout of 4,800 safety inspectors and rail maintenance workers and Conservative government intervention.

United Steelworkers reaffirm support for big business Parti Quebecois

By Laurent Lafrance, 25 February 2015

The United Steelworkers union is championing Martine Ouellet’s bid to win the leadership of the Parti Quebecois—a pro-austerity big business party.

Canada’s NDP belatedly opposes Conservatives’ draconian “anti-terror” bill

By Roger Jordan, 23 February 2015

The NDP is now striking a pose as a principled opponent of Bill C-51. In fact its opposition is two-faced and motivated by tactical, largely electoral, considerations.

Canadian NDP declares willingness to enter coalition with Liberals

By Dylan Lubao, 20 February 2015

The leader of the social democratic NDP has reiterated the possibility of joining hands with a party that has carried out the greatest social spending cuts in Canadian history.

Oil trains derail and burst into flames in Canada, US

By Jeff Lusanne, 18 February 2015

Major railroads are pursuing attacks on railroad workers at the expense of working conditions and safety.

Canada: Why is the Globe and Mail denouncing Harper’s latest “anti-terrorism” bill?

By Roger Jordan, 18 February 2015

That a newspaper hitherto so supportive of the Harper government and so closely identified with the Canadian ruling class’s embrace of imperialist war and austerity is expressing alarm over Bill C-51 should give workers pause.

Citing government threats, Teamsters suppress Canadian Pacific rail strike

By Carl Bronski, 17 February 2015

The Teamsters union capitulated to the Conservative government’s threat of strikebreaking legislation and ordered an end to the strike little more than 36 hours after it began.

Harper government to criminalize Canadian Pacific railway strike

By Carl Bronski, 16 February 2015

Canada’s Conservative government is set to introduce legislation today outlawing a two-day-old strike by 3,300 CP Rail workers.

Quebec Liberals aim to level what remains of welfare state

By Laurent Lafrance, 13 February 2015

Quebec’s 10-month-old Liberal government is mounting a sweeping assault on public services and on the wages and working conditions of the workers who administer them.

USW isolates militant strike at Toronto Crown Holdings plant

By Dylan Lubao, 12 February 2015

Crown Holdings is using scabs to break a 17-month-long strike at its north Toronto metal can manufacturing plant.

Canada’s opposition parties acquiesce to government’s draconian “anti-terror” bill

By Roger Jordan, 10 February 2015

Canada’s opposition parties have signaled that they will mount no serious opposition to a Conservative bill that grants the national security apparatus sweeping new powers.

Canada’s Conservatives launch sweeping assault on democratic rights with new anti-terror bill

By Roger Jordan, 4 February 2015

The latest anti-terror bill presented by Canada’s Conservative government marks a vast intensification of the drive to abrogate democratic rights.