Canadian authorities risk lives of staff and students by reopening Newfoundland schools despite spread of UK variant

By Janet Browning, 5 March 2021

The rapid spread of the highly-contagious COVID-19 variant was made possible by large outbreaks in schools and workplaces, and exacerbated by widespread poverty and cramped living conditions.

Biden and Trudeau revamp Canada-US alliance for trade war and military conflict

By Roger Jordan, 4 March 2021

The Roadmap for a Renewed US-Canada Partnership proposes a “whole-of- government relationship” to reassert North American imperialist world dominance, including through the modernization of NORAD, securing “strategic” production chains, and developing “clean” energy.

Alberta Health Services disciplines hundreds of workers who joined wildcat strike

By Carl Bronski, 2 March 2021

Strikers explained how they were living paycheck to paycheck despite labouring under tremendous pressure due to chronic understaffing and the increased pressure of the pandemic.

COVID-19 outbreak kills three workers at Red Deer, Alberta Olymel meatprocessing plant

By Janet Browning, 28 February 2021

One of Canada’s largest meatpacking and food processing companies, Olymel, refused for weeks to close down its Red Deer plant as hundreds of workers fell sick.

British Columbia school officials order windows screwed shut to stop teachers from ventilating classes amid raging pandemic

By Alexandra Greene, 27 February 2021

The school sent contractors into the building who reputedly found “safety issues” with the windows and proceeded to seal them.

Canada’s indigenous population faces elevated infection rate, lack of health care as COVID-19 runs rampant

By Alexandra Greene, 26 February 2021

The COVID-19 infection rate among First Nations people living on-reserve is 40 percent higher than that of the Canadian population as a whole.

Canada’s parliament condemns China for “genocide” on eve of Trudeau-Biden summit

By Roger Jordan, 24 February 2021

Endorsed by an all-party coalition, the provocative motion is part of a propaganda offensive aimed at providing a bogus human rights justification for Canadian imperialism’s ever more prominent role in Washington’s military-strategic offensive against Beijing.

Canada’s governments lift COVID-19 restrictions despite warnings of deadly third wave

By Frédéric Charlebois and Roger Jordan, 23 February 2021

Flying in the face of warnings from Canada’s chief medical officer and numerous other experts, Canada’s governments are accelerating the “reopening” of the economy even as more contagious variants of the virus take root.

Ontario reopens all schools, delays March break ignoring warnings of a third COVID-19 wave

By Jake Silver, 20 February 2021

The growing opposition among teachers must find independent political expression in a struggle to shut down all in-class learning until the pandemic is brought under control.

Quebec’s #MeToo movement denounces the presumption of innocence

By Hugo Maltais, 18 February 2021

In attacking the presumption of innocence, the proponents of #MeToo are helping lay the ideological groundwork for an expanded ruling-class assault on democratic rights.

Massachusetts nurses vote overwhelmingly to strike for safe staffing ratios

Workers Struggles: The Americas

16 February 2021

The 800 nurses at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts voted February 10 by an 89 percent margin to strike over unsafe staffing ratios. The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) is seeking to reduce the ratio of nurses to patients from the current one-to-five to a one-to-four ratio.

Canada’s “left” parties promote bogus claims China is committing “genocide” against Uyghurs

By Roger Jordan, 16 February 2021

Canada’s New Democrats, Greens and Québec Solidaire have signed an “open letter” demanding China be stripped of hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics due to its alleged “genocide” of Uyghurs.

Amid deadly pandemic, Canada deported record number of refugees in 2020

By Hugo Maltais, 13 February 2021

The working class must reject the nationalist poison of the ruling elite and defend the right of workers of all origins to work and live in the country of their choice, without fear of discrimination or deportation.

Canadian educators denounce deadly reopening of schools amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Our Reporters, 12 February 2021

“Whatever the capitalist politicians and corporate media say,” warned an Ontario teacher, “scientific studies have shown that schools are one of the primary vectors of transmission for the virus.”

