23 April 2018

US issues ultimatums to IMF on trade

By Nick Beams, 23 April 2018

Adopting the tone of an overlord, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin demanded that the IMF back Washington in its drive against what it claims are “unfair global trade practices.”

White House considers “national emergency” powers against Chinese investment

015 US teachers

23 April 2018

As Arizona, Colorado teachers prepare walkout
Oklahoma teachers warn: Don’t trust the unions

The betrayal of the Oklahoma strike and lessons for the next stage of the teachers’ revolt

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Geoffrey Rush defamation case: Australian judge dismisses newspaper’s latest defence

By Richard Phillips, 23 April 2018

Friday’s ruling is another legal setback for the Murdoch-owned Daily Telegraph and the #MeToo campaign’s contempt for democratic principles.

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Irish government calls abortion referendum

By Dermot Quinn, 23 April 2018

This year’s referendum comes after years of intense campaigns, protests and even a strike demanding abortion rights. Particularly amongst young people, there is broad support for repeal of the reactionary law.

Skripal case developments further discredit British government lies

By Simon Whelan, 23 April 2018

As the UK government’s lies over the Skripal affair continue to unravel, Moscow has accused it of yet “another gross violation” of international rules.

US lashes out at Russia, as OPCW inspectors prepare to enter Douma

US evictions database documents 2.3 million evictions in 2016

By Shelley Connor, 23 April 2018

The first ever national database of housing evictions reveals that at least 2.3 million evictions were filed in the United States in 2016—a rate of 4 evictions per minute.

Anger mounts over police killing of unarmed man in Barstow, California

By Alec Andersen, 23 April 2018

Earlier this month police in the southern California city unleashed a hail of 30 bullets into a car being driven by 26-year-old Diante Yarber, killing him and wounding two passengers.

020 TN shooting

23 April 2018

British Commonwealth summit sees line up against China and Russia

By Mike Head, 23 April 2018

The CHOGM gathering saw a concerted drive to transform the 53-member grouping, long regarded as an imperial relic, into a confrontational vehicle.

Australian banking revelations fuel political crisis

By Mike Head, 23 April 2018

Public outrage has mounted as damning evidence emerges from hearings conducted by a royal commission into financial services.

Twenty-seven protesters dead amid Sandinista government crackdown in Nicaragua

By Andrea Lobo, 23 April 2018

After three days of demonstrations composed mainly of pensioners and university students, strongly repressed by the state forces, there are confirmed reports of at least 10 fatalities.

140 Sri Lanka industrial accident

23 April 2018

Zimbabwe sacks 16,000 striking nurses, as Uganda nurses threaten strike

By Eddie Haywood, 23 April 2018

The government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has faced growing popular opposition since coming to power after a military coup removed long-time president Robert Mugabe late last year.

New in Arabic

الولايات المتحدة وحلفائها الإمبرياليين شنوا غارات ضد سوريا

١٣ نيسان أبريل ٢٠١٨

يدين موقع الاشتراكية العالمية الغارات ضد سوريا التي نفذتها قوات الولايات المتحدة وفرنسا وبريطانيا ليل الجمعة.

New in Russian

Нет Третьей мировой войне! За построение социалистического антивоенного движения!

Заявление редакционной коллегии Мирового Социалистического Веб Сайта, 21 апреля 2018 г.

Нападение империалистических держав на Сирию — лишь прелюдия к более масштабным и кровавым конфликтам с Ираном, Россией и Китаем.

New in French

L’appareil américain des renseignements et de l’armée pousse à de nouvelles frappes contre la Syrie

Bill Van Auken, 21 avril 2018

De nouveaux reportages depuis la scène de l’attaque d’armes chimiques présumée qui était le prétexte pour les frappes de missiles du 14 avril sur la Syrie l’ont encore exposé comme une mise en scène.

Macron et la démocratie de la guerre de classe

Peter Schwarz et Andre Damon, 21 avril 2018

Pour le président français Macron, « la démocratie » c’est la domination sans entraves des banques et des grandes entreprises.

