Kosovo’s President Thaçi charged with war crimes

By Peter Schwarz, 7 November 2020

Thaçi and other KLA leaders face prosecution on hundreds of counts of murder, as well as persecution and torture carried out during the war with Serbia between 1998 and 1999.

Nationalists win parliamentary elections in Kosovo

By Markus Salzmann, 14 October 2019

The turnout of just 44 percent shows that the majority of the population rejects the policies of the narrow layer that runs the country.

Returning to the scene of the crime

Ex-US President Clinton visits Kosovo to celebrate 20th anniversary of NATO bombardment of Serbia

By Jordan Shilton, 15 June 2019

The imperialist onslaught against Yugoslavia was launched by the Clinton administration under the hypocritical banner of “human rights.”

Twenty years since the US bombing of Yugoslavia

By Bill Van Auken, 23 March 2019

The imperialist crime was launched by the Clinton administration—with the backing of the pseudo-left—under the hypocritical banner of “human rights.”

Strike wave hits Kosovo

By Paul Mitchell, 6 February 2019

The Kosovan government is determined to prevent workers overturning years of stagnant or declining wages.

Deported Kosovo refugees left with nothing

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 10 September 2015

More refugees came to Germany from Kosovo in the first half of 2015 than from any other European country, and to no other country are so many now being deported.

Germany and Austria discriminate against Kosovo refugees

By Markus Salzmann, 27 February 2015

In the course of the past six months, 50,000 people have fled Kosovo due to catastrophic economic and social conditions.

Collapse of Kosovo government leads to early elections

By Paul Mitchell, 7 June 2014

Early elections are taking place in Kosovo this Sunday, following the collapse last month of the coalition government of Prime Minister Hachim Thaci.