Plea deal with Trudeau’s would-be assassin continues Canadian state’s cover-up of far-right attack

By Roger Jordan, 11 February 2021

Despite Hurren having threatened Trudeau and having been discovered armed to the teeth on the grounds of his temporary residence, the prosecution chose to exclude from the trial any consideration of the army reservist’s plans to kill, harm or even “arrest” the Prime Minister.

A letter from a Canadian emergency call worker protesting unsafe working conditions amid COVID-19

By An anonymous 911 call taker in Canada, 9 February 2021

“When a worker tests positive for COVID-19, the company does not attempt to determine who last worked with that person and when, and no shifts are ever sent home to self-isolate,” writes our correspondent.

Canadian filmmaker Michelle Latimer targeted over alleged lack of Indigenous credentials

By Lee Parsons, 8 February 2021

Latimer has been turned into a virtual pariah over questions about her ethnic background detailed in a CBC article published in December.

Canada’s governments lift COVID-19 restrictions, even as pandemic rages

By Frédéric Charlebois, 6 February 2021

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions threatens to plunge Canada into a death spiral, especially since there are now scores of cases—including some linked to community transmission—of the more contagious British and South African variants.

Ontario government risking lives of educators and students by reopening schools

By Omar Ali, 5 February 2021

While it prioritizes corporate profit over the health and lives of school staff, students and their families, the Ford government is cynically feigning concern over children’s well-being.

Quebec teachers’ union rules “out of order” motion condemning government’s reopening of schools amid pandemic

By Our reporters, 4 February 2021

After refusing to call a single membership meeting on the COVID-19 crisis since schools reopened in August, one of Quebec’s largest local teacher unions ruled “out of order” a motion calling for an emergency meeting to discuss what actions teachers should take to fight the pandemic.

Citing Jan. 6 storming of US Capitol, Canada’s parliament demands banning of far-right Proud Boys

By Roger Jordan, 2 February 2021

The NDP is promoting the dangerous illusion that right-wing extremism can be fought through the Canadian capitalist state—the very same state that covers up the activities of far-right members of the military and collaborated with Trump throughout his presidency.

999 Citing storming of US Capitol, Canada's parliament demands banning of far-right Proud Boys

1 February 2021

Staff at Toronto school walk off the job due to COVID-19 safety concerns

By Alexandra Greene, 29 January 2021

Many of the special needs students the school staff work with have compromised immune systems.

Canada’s major airlines lay off thousands more workers

By Alexandra Greene, 28 January 2021

Rather than defending workers’ jobs and health, the unions have responded to the massive reduction in air travel during the pandemic by joining the airlines in pressing for public health measures to be eased or scrapped altogether.

Trudeau and Biden to strengthen Canada-US military alliance and trade-war bloc

By Roger Jordan, 25 January 2021

Readouts of Biden’s conversation with Trudeau, the first he had with a foreign leader as president, and a flurry of press commentary make clear Ottawa and Washington plan to expand their strategic partnership to more aggressively challenge their great-power rivals, above all Russia and China.

Who is responsible for Canada’s second, deadlier, wave of COVID-19?

By Frédéric Charlebois, 23 January 2021

So as to ensure Canada’s ruling elite continues to accumulate obscene wealth, the federal Liberal and provincial governments have sabotaged implementation of the measures urgently needed to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Corporatization of Canada’s virtual health services part of broader privatization drive

By Penny Smith, 22 January 2021

Telecommunications giant Telus is exploiting desperate patients who lack timely access to healthcare services, the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising chronic illness to significantly expand its presence in the health care sector.

Canadian autoworkers’ union rams through concessions-laden deal at CAMI plant after secret talks with GM

By Carl Bronski, 21 January 2021

In what can only be described as an ambush, Unifor reopened the CAMI contract behind the backs of the workers, then rammed through a rotten deal, many of whose basic details are either being concealed or are yet to be determined.