Trudeau se joint à Macron pour célébrer les frappes aériennes contre la Syrie

Roger Jordan, 21 avril 2018

Le sommet entre Trudeau et Macron s'est produit seulement quelques jours après que la France ait rejoint les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni dans le lancement de frappes aériennes illégales en Syrie.

New in German

Merkel-Macron-Gipfel: Wachsende Differenzen zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich

Alex Lantier, 21. April 2018

In der Unterstützung des Syrienkriegs sind Merkel und Macron einer Meinung, aber in innereuropäischen Fragen wachsen ihre Differenzen.

US-Militär- und Geheimdienste drängen auf weitere Angriffe gegen Syrien

Bill Van Auken, 21. April 2018

Berichte vom Schauplatz des angeblichen Chemiewaffenangriffs in Syrien, der als Vorwand für die Raketenangriffe vom 14. April diente, bestätigen, dass es sich um eine Inszenierung handelt.

Große Resonanz auf Veranstaltung gegen den Syrien-Krieg

unseren Korrespondenten, 21. April 2018

Die Veranstaltung zeigte die enorme Opposition gegen den Krieg in breiten Teilen der Bevölkerung und verdeutlichte, dass die SGP die einzige Partei ist, die dieser Opposition einen Ausdruck und eine sozialistische Perspektive gibt.

Fulda: Polizei erschießt 19-Jährigen

Marianne Arens, 21. April 2018

Die Zunahme tödlicher Polizeigewalt ist eine Reaktion auf die rapide Verschärfung der Klassengegensätze.

New in Spanish

Macron y la democracia de la guerra de clases

Por Peter Schwarz y Andre Damon, 21 abril 2018

Para el presidente francés Macron, la “democracia” significa el dominio de los bancos y sus corporaciones.

El aparato de inteligencia-militar de Estados Unidos presiona para atacar a Siria

Por Bill Van Auken, 21 abril 2018

Noticias recientes desde el lugar de los hechos del supuesto ataque con armas químicas que fue el pretexto para la agresión con misiles del 14 de abril a Siria lo han evidenciado aún más como una mentira.

Los bancos imponen un ataque masivo contra los trabajadores puertorriqueños en medio de un apagón en toda la isla

Por Genevieve Leigh, 21 abril 2018

La no electa Junta de Administración de Supervisión Financiera de Puerto Rico aprobó un plan fiscal el jueves que incluye recortes en educación, jubilaciones, bajas médicas y pago de vacaciones.

La focalización racista por el gobierno de Reino Unido de los migrantes caribeños provoca una respuesta negativa

Por Robert Stevens y Thomas Scripps, 21 abril 2018

El endurecimiento de la legislación de inmigración es parte de una política de crear, en las palabras de la Primera Ministra May, un “ambiente realmente hostil” para los inmigrantes “ilegales”.

New in Turkish

Trump ile Abe savaşın ve iç krizin ortasında buluşuyor

Peter Symonds, 19 Nisan 2018

ABD ve Japonya gibi bugünün müttefikleri çok uzak olmayan bir gelecekte amansız düşmanlar haline gelebilirler.

Other Languages

Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship

SEP and IYSSE hold meeting on war, the class struggle and the fight against Internet censorship

By our reporter, 23 April 2018

Several workers addressed the conference and expressed the growing opposition among broad layers of the working class to capitalism and the pro-corporate trade unions.

Australian workers and youth denounce persecution of Julian Assange

By our reporters, 23 April 2018

The sentiments of ordinary people stand in stark contrast to the actions of the official parliamentary parties, which are all complicit in the attacks on WikiLeaks and Assange.

Public Meetings in Australia
Organise Resistance to Internet Censorship! Free Julian Assange!

UK meetings against war, lies and censorship: For the building of a socialist anti-war movement!

21 April 2018

For an international coalition to fight Internet censorship
An open letter from the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site to socialist, anti-war, left-wing and progressive websites, organizations and activists

23 January 2018

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Arts Review

The legacy of the Gershwins and Porgy and Bess
An interview with Marc George Gershwin and Michael Strunsky, nephews of George and Ira Gershwin

By Barry Grey, 23 April 2018

“What stands out is the genius of the music.”