A politically motivated smear: Canada’s Globe and Mail blames “Marxists” for discredited racialist 1619 Project

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 21 January 2021

In an act of political censorship, Canada’s “newspaper of record” has refused to publish a letter from WSWS Chairman David North answering its smear.

Canadian educators must mount a political struggle to oppose school reopenings and save lives

By Omar Ali, 18 January 2021

Whatever the specific timetables of the various provincial governments, they are all determined to force educators, students, and support staff back into unsafe school buildings as the COVID-19 pandemic surges.

Ontario teacher denounces unions’ “feckless response” to government’s ruinous handling of the pandemic

By A letter from an Ontario teacher, 18 January 2021

“What is emerging among educators not just in Ontario or Canada, but throughout the world is the realization that educators must rely on our biggest asset and resource—that is ourselves!”

CAMI autoworkers should reject Unifor’s attempt to reopen contract with GM Canada!

By Carl Bronski, 16 January 2021

Unifor may try as early as this Sunday to force through a new contract, replacing that scheduled to expire this fall.

Canada deepens support for US-led anti-China offensive

By Laurent Lafrance and Roger Jordan, 14 January 2021

Tensions between Canada and China are growing sharper as Ottawa swings ever more openly behind US imperialism’s aggressive diplomatic, economic and military-strategic offensive against Beijing.

Stop the cover-up of Trudeau’s attempted assassination!

Release all internal investigations into last July’s Rideau Hall attack!

By Roger Jordan, 13 January 2021

Full disclosure of everything known about the army reservist Hurren’s attack and the activities of the far-right groups with which he was associated is necessary to alert and mobilize the working class against the mounting threat to its democratic rights.

Canada’s health care system overwhelmed by COVID-19 surge

By Frédéric Charlebois, 11 January 2021

“We’ve lost control of the epidemic,” exclaimed Dr. Antoine Delage, a pulmonologist at a hospital south of Montreal.

Canada’s political leaders nervously downplay Trump’s coup attempt, claim US democracy strong

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 9 January 2021

Canada’s political leaders all blurred over the most salient fact: that the coup attempt was organized by Trump with the complicity of the Republican Party leadership and sections of the security apparatus.

Ontario care worker denounces political establishment over disastrous conditions in care homes

8 January 2021

Five workers at Canada’s long-term–care facilities have died from COVID-19 within little more than a week.

Five Canadian health care workers die within a week as COVID-19 infections rise sharply nationwide

By Carl Bronski, 7 January 2021

Canada’s health and senior’s care systems are buckling under a second wave of the pandemic for which the entire political establishment is responsible.

Quebec nurses need independent organizations of rank-and-file workers’ power, not another pro-capitalist trade union

By Laurent Lafrance and Richard Dufour, 6 January 2021

Outraged by their union’s latest sellout agreement, some nurses have voiced support for building a new, more “militant” union.

A tale of two pandemics: Ontario’s finance minister holidays in the sun while workers get infected and die

By Roger Jordan, 4 January 2021

During the 18 days Rod Phillips was living it up with his family at an ultra-exclusive Caribbean resort, 2,237 Canadians died from COVID-19.

Quebec government documents expose its disastrous mishandling of initial pandemic response

By Frédéric Charlebois, 30 December 2020

More than 2,000 pages of communications, directives and emails from Quebec authorities at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic reveal a staggering, even criminal, level of indifference and inaction.

“The working conditions are hell”—Ontario allows COVID-19 to run rampant through workplaces

By Alexandra Greene, 29 December 2020

Hundreds have been infected with COVID-19 in recent weeks in a series of major outbreaks at a Cargill meatpacking plant and four Amazon distribution facilities.

Canada’s health care system buckling as governments reject measures to contain COVID-19

By Roger Jordan, 24 December 2020

In hospitals in Canada’s six biggest provinces, there are, or will soon be, more COVID-19 patients needing intensive care than available ICU-beds.

Bogus debate on “decline of French” in Montreal fuels Quebec chauvinism

By Hugo Maltais, 23 December 2020

Canada’s ruling class exploits linguistic differences to undermine class consciousness and divide the working class, just as the bourgeoisie elsewhere manipulates racial, ethnic, cultural or gender differences.

Canada’s pandemic wage subsidy: A slush fund for wealthy shareholders and corporate executives

By Omar Ali and Roger Jordan, 19 December 2020

The companies cited in the media exposés are not the corner stores, restaurants and other small businesses touted by the government as the beneficiaries of the wage subsidy during its rollout, but large, well-known corporations with huge revenues.

Quebec unions plotting with government to impose concessions on health care workers

By Richard Dufour and Laurent Lafrance, 18 December 2020

The union that represents most Quebec nurses recently signed an agreement with the government little different from one that union delegates rejected two weeks earlier out of fear of a rank-and-file rebellion.

British Columbia’s NDP government presiding over mass COVID-19 infections in schools

By Penny Smith, 16 December 2020

Even as infections surge in schools throughout BC’s lower mainland, the province’s NDP government and its unions allies are determined to keep kids crammed into unsafe classrooms.

Canada’s far north Nunavut Territory faces major COVID-19 outbreak

By Alexandra Greene, 15 December 2020

The threat the virus poses to residents of the sparsely populated territory, large portions of which lie within the Arctic Circle, is compounded by endemic social and health problems produced by decades of Canadian government neglect.

Canada’s military seeks to cover its tracks following damning report on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan

By Penny Smith, 12 December 2020

In response to the release of a report exposing Australian military atrocities in Afghanistan, the Canadian Armed Forces has doubled down on its long-running efforts to cover up its own war crimes in the region.

UFCW ends 3-month Winnipeg school bus drivers' strike without a contract, as COVID-19 cases skyrocket

By Carl Bronski, 12 December 2020

The drivers' strike was the first public sector job action since a court found the Manitoba Conservative government’s antiworker wage-control law unconstitutional.

Canadian authorities covering up workplace COVID-19 outbreaks to justify keeping economy and schools open

By Janet Browning, 10 December 2020

The reckless back-to-work drive mounted by Canada’s federal and provincial governments has led to a surge in workplace COVID-19 infections and deaths, especially among low income, highly-exploited industrial and logistics workers.

Teacher walkout forces closure of Toronto-area school hit by COVID-19 outbreak

By Omar Ali, 9 December 2020

Public health authorities initially refused to close the school, following directives from Ontario’s Conservative government, which is determined to keep schools open so parents can go to work and generate profits for big business.

Alberta’s UCP government plans field hospitals as it allows COVID-19 infections to soar

By Laurent Lafrance, 7 December 2020

The catastrophe now unfolding in Alberta is the direct result of Premier Kenney’s adamant refusal to heed doctors’ repeated calls for emergency lockdown measures.

Trudeau names top military officer to lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

By Laurent Lafrance, 4 December 2020

Making the military responsible for the vaccination campaign is part of an ongoing government effort to promote the armed forces as a pivotal national institution, and acclimatize the population to its playing an increasingly important role in public life.

Canadian government’s fiscal update intensifies criminal drive to keep “economy open” as pandemic rages

By Roger Jordan, 3 December 2020

On a day which saw over 6,100 new COVID-19 infections and 98 deaths, the Trudeau government announced no new measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Trudeau government appeals ruling on illegal actions of Canada’s secret police

By Hugo Maltais, 1 December 2020

On numerous occasions, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service hid from the court that its warrant requests were based on information it had obtained in violation of the law.

Company Town: a damning look at the role of Unifor in the GM Oshawa plant closure

By Lee Parsons, 28 November 2020

The film follows events from the time of the closure announcement in November, 2018 until the final day of production a year later.

COVID-19 death of Ontario youth worker—a tragic outcome of the ruling elite’s criminal school reopening policy

By Omar Ali, 27 November 2020

Ingrid Salt was employed as a child and youth worker at a school in a low-income north-west Toronto neighbourhood.