Chappaquiddick examines 1969 tragedy and political cover-up

By Patrick Martin, 21 April 2018

2018 San Francisco International Film Festival—Part 2
How are striking miners (Bisbee ’17), a great painter (Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti), Native Americans (The Rider) and others treated by the filmmakers?

2018 San Francisco International Film Festival—Part 1
Contemporary life, and those who make films about it (in Iran, the US, Russia, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan …)

25 years ago: “Human rights” crusade for bombing of Serbs

On April 26, 1993, President Bill Clinton issued an order aligning the US with United Nations sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia.

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50 years ago: Students occupy buildings at Columbia University

On April 23, 1968, students began an occupation of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University in protest against the institution’s ties to a Vietnam War research firm, the Institute for Defense Analyses.

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75 years ago: British and US governments reject assistance for Jewish refugee

This week in April 1943, delegations representing the British and US governments met in Hamilton, Bermuda, to discuss the unprecedented refugee crisis stemming from the Nazi war of extermination against the European Jewish population.

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100 years ago: John Reed arrested amidst wave of repression in the US

On April 29, 1918, John “Jack” Reed was arraigned under the Espionage Act a day after he returned to the US from Russia where he had been witness to the October Revolution.

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Social inequality and oligarchy in the US and Europe

By Eric London, 21 April 2018

Democrats escalate anti-Russia witch hunt with lawsuit linking Trump and Assange as Russian agents

By Barry Grey, 21 April 2018

US students hold national walkout against school violence

By our reporters, 21 April 2018

US-led strike on Syria inflames tensions over Korea

By Alex Lantier, 21 April 2018

No to World War III! For the building of a socialist anti-war movement!

War, lies and censorship

More on the war against Syria »

Britain’s Stop the War Coalition: Tying the working class to the pro-war Labour Party

By Chris Marsden, 21 April 2018

Macron and the democracy of class war

By Peter Schwarz and Andre Damon, 20 April 2018

BJP leaders’ cover-up of rape and murder of Kashmiri Muslim girl provokes outrage across India

By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 20 April 2018

Socialist Equality Party

Resolutions of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) Fourth National Congress
Support the International Coalition of Socialist, Antiwar and Progressive Websites Against Internet Censorship

21 April 2018

The Fourth National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) was held in Sydney from March 30 to April 2, 2018.

Resolutions of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) Fourth National Congress
Build the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

21 April 2018

Resolutions of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) Fourth National Congress
The SEP and the Political Independence of the Working Class

20 April 2018

Resolutions of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) Fourth National Congress
For an International Anti-War Movement!

20 April 2018

SEP (Sri Lanka) calls May Day meeting in Colombo

By the Socialist Equality Party, 19 April 2018

SEP 2018 Election Campaign

Unite the working class against police killings!

By David Moore: SEP candidate for US Senate from California, 19 April 2018

Oppose California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown’s national guard deployment!
Statement of Socialist Equality Party Senate and Congressional candidates

By David Moore and Kevin Mitchell, 12 April 2018

SEP congressional candidates hold initial meetings in San Diego and Berkeley

By Evan Blake, 10 April 2018

New dates in Newark and Tracy
Public meetings in California: The Socialist Equality Party campaign in the 2018 midterm elections

Socialist Equality Party announces California candidates in midterm elections
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

Mehring Books

Mehring Books publishes The CIA Democrats

7 April 2018

Mehring Books has published The CIA Democrats, a detailed exposure of the effective takeover of the 2018 Democratic Party congressional campaign by candidates drawn from the ranks of former intelligence agents, special forces operatives, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and civilian national security operatives from the State Department, National Security Council and Pentagon.

WSWS 20th Anniversary

Twenty years of the World Socialist Web Site: 1998–2018

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 14 February 2018

As the WSWS marks its 20th anniversary of daily posting, it is taking the lead in exposing the conspiracy by governments and corporations to censor the Internet as the ruling class prepares for war and domestic repression.


Lenin, Trotsky and the Marxism of the October Revolution

By David North, 19 March 2018

David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and of the Socialist Equality Party (US), delivered this lecture at the University of Leipzig on March 16.