As pandemic rages out of control, Canada’s governments insist on keeping economy “open” to protect corporate profits

By Roger Jordan, 25 November 2020

All of the half-hearted restrictions that provincial governments have imposed on social gatherings and, in some cases, small businesses have one aim: keeping key areas of economic production running at full tilt even as the virus runs rampant.

As Canada’s ruling class lets pandemic run rampant, workers must fight to shut down nonessential production and schools

By Laurent Lafrance and Roger Jordan, 21 November 2020

Canada’s Public Health Agency warns that new COVID-19 infections will rise to 20,000 per day by the end of December—the equivalent of 200,000 per day in the United States—if social contacts remain at current levels.

Swallowing camels and straining on gnats—Canada’s pseudo-left Fightback group “discovers” top union leader practices “class collaboration”

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 20 November 2020

Echoing the complaints of a section of the trade union bureaucracy, Fightback has denounced Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff for nominating former Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to head the OECD.

Canada’s union-backed NDP champions close ties with a Biden administration, opposition to China

By Roger Jordan, 18 November 2020

The NDP has signalled its support for expanding Canada’s longstanding military-strategic partnership with US imperialism under a Joe Biden–led Democratic Party administration.

Unifor sells out militant Newfoundland Dominion grocery strike

By Carl Bronski, 17 November 2020

Unifor softened up the strikers by isolating their struggle against Canada’s largest retailer; then begged the Weston-owned Loblaws to present workers essentially the same offer they voted down 12 weeks earlier.

Quebec Solidaire embraces the ruling elite’s criminal “herd immunity” policy

By Louis Girard, 16 November 2020

In the twisted pro-capitalist logic of the pseudo-left Quebec Solidaire, dozens of COVID-19 cases in a slaughterhouse and outbreaks at hundreds of schools are arguments for a further easing of minimal lockdown measures.

Bowing to right-wing campaign, Canada’s Trudeau apologizes to Macron for being “too soft” on Islamist terrorism

By Laurent Lafrance and Keith Jones, 14 November 2020

As the World Socialist Web Site has demonstrated, it is possible and indeed necessary to denounce and expose the reactionary character of the recent Islamist terrorist attacks without giving any quarter to the anti-democratic, chauvinist agenda and predatory interests of French imperialism

Worker at Canadian senior care home describes COVID-19’s horrific impact in a system where “the profit motive is paramount”

By Louis Girard, 13 November 2020

The first wave of the pandemic last spring saw a catastrophic loss of life in Canada’s long-term care facilities. The second wave now underway threatens to exact a similar horrific toll, because Canada’s governments have done next to nothing to improve the situation.

Trudeau leads Canadian establishment in hailing Biden's election victory

By Roger Jordan, 12 November 2020

Unlike political leaders in Europe, who for their own reasons have criticized Trump’s refusal to concede defeat, Trudeau and his ministers continue to avoid all comment on the plans of Trump and his Republicans to nullify the election’s outcome.

As COVID-19 cases surge across Canada, governments press forward with “reopening” of the economy

By Roger Jordan, 12 November 2020

That Canada’s governments are pursuing a “herd immunity” policy that will result in mass death is increasingly being admitted even within the corporate media.

GM Canada contract ratification ends 2020 negotiations at Detroit Three’s Canadian operations

By Carl Bronski, 11 November 2020

Unifor has functioned as nothing more than a cheap labour contractor, offering up current and future autoworkers to be ruthlessly exploited for the profit interests of the Detroit Three transnational auto giants.

As GM moves to expand production at Oshawa, Ontario facility UAW promotes anti-Canada nationalism

By Shannon Jones, 10 November 2020

Local UAW leaders have expressed opposition to GM plans to expand production of its best selling Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks in Canada, seeking to stoke animosity toward Canadian autoworkers.

Canadian autoworkers’ union announces tentative agreement with General Motors

By Carl Bronski, 7 November 2020

Unifor President Jerry Dias touted GM’s commitment to restart assembly production in Oshawa, but avoided mentioning that the new jobs will be filled almost entirely by low-wage, second-tier workers with vastly inferior rights.

Alberta’s Conservative government slashes health care amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Riksen Stewart, 6 November 2020

Even as Alberta is experiencing a rapid rise in COVID-19 infections, the UCP provincial government is moving to eliminate 11,000 public health care jobs.

In closed-door meeting, top CEOs give Quebec Premier his marching orders

By Laurent Lafrance, 5 November 2020

Although the meeting was held in the greatest secrecy, there is no doubt that Legault was ordered to keep the economy “open” as COVID-19 cases surge, no matter the cost in human life.

999 Big business gives Quebec premier his marching orders

4 November 2020

Teachers at Toronto school walk off the job after COVID-19 outbreak

By Roger Jordan, 4 November 2020

Acting at the behest of Ontario’s Conservative government, school authorities have rejected out of hand teachers’ demand for the school’s closure or additional safety measures.

Who bears responsibility for the Canadian ruling elite’s catastrophic handling of the COVID-19 pandemic?

By Roger Jordan, 2 November 2020

By systematically prioritizing corporate profit and investor wealth over human lives, Canada’s governments have created conditions for a second wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths even bigger than the first.

As social anger mounts, Quebec unions issue craven appeal to Premier Legault to forego austerity

By Laurent Lafrance, 31 October 2020

Quebec’s major unions issued a joint open letter to the province’s right-wing premier earlier this month in which they put forward a series of lies to confuse workers at a time when class tensions are reaching the boiling point.

Alberta health care workers stage wildcat strike in opposition to job cuts and privatizations

By Roger Jordan, 28 October 2020

The walkout by the poorly-paid health care workers expressed growing class anger against Alberta’s right-wing UCP government and the Canadian elite’s ruinous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

British Columbia New Democrats win majority government buoyed by business, union support

By Penny Smith and Roger Jordan, 28 October 2020

While BC NDP Premier John Horgan demagogically claims to “put people first,” his government has imposed austerity and recklessly reopened schools and businesses amid a resurgent pandemic so as to boost corporate profits.

Canadian court outlaws picketing of Loblaws distribution center in Newfoundland Dominion grocery strike

By Janet Browning and Carl Bronski, 28 October 2020

Designated as essential workers, the Dominion store workers laboured through the pandemic with totally inadequate protection from the virus, only to be forced onto the picket lines by Loblaws and its billionaire owner, Galen Weston.

Ontario’s reckless reopening of workplaces and schools producing disastrous conditions in child care facilities

By Omar Ali, 26 October 2020

At big business’ behest, governments across Canada and of every political stripe have starved child care of public funds for decades.

50 years since Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act

By Keith Jones, 23 October 2020

During the October Crisis, the Canadian state, led by Trudeau, exploited two terrorist kidnappings to carry out a coup de force, jailing and intimidating left-wing government opponents amid a growing working class upsurge.

999 50 Years Since Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act

22 October 2020

Canadian autoworkers’ union rams through job-cutting agreement with Fiat-Chrysler despite strong worker opposition

By Roger Jordan, 21 October 2020

Behind all the hype about jobs “saved,” Unifor is conspiring with the automakers and Canadian and Ontario governments to once again restructure the auto industry at workers’ expense.

Buenos Aires health care workers stage protest

Workers Struggles: The Americas

20 October 2020

Health care sector worker in Buenos Aires, Argentina march to the city government offices to press demands for nurses to attain permanent professional status, emergency raises and additional staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

British Columbia Teachers’ Federation facilitates reckless reopening of schools that puts teachers and students’ lives at risk

By Matthew Richter, 19 October 2020

While the teachers union has connived with the NDP provincial government to reopen schools, popular opposition is mounting. As of tomorrow, more than 800 parents across British Columbia plan to keep their kids at home to protest the unsafe conditions in the classrooms.

Unifor deal gives FCA Canada green light to cut jobs

By Roger Jordan, 16 October 2020

The three-year deal accepts the shrinking of the workforce in Windsor and fails to secure jobs for 3,400 workers in Brampton beyond 2023.

Growing opposition among Canadian autoworkers to Unifor’s concessions-laden Detroit Three “pattern” contract

By our reporters, 14 October 2020

Unifor’s withholding of key contract information from Ford workers, including its acceptance of gruelling and wage-cutting Alternative Work Schedules, has triggered outrage among workers at the Detroit Three’s Canadian operations.

The Green Party of Canada chooses a new leader—multiple political frauds for the price of one

By James Clayton and Keith Jones, 12 October 2020

Anamie Paul, the candidate favoured by the Green Party establishment, narrowly prevailed over the “eco-socialist,” Palestinian-rights activist, and one-time Wall Street lawyer, Dimitri Lascaris.

Trudeau admits US heading for post-election “disturbances,” but won’t condemn Trump

By Keith Jones, 10 October 2020

The Canadian government, reports Reuters, is in consultations with the principal European imperialist powers about how they will respond to Trump’s coup, which has already been set in motion.

Canadian autoworkers union “rowing in the same direction” as Ford and political establishment

By Roger Jordan, 10 October 2020

While Unifor has demanded that hundreds of millions of dollars be handed over to Ford so it can continue to fund lavish payouts to its wealthy shareholders, the union is also supporting the restructuring of the auto sector at the expense of workers.

As Canada’s COVID-19 cases surge, unions and NDP expand their support for Trudeau’s reckless back-to-work campaign

By Roger Jordan, 9 October 2020

Quebec, Ontario and Canada as a whole have set new daily COVID-19 infection records this past week. Yet the entire political establishment is doubling down on its criminal back-to-work, back-to-school drive.

Quebec educator urges teachers to build rank-and-file safety committees to oppose reckless school reopening

By our reporter, 8 October 2020

There is no longer any doubt that the reopening of schools in Quebec, as across Canada, is fueling the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want the government to stop using us” like “guinea pigs”

Youth who led Montreal high school strike against unsafe school reopening speaks out

By our reporters, 7 October 2020

Dozens of students at LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School protested last Thursday against the provincial CAQ government’s reckless reopening of Quebec’s schools.

Ontario Labour Relations Board refuses to hear case brought by unions on unsafe school reopenings

By Roger Jordan, 4 October 2020

The OLRB’s decision not to hear the case is a damning exposure of the trade unions, whose leaders insisted that teachers take no job action and place their faith in this state agency to ensure safe working conditions.

Canadian autoworkers’ union, Unifor, hid major concessions in “pattern” contract with Ford

By Carl Bronski, 3 October 2020

The union deliberately avoided mentioning the introduction of the Alternative Work Schedule and an expansion of temporary part-time labour, because it feared if autoworkers were apprised of these concessions they would have rebelled against its deal with Ford Canada.

As pandemic resurges, Canada’s governments press forward with reckless back-to-work drive

By Roger Jordan, 2 October 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is surging across Canada, with total new daily infections rapidly approaching 2,000—or more than four times the average just six weeks ago.

With phoney promises of “job security,” Unifor rams through Ford Canada contract

By Roger Jordan, 29 September 2020

Despite the extremely limited information provided in Unifor’s “highlights” brochure, many of the union’s key arguments in favour of the deal have proven to be self-serving and false.

Canadian PM Trudeau provides political cover for criminal back-to-work drive

By Roger Jordan, 26 September 2020

The Liberal government is determined to “reopen” the economy, even as it concedes that Canada is in the midst of a “second wave” of the pandemic that threatens to be worse than last spring.

Why is Unifor hiding details of the Ford Canada “pattern” contract?

Autoworkers must demand full disclosure prior to any ratification vote!

By Carl Bronski, 25 September 2020

If Unifor get its way, the 6,300 Ford Canada workers will not be allowed to even lay eyes on a copy of the proposed contract before being herded onto the electronic voting page at this Sunday’s online ratification meeting.